Instructions of the Master [4]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1983-4 edition)

The End of all Sects and Isms

»The Word was made flesh:
Hundred per cent, or seventy per cent,
or fifty per cent, as the time required.
They (the Saints) worked to the extend
that the time required,
but the Power is the same.«
— Kirpal Singh

The Work of the Almighty Power

All Masters who come (the competent ones) outwardly they are competent, but from inside there are degrees from one Master to another. Their approach is to that very plane, which corresponds to their inner competency. Maybe they are all one as it is told in the holy scriptures — they are one and still there is a difference. Master told it in His book Godman: There are Sadhs, Sants and Param Sants. The Sant is capable of going to the fifth stage and He is able to come back from there. And He is competent to initiate and take the soul from this plane (the physical). But the Param Sant has the competency of going to the eighth plane. He is not dependent of anybody. He is fully independent to work.

»A Sant is one who is adept not only in self-knowledge but in God-knowledge as well.
He far transcends the material, materio-spiritual, and spirituo-material realms.
Master of Truth as he is, His abode is in the purely spiritual region,
technically called Sach Khand or Muquam-i-Hag, the realm of Truth.«
— Kirpal Singh (Godman)

A Param Sant is He who transcends those three higher planes and becomes one with the Wordless (Anami).

»A Param Sant is the Grand Master of Truth beyond all description and hence ineffable.
He is at one with what is variously known as Anami (the Nameless One) of Kabir;
Nirala (Indescribably Wonderful), Mahadayal (Boundless Mercy) or Swami (The Great Lord of All).«
— Kirpal Singh (Godman)

»The further stages are those of the Param Sants.
But generally the people make no difference.
They say, anybody is a guru.«
— Kirpal Singh (Tape-record St. Gilgen)

The Competency of the Master

There is no difference between Kirpal and Kabir. I told you it was one Power working: Sat Sukrat. He transferred it to Munindar. So Munindar came to this Power of Anami (Kabir). Then Karunamae got the Power of Munindar and then Kabir came. That Power was transferred to Kabir. This was Kabir who came in all the four ages.

Kabir Sahib informed us that He came in all
the four ages and always teached on Naam.
In each Yuga He was differently known
as Sat Sukrat, Munindar, Karunamae
and lastly as Kabir.
— Kirpal Singh (Naam or Word)

And now it is the same thing: Kirpal has approach to the same highest plane, the plane of Kabir. He is one and the same there. There is no difference. The Almighty Power is always one, it cannot be two. I tell you, many, many of the disciples of the Master could not know Him (Kirpal), could not understand what Power He really is. In 1972 Master said, that so far He has not given initiation to any new, all are old. Mostly 99 percent we are old, previous disciples of the various Masters. When we got initiation — I and my wife — Master gave us inner experience in meditation. And then we knew that we were initiated (the first time) by Kabir. And this was the first group of Kabir when He initiated us. And out of the first group of Kabir, He took nine persons who had to come back into the body. For what? They had to help in the Mission of the Master.

Master showed us this and told, »You were initiated by the Almighty God (Kabir); you helped in between in the Mission but no Master could initiate you (since that). Now the same Power (as at the time of Kabir) gives you initiation and now your time has come to go back home.« This was the first experience which Master told us. He gave the experience and told this thing.

Those who turn inside will see,
that the Power of Kirpal is the highest.
He is enabling the disciples,
to go back to their home eternal.
— Guru Granth Sahib

Many times I said, that we (I and my wife) do not bother about the competent Master. Because this Power, these competent Masters cannot help us in any way. We are getting the grace directly. The competent Master cannot do anything for us, I tell you. This Master Power (from fifth plane) is dependent, but we have a direct connection with Him (Almighty Power). The Master from the fifth stage comes with competency, we only depend with grace.

Today I am telling you something very frankly, mind it and keep it in notice. Those who will get this (direct) contact, they will get His grace directly. There are people who want to become Master, but those who got contact with Him (Almighty Power), they cry never to become it. They cry for it (not to become it) because they know the result. The competent Masters, they are not knowing the result, I tell you. He is dependent. He does not know where the disciple will go. He is not knowing the result of it. He has no approach. He cannot cross even the sixth or eighth plane. He is dependent.

This work (of the Almighty Power) is above the level of the competent Masters. This grace is coming directly. But when it (the grace) comes a little less, when it (the spirituality) comes again in the hand of the competent Masters, then we people may strike our heads against the wall and there will be no one to listen us. Because the competent Master will be of no use to you. He cannot do anything for you. Now it is the shortest, easiest way with the maximum possibilities.

»The harvest is rich and willing labourers
are badly needed in the Vineyard of the Master«.
— Kirpal Singh (Letter to a disciple — 1973)

So — in this Center (Kirpal Sagar) not only one Master works, but right from the beginning all the Forces work. These Master Powers have not left us. All competent Masters, who came in the world, are still working with us. They are after their disciples to take them back. When this Highest Power (Kirpal Singh) does not accept the disciple or we go to the wrong direction, then the Master, who gave us initiation first (even, if we do not know who is the one) has to take care of us. He has to correct us and it is He who cares for us and goes after us. When one leaves the path, then the previous Master comes to help and it is the duty of this Master, to take one on the path again and He will give him back to Kirpal (Almighty Power).

I tell you now a secret, a big secret: The Master who gave us initiation first is still with us, He will not leave us, until He has taken us back. All these forces are there. Kirpal is the Power, who is now one with the Almighty Power. Therefore He is competent to take all disciples back. The competent Masters hand over their disciples to Him (Almighty Power). We do not come to Him, but these are our previous Masters who bring us back to Him (Kirpal).

You know, when in 1969 we were in Srinagar, Master had three questions to her (Surinder Kaur, Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s wife). The third was: »Ask Guru Gobind Singh what will become of His disciples.« Guru Gobind Singh replied, »All the previous Masters and their souls will come. He (Kirpal Singh) has to initiate them and has to take them all together.« And He (Guru Gobind Singh) said, »You know why? He, Kirpal, is the Almighty Power and all the Masters, whose souls Sant Kirpal Singh has to take back, all their Powers also work in Him.« (Her meditation was confirmed by the Master).

A true disciple of the Master (Kirpal) is not dependent. He is getting the grace directly from Him. He and this Power are not separate. He is a near servant of His Master. And the servant — Master always takes His servant wherever He likes. This highest Power is very receptive for His disciple and loves him very much. But with the Masters He is very strict. He (the Sadh and Sant) cannot work without His (Kirpal’s) approval — without the approval of the God Power. In Kabir’s Teaching it is said, that those who work for the God Power without wanting to have a position, are far more blessed.

The competent Masters are also made by Him. But there is a difference in the essence of the duty. I may clear it more: A disciple of a competent Master (from the fifth region) has to rise from one plane to another and consequently has to travel through all regions of the universe to complete his journey. Whereas the disciple of the Almighty Power — if he works according to the wishes of the Master — can go back home directly when he leaves the physical body. The Master wishes that all work in the Mission. He wants to make all together and do the duty.

How happy I shall be if you all have become ambassadors.
I want that you all become like this.
Then certainly your duty will grow —
as Christ told His apostles when He sent them
to preach to humanity:
“What is being told to you into the ears,
that you give out from the roofs!”
so that the people who search,
know about the true facts.
— Kirpal Singh (Talk at Boston — 1972)

For this work in His Mission every disciple must decide out of his own accord. When such a disciple, who took the decision and worked according to the instructions of the Master (Almighty Power), leaves the physical body then he doesn’t bother where he has to go. Master attends direct to it. Right from the fourth to the eighth plane there is a way. I am telling it — it is not written in the books. As I told you there is a way, a special way from the fourth to the eighth plane for those who are only taken by the grace of the Master, for them there is this way. Therefore I always say, it is the shortest way to go back home. The only short way.

»So, this is the latest, I mean, concession of God
for those who are really after Him, to befit the age.«
— Kirpal Singh (Sat Sandesh 12/1976)

There were times beforehand, when this duty was not given. It was given, but only to very few, selected souls by the grace of the Master. But now it is like this that everyone can take this duty who fully decides for it. He can take it, he can work in the Mission of the Master.

»The Golden age is approaching and I have to finish my work.
I want to work with thousands of hands
through each and everybody of my disciples.«
— Kirpal Singh (Talk in Dehradun — 1974)

Master said, such times come maybe after hundred thousand years. He said,

»Make the best use of this time, such time,
such grace comes after hundred thousand years.
It is a special grace.«

»For those who have got the human body,
this is the golden opportunity
in which they can go back to their Father,
but first of all, they have to know about their Father
— Kirpal Singh

From where does our Father come? He is Anami (Nameless). He is above all regions. There we have to go. It is our destination to go back there. Compared to that — see the competent Master. He comes by the grace of God, but He is dependent. He resides at the fifth region. And He helps and guides the disciple but His duty is also to take the disciple back to His Father. What is learned from the holy books? The competent Master resides at the fifth stage. He cannot cross this region. But when the disciple comes to the fifth stage, he cannot live there permanently. Because this region is not for the disciple. It is reserved for the Master Power to work there. He (the competent Master) simply hands over the soul to Alakh, means the Master Power of the sixth stage, to it He hands over. And the Master Power of the sixth plane hands it over to the Master of Agam, means the seventh region. And the Master of the seventh plane hands the soul over back to the FatherAnami (Kabir).

We have to go back to our Father. The Father resides in Anami, it is our real goal. The Master staying at the fifth plane has also to go back there some times. I tell you now very clearly: The Master Power (a competent Master) cannot help us, because He is dependent and we are blessed with the direct grace. So there is a big difference regarding the grace: One is dependent: first He demands it (from the Father) and then He (Father) gives (the grace). And in the other case the grace is coming directly — lot of difference!

And we have to go back to our Father. He gives us grace directly and He is capable of taking us directly back Home. I told you, that Master has the power to take the soul direct from the fourth plane back to home eternal. On the fourth plane Master and disciple become one. Father and son are dyed in one colour. »I and my Father are one«, Christ said. Even if they become one on the very first stage, (the astral stage) then even it depends on our Father whether He may take us to the fifth region or not.

But when the son is dyed in the same colour as that of the Master, and Master takes him back from the fourth to the eighth stage, then there is a special way. This way is not mentioned by any Master, but Sant Kirpal Singh gave hints about it — very clear hints. This path is called the shortest, easiest possibility (golden opportunity).

For whom is it available? For those who are blessed. Who is blessed? He who takes the decision. There were times when someone who wanted to take this duty had to take a very difficult test. Only if he passed through this test, then only he was entitled to take such duty. Like this it was in the previous times. Now it is only a matter to decide, as the Father is there and the child can come directly to the Father and meet. He can take it back home (but decision is a must).

In reality there should not be any media between the child and the Father. Regarding the poles (Sadh, Sant) many things are written. But Kabir came with this view, that there must be the direct contact of Father and child. Even the competent Master comes for the same purpose (to reunite the soul to the Father). But the child must first become one with Him (the Master).

The competent Master comes from comes from the fifth region. He is residing there and He is dependent. He has again to make the child back and then again and again it is handed over. It is a long journey. Today I tell you all these things. We are all sitting here — it is just like a heart-to-heart talk.

Maybe there are many persons in the world who are meditating and are obedient. But who knows their real inner condition? Master told about them: Neither they were strict nor they were strong, and neither they made any stand in their life, they were just like rolling stones. They had not fully taken any decision (first God and world next) but they were half-hearted. So Master did not give this duty. Master did not want to give this duty (the succession) to anyone.

It is His work and He can take the work from anybody, from whom He likes. To anyone who takes a decision Master gives much grace from inside. It is His work. Then His work starts. Our work is then finished. Our work is only to take a decision, a clear decision, then our work is finished and the work of the Master starts (through the disciple).

When we got initiation, from that very moment, we had only one view: to work for Him, always to work and to find ways and means to flourish His work. Right from the beginning, since 1961. Never one day passed without working for the Mission. We always thought about this (how to flourish the Mission) never about anything else; not of any relations, not of any friendship in the world, this or that way. We completely got cut off from all these things. We maintained all these things, but in the right direction. Our motive in life was entirely changed after initiation. Because this decision once we took we never turned it. We kept very strict to it

There was a time when there were many problems (in the Mission) and we were very confused. Even this time Master said: »This fight is between two friends (negative and Positive powers), you are only watching the situation and you are confused by it. But you are not in the fight, you are only watching it and only by watching it, you are confused.« So I already requested you, if any test comes, it is always a test between the negative and Positive power. We simply have to deal with it, we have simply to watch it, nothing beyond this. Because Master needs someone to deal with it. Whatever problems may come, whatever the circumstances may change, but a real person does not change his way. He is on the path and does not want to leave it. If he is moved by the circumstances, he is not a true disciple. He has changed it, he does not stand by his friend, He does not stand by the God Power. He is very far away from it.

But we are misguided, foolish people who sometimes
allow ourselves to be drawn away from the true Guru —
forgive me, but this happens.
No matter what difficulties come,
no matter what your condition may be,
never leave hold of the Guru’s hand —
for your own sake.
It is a natural law that you will go to that stage
which your Master has reached.
— Kirpal Singh (Sat Sandesh 10/1971)

So a real person, whatever the case may be, he cannot move from it. He has to be there, (by his Master) even if he has to be crucified. People will see, people will think. People will realize. A time comes, when such persons are honoured everywhere in the world. They come for this special cause in the world, they fulfill it and they do not care for all other things. They have no aim of their own. They come with certain tasks, with a special purpose.

As far as your work there (in the West) is concerned, it is a big work, when you are successful in His name alone. It is comparatively easy to do the work in the name of some physical pole. But it is very difficult to work in His name (in the name of the Almighty Power). You are successful to bring the reality in His name alone. And so your work, though it may be little counts thousand times more then the other work. These words are from the Master, not from me.

It is a reality, which many Masters before could not bring in the world. Only very few people worked in the name of God, and you are bringing all persons together in the name of the Master (Sant Kirpal Singh), alone in His name, and not in the name of a physical pole. This is a very big blessing, a big work and you are showing an example.

One Center in the world (of the Positive Power) is sufficient. One Center is there in India. Many people come from many centers. Not only from one center. A lot of people come at Master’s birthday, because people want to know the reality. The spreading of the reality has started in your own country (in Germany) and it will flourish everywhere. Truth will find its way. And once it comes, it will not go away. It has a strong foundation and superstructure.

»Millionaires will leave their millions behind,
those who have mud huts will leave them,
this body will not come with you,
and will not accompany you when you return.
Yes — you will take your actions (reactions) with you!«
— Kirpal Singh

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