Instructions of the Master [6]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-1 edition)
— Extracts from talks with Dr. Harbhajan Singh in St. Gilgen (tapes No. 39/83 and 46/83)

»The Almighty Power is working since the beginning,
of this world, and It is still working.
This Power never leaves the world.
It works eternally.
In the holy scriptures it is laid down,
that the Almighty Power works hidden
in the three ages:
the Golden, Silver and Copper Age,
and reveals in the Iron age.
This is the time, when the Master Power
can take a lot of souls back to home eternal.«

This is the blessed time, when the Almighty Power reveals directly to men. We have come for the right cause in this world: to fulfill our desire, the desire of the spirit:

»O Kabir, why sleepest you here (in this world),
for sleeping in a grave yard is ruinous.
Even the mighty throne of Brahma,
Lord of the three worlds, came crashing down to dust
when the angle of death sent out his blood-curdling shout.
What then of you, miserable creature?
O mind, remember Naam, else you shall repent after death.
I tell you again, remember Naam,
else after death you shall repent.
But then it shall be too late.
O sinful creature, how great is your greed,
but how short your stay here.
If you waste your life in greed for worldly goods
you shall be led astray in Maya‘s maze
from whence is no escape.
On obtaining this beautiful human body
worship the Almighty supreme Lord
before doing anything else.
Why do you remain unconcerned with this fact?
When will you again get such a lucky chance?
Remember, you will not get such a body again for ages;
and then you will repent most bitterly.
Incomparable (precious) is the human life in the
wheel of 8 millions four hundred thousand
(8.400.000) births and deaths.
Whether you are a king or beggar,
wake up to this one duty.«
— Kabir

The desire of the spirit reminds us to go back home. To stay here is not our purpose of life.

»O soul! Which place do you belong to?
You are the dweller of highest regions;
why are you stuck in the mire of mud and dirt?«
— Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

What is the true purpose of life? We are yearning for Him, we want to become one with Him; but who asks? If the spirit itself would ask for it, we would weep at once.

»Soul was sent into this world to see the show of life.
But when she came here, she became completely
absorbed in the show and lost all recollection of the Lord.
Like a child who goes out to see a fair holding on
to his Father’s hand but lets go the Father’s hand
and soon is lost in the crowd.
Now she is no longer able to enjoy the fair
nor can she find her Father and wanders
from place to place.«
— Soami Shiv Dayal Singh

To become one with Him is our true desire;
we cannot remain separate from Him.
It is just a matter, if we rise above
body-consciousness and have little contact
with the Sound Currents within,
then we would desire more and more for it
and could not leave it any more.
»That which you seek is not to be found there.
It is within the immortal Word (Light & Sound Current).«
— Kabir (Shabda 79/3)

Love is such a thing that it burns away everything between the disciple and the Master. All things perish away. Christ explained that we should first love and everything will follow by itself. Everything is possible. The love of the Master works all the time in us and reminds us to return back again and again.

Sometimes we experience a little of it and are intoxicated. At once we lose the attachment to the world; we detach at once. Such chances come in the life of every man; sometimes more or sometimes less, but they definitely come because it is our turn to return back (to Him). The Master- or God Power dwelling in us permanently reminds us — even the thieves and dacoits.

This Power reminds us one time, two times, three times, four times (in life), but when we do not pay any heed to that, what happens? Then it becomes our habit and leads to action and reaction and we have to bear the consequences. The reactions resulting from our actions and deeds are coming permanently and we do not find time to remember Him or to think of Him.

One reaction comes after the other. This is our present condition. Master always reminds us, begs the same thing again and again: »Please, you have not yet decided (to return back home).« The Master Power residing within you wants you back, He cries for you, »You are my lovable child whom I have sent, I want you back; I want you to return, I am unhappy without you, I want to take you back and I promise you, that I will never send you back.« He gives us promises in many ways, but we do not care at all.

The possibility for this contact is within us but the reactions coming permanently most of the time do not allow us to pause and think over. But in Satsang proper guidance is given. Here there is the possibility where we can pause, where the reactions subside and we can get awakening. Change your angle of vision once for all. It should not be like this, that when you now go back to the world, you again become a worldly man.

If you have got something good from a Satsang, you should remain good and not follow the example of bad persons. You have got something precious; keep it within as a gift. It will help you, The spirit, the soul is never old; it is ever fresh and pure; it reminds our fresh contact with the God Power all the times (the soul waits for this contact ever since it was separated).

»The Word (Shabd, Sound Current, God-into-expression Power)
is mine, and thou (soul) art of the Word.
If thou wouldst know the real essence, then test the Word.
My Word is from eternity.
Meditate thereon moment by moment.
It will bear fruit within, all the outward is vanity.«
— Kabir (Sakhis 2,7)

To have this contact is the right of everyone, because ail have the fresh contact in the body. It does not matter, whether one got the contact before or others are getting it later. Just like a room, which was fully dark for the last 100 years, when you step inside and take a candle inside, it will be all light there. The darkness of 100 years will be off in no time. So that is a fresh contact with us, once it is given, everything else is over.

When the time comes to have the contact with God Himself — the Almighty Power — then there is no question of initiate and non-initiate. Master has fully eliminated this question.

»There is no non-initiate in the world.«
— Kirpal Singh

We do not know how the Master Power is working. We have shut our eyes; we have only limited sight. Why do we not become conscious co-workers of the Divine Plan? But that is only possible if we decide for it. If you decide for it, Master Power is going to give you enough work.

»Ask from God nothing but God.
Except Him, all else is perishable.
Never ask God for a thing that must decay.
Ask not of God anything beside Himself.
Darken not thy mind with thoughts
and cares that are chimerical.«
— Maulana Rumi

I tell you one instance: One man came to Kirpal Sagar. When he came to know a little bit about the theory and saw what is going on in there, he wanted to become member of this community. I told him, »You are already member. You have gone away, and now you have come back. All people are already member of this family, only our eyes are shut and we completely forgot.« He engrossed fully in the Teaching and after short time asked for Initiation. With his receptive mood I could not deny him. He had very good experience. Then he told, when he was the first time in Kirpal Sagar, Master appeared to him in the following night. He worked whole the day (in his vision) with Master in the Sarovar. Many people did selfless service there and he was always near to Master. Master directed the work here and there. It was the first time he was together with Master, but he said, it was as if he knew Master since ever; knew Him, right since he came from above and became separated from Him.

This is the Power, we only have forgotten. When we again come in contact with Him, there is no more separation. I tell you, the grace is there, all possibilities are with us, not only with us, but with all people. But for this a decision is utmost necessary, we have to decide for the right cause. We decide each and everything for the world, but the decision for the right cause, for the real cause — to come in contact with Him — this decision is also necessary.

Masters leave the body and no one can find the trace where they go. But this Power — the Almighty Power — can materialize and can manifest.
Kabir, who came as the Almighty Power tells about Himself:

»Now I have come from the Unconditioned, I was bodyless.
I took body and I came. In this body I am called Kabir.
The Swan (Hansa or Soul) which has been separated
from Me from birth to birth, I came to raise him up.
I was called the Unseen Spirit, Maker (Creator), Immortal
and Loser of Bonds (Kabir was more than 70 times
physically killed by His adversaries, but again
manifested His physical body each time).
I dwell in every heart. Hear, o brother Sadhus:
I have manifested the bodyless (Sat Naam, Word).«
— Kabir (Kasauti)

Kabir — the Almighty Power — came in all the four ages, as Sat Sukrat, Munindar, Karunamae and now at the end of the Iron age in the form of Kirpal.

Men say, Kabir has gone far away,
but few, the steadfast, know the truth.
— Kabir (Shabda 109)

You see with your own eyes: Many people all over the world are getting this experience. His (Sant Kirpal Singh’s) body was burnt (August 22, 1974), but still He materializes and manifests anywhere He likes. People are experiencing Him everywhere in the world.

This Almighty Power works since the beginning of the world and still the same Power is working. It never leaves the world and will always work. It is laid down in the holy scriptures that the Almighty Power works mostly hidden in the Golden, Silver and Copper Age, and only in the Iron Age (which we are passing now) this Power works apparently. It is the time, when He can take a lot of souls back to home eternal.

Kabir, who worked as the Almighty Power in the world, says about Himself, that He came in all the four ages. He was present in the physical body, but still many Saints could not know about Him. He only revealed Himself, when He wanted it.

What is that Power? It is the Master Power or God Power existing in you (in every human being). Go within and see Who is your Master. We are all brothers and sisters in God, let us become co-workers of the Divine Plan. There can be a lot of co-workers, the whole world can become co-worker of the Divine Plan. Unless we are not co-worker of The Divine Plan, how can we come along with the Master Power?

Soami Shiv Dayal Singh describes in Sar Bachan three steps which the soul moving towards God has to take one by one:

1. Work, service to the Master; which leads to
2. Love for the God-man, being the prerequisite for
3. God realization.

»Duty of the embodied soul is to serve
her Father, of Whose essence she is.«
— Soami Shiv Dayal Singh (Bachan II, 117)

It is a matter to think over. You are disciples and are given the first-hand experience to rise above body-consciousness. But last year (1983 ??) , I already told: »Please tell me who really has meditated (here in the West), I want to bow down my head.«

Why is there a problem? Because those (who meditated) had not decided what to do and what not to do. That is the problem. In our history, you already know, when we got Initiation, I went to Master and told Him: »I may or may not meditate, but my wife must meditate (attain the true meditation).« We had chosen. Master selected us for the work and whatever duties Master gave, right from the beginning, we did them by heart: with thoughts, with deeds — we did it completely. Master gave us this work (in His Mission) only for this reason, that we did not give any preference to the worldly things. Right from the beginning we detached from the world, but worldly things did not detach us; they worked for us. Whatever we needed was provided by the Master at the right time. Why should we run after worldly things? Let worldly things follow us; you are conscious co-workers.

»Devotion to the Satguru is most essential.
He who loves the Satguru will eventually obtain all he seeks.
One who is after Naam (Shabd, Light & Sound Current) and Sat Lok,
but has no love for the Satguru, shall get nothing.«
— Soami Shiv Dayal Singh (Bachan II/2)

It is a matter to decide something.

»Set not yourself between the two
mill-stones to be ground to powder.«
— Kabir (Kachara II/7)

Let us decide today. We have not yet decided. It is very difficult to decide for something, it is a thing to repeat again and again in us what to do, what really is our aim in the world.

»The Fruit of Life is far off: taste if you will.
The Satguru will not pluck and give you.«
(If one wants this fruit, one has to pluck it oneself,
means a decision whether one wants it
or not is utmost necessary.)
— Kabir (Chauntisi 22)

Our Master Sant Kirpal Singh spent seven days of His precious life for the decision. After the seventh day He decided: »God first and world next.« He did it, He was successful. He was a Godman. All over the world people pray to Him.

What Power is He? He became one with the Almighty Power, the God Power. He is the Power, who comes directly within you and guides you. (This Power is One for all people.)

»I had two things before me: God or world. Nobody was to advise me. I went to the wilderness all alone at night from six, seven till twelve, one, two at night. Ultimately I came to the conclusion: ‘God first and world next.‘ You see, the result was, every step taken was a step to the goal “God first, wait (mind)!” Is God first or the world? We take world first and God to help us in the world, that’s all. Everybody must decide what he wants to do. We are adrift. Sometimes we want God, sometimes the world. So decide first what you want to do. Sometimes I tell people. ‘Decide what you want to do from this day on.‘ You must have something before you and work. Work for it! Maybe only a step is taken but it will take you closer to the goal. Sometimes you are running like a hare, then sleeping, then again turning your head some other way. It’s better to go regularly like a tortoise, step by step every day not turning but going ahead.«
— Sant Kirpal Singh (Light of Kirpal, First See, Then Say)

It is a matter to decide something. Decision means simply that you have to detach from the world. Let these things follow you. They will come to you on the right occasion, at the right time, at the right place. Master will provide each and everything to you. Why you should bother for all these things? Your work is something else. These things are only side issues and side issues are not eternal. You are eternal — you need something more! If we decide, what will come? This negativity will at once leave us. Then Master Power is responsible for you.

You are a conscious entity, you are of the same essence as that of God, why do you follow anything else? Why do you feel material things? In the Teaching of Kabir it is said, that this Maya (illusion or matter) or the worldly attachment created lot of influence on Him, but was of no avail. People are dying out of this power, people are miserably mislead by it. We are not born for this power (Maya, the negative power or delusion). We have only to use it in the best way for the right cause.

»Forth goes Maya (the negative power) to hunt her pray:
the wise and the polished she chose out and slew:
not one has she spared of all.
The recluse, the brave, the ascetic she slew,
the Yogi deep in his meditation.
The Pande (scribe) she slew while reading his Vedas,
the Swami (monk) performing his worship.
The Pandit she slew when expounding his texts.
On the self-controlled she cast her bridle.
Shringi, the Rishi, she slew in the forest
and clove the head of Brahma.
Yogi Muchandar turned away and shunned her:
even in Singhal (a holy place) he was overwhelmed;
but she (Maya) is a slave for the devoted of the True Lord.«
— Kabir (Kahara XII)

Why not detach (from the world)? Why should we have attachment again and again? Unless we do not remove all attachments right now (in the world) how it is possible that Master Power would take us back? The give and take process will definitely take you back here.

»Whatever becomes the ruling passion in your life —
you go there after death.

If it is for the world, then you come down to the world.
If it is for God, then you return there.«
— Kirpal Singh (Light of Kirpal, God’s Complaint)

Master said, now the time comes, when the Almighty Power is working directly. He gave us the outer work. When right understanding is given, man becomes receptive and Master can give the grace from within.

»When we (the Mastersaints) come into the world,
we bring with us our own staff of co-workers.«
— Baba Sawan Singh

Master said, »Do it, you are borrowed servants, you are not the doer. This very Power is the Doer. Your work simply is to tell the theoretical aspect of life.« This Power is there with each one existing in the world. The Almighty Power is innate in the soul, you are sons of God, the Almighty Power works in each one of you, and It can help everyone.

»He Who has laid this burden on us,
Himself will teach us to bear it.«
— Kabir (Sakhi 319)

It is a matter to tell the truth that can help everybody. Master has the great wish that you help many simply by giving the right understanding. With right understanding the angle of vision is changed. And once the angle of vision of a man is changed, he cannot be affected by anything in the world.

»Each one’s condition depends upon his understanding.«

Not alone you (have to do this work), there are a lot of persons scattered in the world, who have right understanding with its special significance. On the World Conference of Unity of Man, Sant Kirpal Singh said:

»There are persons with right understanding scattered everywhere in the world.
Why God made them scattered everywhere?
So that right understanding may go to every corner of the world.«
— Sant Kirpal Singh (Unity of Man Conference, 1974)

»The men of Hari (Hari means ‘Forgiver of the sins‘) in the form of Swans (Swan or ‘Hansa’ indicates the purity of the Soul and that they are full-fledged, means they can rise above body-consciousness) range far and wide. They gather up the holy Naam [Shabd] and chant it. They bear in their beaks the wreath of salvation and charm to others with it.

They keep silence or else they sing the praises of Hari. They live by the bank of Mansarovar (lake on the inner planes, also called ‘Amritsar’ which contains ‘Amrit’ or Nectar — the Water of Life).

They set their heart on the feet of Rama (here: Master- or God Power, the Father). Elsewhere they grieve. The crow’s (mind’s) ill-wisdom comes not near them.
The Swans behold the vision (of the Father) every day.

Kabir says, “They who separate the milk from the water (a quality of Hansas or Swans — who have Right Understanding) are my devotees”.
— Kabir (Shabda 34)

Those people (with Right Understanding) will automatically come to you. There will be a big revolution for the development of the soul in the world. There are lots of souls in the world who are having this yearning in them; now it is their turn to go back and Master is responsible for all of them. Now it is just a beginning of this big revolution, but let us see after some years, how it develops, only God knows. In few years it has developed far and wide. It went into the depth of men’s heart.

»So springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, who will come up and give us through the grace of God a contact with the God-into-expression Power. And this is the revolution, which is coming up — an awakening all around. You see? In the past these things were told in the ears of the disciples after a long time of testing. Now it is given out from open platforms; people are having it without distinction, whether they are ready or not ready, they are getting something. This is what is needed, the times have changed now.«
— Kirpal Singh (talk in Florida, December 7, 1972 — published as “The Coming Spiritual Revolution” in Sat Sandesh, March 1973)

Human birth is the highest rung of all creation. It is really a rare blessing which you have got. This has been given to you for attaining Divine Realization and spiritual Perfection. It is a supreme opportunity for striving and obtaining a sublime experience of All-Consciousness. It is to be utilized for this great purpose. The various religions and faiths are so many methods evolved for fulfilling this great purpose of human life. This is the one common basis of all religions.
— Kirpal Singh (Spiritual Elixir, 1959)

»Mercy is raining. Clear the ground to benefit from it.
Remove all stones and pebbles.
Pick and remove all weaknesses.
Weed them out.
You are spreading outside but reality is within you.
Withdraw from outside and look within —
go towards Reality.«

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