Instructions of the Master [7]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-2 edition)

»I am neither sent
nor summoned,
I am in the world untrammelled.«
— Kabir

»The unseen Almighty has His own laws.«
— Kirpal

The Mission of the Almighty Power

To tell something about the Master is very difficult. Very few things can be told about Him. (1)

»A Param Sant is the Grand Master of Truth
beyond all description and hence ineffable.« (2)

He is so far, vast and wide, His grace works so wide, how can you tell it in this little sphere (the physical world)? But still it takes many months to tell all about the incidences (examples that showed His grace and competency). What happened with us, how we could be together with the Master, that so far we couldn’t tell. Right from 1974 till now, within ten years, we couldn’t tell everything, what (possibilities) Master has. But when a subject comes, we say, »Yes, Master did it like this.« Something is coming up like this. But we cannot finish. Every day something fresh happens. So it is all His grace. (3)

Master tells about the Almighty Power: “Kabir came as first Saint in the world — He is the Father of Spirituality.(4)
By giving the example of Kabir Master disclosed something about His own Competency.

Kabir was not a Satguru,
He was the Almighty Power.

He said about Himself in the »Anurag Sagar« (book of Kabir) that he came in all four Yugas: In the last Golden Age in the form of Sat Sukrat, in the Silver Age as Muninder, in the Copper Age as Karunamae and in the Iron Age as Kabir. (5)

In one Sat Sandesh (SSE April 1969) Master gives the quotation of Kabir:

»From age to age I have tried
to make thee realize this:
I wonder why doth not the truth
come home to thee:«

Here, Kabir is referring to his advent in all the four cycles of time for the spiritual regeneration of man and affirms that by and large the people did not pay heed to His sage counsel.

Kabir Sahib came to start the Sant Mat (in the Iron Age), and now the same Power in the form of Kirpal finishes it up, to take the souls back to their home eternal.

»Neither such an experience was given in the past
and perhaps you won’t get after me.« (6)

The Almighty Power works without any limitations in the world. If there would be any limitation for Him, He would not be the Almighty God. This Power manifests and materializes whenever and wherever He wants. The physical body is never bar for Him. Kabir tells about Himself, that He was neither sent nor summoned but works untrammelled in the world. He did not dwell in the womb but manifested on the physical plane. (7)

»Now I have come from the Unconditioned.
Maya (delusion) has led the world astray:
she did not find my secret.
I did not take birth,
nor did I dwell in the womb.
As a child I appeared.
In the city of Kashi
I made my abode in the forest,
there a weaver found me.
I am not contained in heaven or earth,
but I am manifest as boundless wisdom.
The form of spirit manifest in the world —
that is my name.
I have no bones, no blood, no skin,
I am the manifester of the Word.
I am beyond all body,
the Infinite and Perfect One:
This says the immortal Kabir. (8)

What happened to Kabir? 72 death penalties were given to Him: He was put in the river Ganges. Fully chained He was sitting alone there and was asked to jump into the very swift current of the river. This time He said, »Kabir is wearing chains, but what chains? These chains are of duality…« When He came out of the river people asked: What happened to Him? How could He get rid of those so strong chains of iron? He said, the current of the Ganges was so swift, so effecting and high, that it broke down all the chains. So He did everything, He didn’t say He was the Doer. He was put before an elephant, but the elephant could not do anything. He was thrown from the top of the mountains and lived. Nothing could kill Him. He was put in the fire, but the fire could not burn Him. There are Powers (which are omnipotent). Who was the Power, Who could come as Kabir? But Kabir said, He only came for the humanity. There are lot of examples — hundred of examples in the world. (9)

In the book The Night is a Jungle«) Master tells (in chapter “Gurubhakti: A Lesson in Love”):

In the modern age the Teachings originated with
Kabir and Nanak, and the torch of light
was carried on by the successive nine Gurus,
and then Tulsi Sahib,
Swami Ji Maharaj, and afterwards by
Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, and then
Hazur Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj… (10)

So Teachings started by Kabir. Among the ten Gurus there is no mention about Kabir. When I told Master, »Kabir came, started with Sant Mat, but He was not a Saint«, Master said, »Kabir came as Almighty God, He said that He had all knowledge from the Highest; He has taken all blessings for the human beings.« Here Master tells the same point in His own Teaching: »In the modern age the Teaching originated with Kabir and Guru Nanak, then the torch of light was carried on by the successive nine Gurus…« Nine Gurus means: Guru Nanak was a Guru, Kabir was not a Guru. Kabir was not a Master. He was the Maker of the Masters. When the Teaching originated from Him, what He was? His name is not mentioned amongst the Gurus, amongst the Saints. Very clearly it is written here. (11)

A lot of Saints came in this world, but this Power, the Almighty Power remained hidden to them. They went to various stages and could only tell upto the regions where they had gone. They could not tell about the stages beyond that. But Sant Kirpal Singh not only told about them, but also took someone along to those highest stages… He works already on each of the planes and also here on earth. This Power can materialize and manifest and can give you this demonstration right out of His own wish and will. (12)

Master said that in future only those will see His physical body of whom He wishes. Now events are increasing in the world when earnest seekers and initiates get the blessings to see the physical form of the Master again. Master talks to them and gives instructions; this is only possible due to the Competency of the Almighty Power. As long as we do not know more about the possibilities of this highest Power, we cannot fully understand the Mission of Sant Kirpal Singh — Unity of Man. We know already about the way of working of the Avataras, the Sadh Gurus and the Sant Satgurus. But even if we do not yet know exactly how the Almighty Power works, we should follow the commandments in order not to be mislead. (13)

One has to rely because it (the working of the Almighty Power) is exactly according to the Teaching. It does not differ. Only people who cannot digest differ with it. A Master Power sitting on the fifth plane has much work to do here and also in the next planes. He has to obey the orders from above (from the Almighty Power) and has to work exactly in the same way over here (in the world).

But your Father is now independent. This grace which comes from Him is very independent and direct. Once Master said in the Satsang:
»Such grace comes after hundred thousand years. It is not possible every moment. It may come after hundred thousand years.«

So those who come in contact with such a grace, they do not only go back themselves, they can help a lot of people after them and even before them to get this contact. So you are going to be an example for the Master Power and for all others.

The bigger the (positive) Power, the more the negative power will interfere. It is a law. So in more strong way you have to qualify yourself in this matter. First there are larger matters, minute matters will then follow themselves. First we have to adopt the basic method (right understanding). The world is fed up (regarding the many ways offered) and very miserably betrayed from there.

It is said in the holy scriptures that there is none (Master) in Million, maybe one in Billion. So how can you find a Master when this whole world is full of (so-called) ‘masters’? You cannot find Him. All the competent Masters of the world stressed in their sayings the need to get it (the contact) right from the Source. If someone is capable to give it (the contact) right here, then he is competent.

Man simply leaves the physical body (at the time of death) but whatever (reactions) he gains (in the world) either in good or in bad way that goes along with him: Attachment, ego, lust, greed and all other things. He simply leaves this physical body, which is only clay and then goes into the astral body. All problems come along with him in the astral body and there they act in more strong way. So it is very difficult to get rid of these things in the astral plane. These powers become more potent there, and we have to bear the consequences in the astral body, thereafter in the causal body and thereafter in the super-causal body. These are the three gunas (attributes). We have to be above all. Unless until we do not come above these three gunas, we cannot cross the barriers.

So possibility (to solve the problems) is here — right here in the physical body — because these possibilities come direct from above. The mind is very active here, but we can make the best use of the words of the Master. These words will help us like arrows. They are of big success here if we use them in the proper way. If we do that (what Master wants) right here practically then we can get all possible helps and can become the coworker of the Divine Plan.

This ego is innate in the soul, this whole world came only out of the ego. It is determined by the negative power (Kal) who meditated a lot of times, thousands of years. Then God Power asked him as what he wants. He just wanted to multiply himself. So he wanted some talents from God. This was given to him, and he used these talents with full ego.

So we have the mind that came from the third plane; and when we go back we have to leave it there. If we have very early friendship with anybody else that is only the mind. He is our eldest friend. He came along with us and now we have to make him fast friend, more fast friend. We have to advise him as what is the most important thing to leave and what is the most important thing to get back. (14)

This world is not our home, it is very much pinching for us. If we have some pleasures here, it is only due to our emotionswe are attached to something and this attachment creates enjoyment. When it is withdrawn we are sad and unhappy. Take it in each and every case: if there is a sadness or an enjoyment, it is our own attachment. Like a dog who cracks a bone for taste, but the taste does not come from the bone. The bone creates injury in his mouth and the blood comes from his own mouth. But even this blood is only as fresh as we are body; we are young, otherwise (when we get old) this »blood« also tastes less and less. Consequently man repents over his own wishes and enjoyments. Some people try to get again what they enjoyed before, but that is also not possible. Because those things have passed, they will not come back.

So Master Power reminds us that He is the Lord of Compassion. He is seeing all our miseries, all our actions…

Once He sits inside, then His work starts and our work finishes.
Which work?
Our attachment;
our going back into the world again and again.
It is the wish of the Master
that we do not have to meet this fate again.

But we are the ‘doer’ and create (new seeds), we are influenced by other (lower) forces; in many, many ways we are led away from the path. We are again developed (in worldly way) and grow there. This growth (of seeds on account of attachments) while the Master (already) lives with us in the man-body at the seat of the soul is quite unhealthy. This growth will bring forth fruit that will smell bad, there will be odor. It is not good to grow such fruit within. If you sow it, ultimately it will grow. So Master gives His demonstration there and then only for this purpose to show the disciple: »I am in you.« Master Baba Jaimal Singh used to say, »At least you should be shameful, because He who has given you Initiation is rightly sitting in you and watching each and every action of yours.«

So for that very purpose, Master has to play some incidences in our life. I am of the opinion, that once such incidence comes in the life of a man that is sufficient for a big advice: Not to fall into the same sin again and again. This is why Master creates some incidences.

And secondly, what is impossible in the world, is possible for the Master. There is no impossibility for the Master. People say, let what happen, after all we have to leave the body. We will see what will happen. I tell you, it will happen, but Master can change everything.

When Master said something, he definitely fulfilled it. Before He left His body (in 1974), He told that He has to initiate very immediately three persons.

If They (the Masters) say something, they do it; otherwise They fulfill it in the alternative way. For many things which He had said, He gave instructions. He had said, that He would make four world tours, but He only made three. But for the fourth one He sent a message overseas, that He will be unable to come. If He promised, then He also sent the message that He will not come. One man compelled Master very much to visit his village, where he wanted to make a centre. But Master sent a message: »Doctor, tell him that this centre is not possible there, it (the village) is within the domain of Amritsar Centre, so nearby centers are not needed, He can come to the Amritsar Centre.« In an other village people demanded a college for higher studies. Master sent a message that it will not be possible for Him to found a college in this village.

The fourth thing He told was, that He had to initiate very immediately three persons. »They will come to you and Initiation is a must for them.« Two of them came immediately (after Masters parting). Though they were not initiated they served the cause of the Master much more than the very foremost disciples of the Master. They worked day and night. It is a matter of 1974 when Master left His body. These two, a girl and a boy came immediately; they demanded for Initiation. They started to weep, »He has gone, who will give us the Initiation?« We told them that the possibility is there, don’t worry, this will be given to you. He (Master) gave it (before) in the same way as it is given now here. They got beautiful experiences on the very first sitting and up till now they are very faithful disciples of the Master. They were the first ones who were initiated. So this possibility which is now being given that was there right since He left the body.

He never discontinued His work even for a moment. Because if there was any deadline for Him, Master would not be the competent — Almighty God. He was the Almighty Power.

This physical body was never a bar for Him. He used to transcend the body consciousness, He was in the body; but He used to go (at the same time) into a lot of formations and served the world all over. When His body was burning people were crying. But when late in the night people started sleeping and the Satsang (on tape) with the voice of the Master was going on, Master appeared not to one, but maybe to five or six persons. »I am not dead«, Master said. »I am still with you, walking here. You are dead lying here. I have not left the body, my work is still going on.« This was on the first day, when His holy body was burning. Many people experienced this.

The third man (for whom Master wanted Initiation) only came, when his death time had come. One week before he came to the Satsang. He was fully intoxicated with wine. He came direct to me, my wife was also there. He demanded for Initiation. We told him, first leave wine, lead an ethical life, only then this is possible. What were his words? He said, he first wanted Initiation, then he would leave everything. We knew that this was the third one, whom Master wanted to initiate. We said, »Okay, come for the next time.«

It was the first Initiation that was to be given (in the Ashram in Amritsar). It was a start of Master’s work in Amritsar. In the next week on the Satsang he came. It was a Sunday. After the Satsang was over he came and said that he wanted Initiation, but he would come next day because he has to bring his mother and sister, who also wanted Initiation. I said, »Okay.«

My wife was standing near the outer gate of the Ashram. When she saw him she caught hold of his arm and said, »You are a young man, why you lose your health for nothing?« But this day he was not drunken, he had not taken any wine. But he was also not in a conscious stage. He did not say anything but forcibly withdrew his arm, just crossed the outer gate of the Ashram and started running. He had hardly gone fifteen meters from the Ashram when he returned and slowly entered into the Ashram again. As he entered into it he fell down and within seconds left his body. His nails, his lips — everything became blue. I went there at once and saw that he was dead. There was no sign of life in him.

But within both of us there was a constant prayer: »Master, with Your order we could start the Mission after four years and people had to get life here. But this man has now died. He is already dead. Who will come here to get the Initiation?« But this prayer was not coming from our lips, it came from heart. »Master, it is Your Mission!« …We were just thinking like this when his mother and sister both came here. »You should not worry about this boy«, they said. »After all he belongs to us«, mother said, »he is my son« and sister »he is my brother. An astrologer has already told us that he will leave his body in the month of April. This month is very dangerous for him. We accompanied him, we came along with him in the bus, but he never knew.«

As his mother and sister were there, we felt a little confidence… Satsang was finished and people were sitting in meditation. We four, five persons took his dead body into the room next to Master’s room. There he was lying for 40 minutes. During this time I checked him maybe several times if there was any life in him. But he was really dead. What happened then:

You know, this breath goes outside, and some power pushes it back into the body. The same thing happened with him: suddenly he took the breath inside and started breathing little, little. We all became very happy: Master has done a miracle. But then we thought suddenly, »No, it is not a miracle. Master had to initiate this boy, so He did it.« So within minutes he opened his eyes and we all were very happy. The pleasure and surprise of his mother who was looking constantly after her child, always gazing on his face, knew no bounds. She was very happy. After all she had given birth to him. Then we started to ask what had happened to him. But he was unable to talk with us. He was rather afraid of everything.

Why was he afraid of everything? When one withdraws (from the body) completely, his silver-cord is broken and he goes back from this world, his contact (with the world) is fully lost. He then does not remember anything. He loses all consciousness from the world and then goes into the next world. Only when it (the contact with the world) is revived back with the blessing of the Master, then he is able to know something.

But we told them that we should not disturb him, but let him take rest. So the whole night he was in the bed. But when he got up next morning, he only told the words, »I want Initiation.« — »Who will give you the Initiation?« I asked him. He said, »Master Himself. Master said, ‘There is a tape (for Initiation) of mine.’« — »How do you know?« I asked. — »Master told me within.« I again asked, »Who will give you the Initiation?« — »Master said, this work has been given to you. You are already knowing it, why do you delay it for me. I need it right today. It is my wish, it is rather my turn to have the Initiation.« I said, »You are very weak, you cannot stand.« His whole body was pale. His face was pale like a dead person. »Don’t worry about it. I want to sit at the corner and I may be blessed with this Initiation.« So this was the first Initiation which was being given there in Amritsar…

When after Initiation I asked about the experience, he said, he only saw Master and a little child, a new born one. He asked Master, »Who is this child?« — »This is you«, Master said. »Your age is only one day. You are new born and your age is only one day.«

Then later on he told: It was his last day (when he came to the Ashram). He had not got the Initiation, his contact was with Master (before), but some outer circumstances led him away and away from the truth. Ultimately he was fully detached. So Master took him back. He even could not remember how he came. During the Satsang he was able to see the Master Power sitting on the dais (the stage).

When Satsang was over he could not see the Master. He became very happy, very emotional and wanted to go somewhere and find the Master Power. He wanted to see where He had gone. Soon he went to the outer door of the Ashram. There the angle of death was standing. This was death time for him. But the angle of death could not enter the area, where Master’s work was going on. This is beyond the limits of the negative power — because the Ashram belongs to the God Power. Where His work goes on the negative power does not interfere. This is a place for refuge. People come and can get refuge there. They are not to be disturbed by the negative power at all. But if some take the negative power in their heads and in the heart, then — how the Master Power can do, this is another thing.

He said he had not run away, it was the negative power which made him run away. After he had hardly gone fifteen meters, he found Master Power standing there. He (Master) put His hand right on his heart and pushed him back: »Who allowed you to come out of the Ashram? Go immediately into the Ashram!« He said, as he entered he left the body. But it was not troublesome for him to leave the body. It was very beautiful, very charming. His whole body first came into vibration. It was just like a pleasure which he never got before in his whole life. He was fully emotional by the spiritual currents.

And thereafter he left the body and immediately went to the Master Power within. But he could not talk to the Master. There was another Master standing there and both were talking. »I did not know what they where talking, but this much I could know that they were talking about me. After 40 minutes I was allowed to go back into the world.« Master said, »Your life is finished, see the charter, it is completely finished. Now I give you life from my own end. You are needed by your mother and sister and still you have to solve the mystery of death.«

From this you can very well understand how gracious Master Power is. It was his last chance, the last breath. Master took him (again) back into the body, just to save him from rebirth. Because his reservoir was full of good and bad seeds. These things he had to carry for many, many years. He had to wander in the astral plane maybe a lot of time. He had to leave these many, many attachments and then only he would have been able to get the rebirth. Maybe it could have taken a lot of time; many, many years to come back into the birth and then he again would have come in contact with such Power or with such a work as it is going on here. He would have got Initiation and then had to go back on the path again. It was a very big time, really a very big time.

The hardship which comes when leaving the body without Master, without Initiation is very terrible, that is underestimated. We think above, but these things are all low-levelled. They are directly dealt with the negative power. We cannot estimate what the negative power does for the soul.

So Master does a lot of things for the disciple. It is not a little thing, it is a very big thing when Master wants to initiate but the disciple does not want. He always lingers on and on and so at his last breath Master gives Initiation. If you just go very deep into this incidence, it teaches us a very big lesson. It teaches us that the gracious Master only is for us and will be for us. And He will remain with us till He has taken us back to Home Eternal. His purpose is yet not solved.
For a disciple Master’s love is above all worldly things and even above the salvation. He who has love for the Master, he even does not need salvation, because he does not think anything above love. Salvation and all other things are far below (for him). He would always like to see and hear his Master. (15)

Kabir sent Guru Gobind Singh. He embraced Him: »O child, go back (into the world). A lot of people (Masters) went, and they only told about themselves, told to meditate upon themselves. I send you to ask people to meditate on Him (God) alone.«

Sant Kirpal Singh also came for this purpose. Those who came for this purpose (into the world) they had a very different attitude in life. I knew, that Sant Kirpal Singh while in the last year on this world wanted to go. He cried like a child while sitting in the memory of His Master. He knew that He came from somewhere and He wanted to go. Why did He want to go? He wanted to solve our problems in the astral and causal plane. The Teaching He had already given, everything is written in His books. He gave all the Teachings which are required for the coming humanity. But His work was much more in the Beyond. That is why He left His body — He is capable of working right over here in the physical form and is able to go in each plane and solve our problems there. He was competent, it was His wish, He left.

You know and you see it with your own eyes:

His work is going on without any hindrance — this is His competency. He is fully competent to do the work (in this way); so He went. People say, »He has left the body, where should we go?« Actually there, where Master has told something; they should trust in those (to whom He gave instructions and authorized the work).

So time is short, but competency is very strong. Where does the hindrance lie? In us. We must make ourselves. If we determine ourselves, what to do and how to become, then this process will become very, very easy — quite easy for the Master Power. In one of the sayings of the Master it is written: »People go after meditation. They do not go after receptivity for the Master.« That is the main problem that people do not understand.

People want to see something. They are after a wish, but they don’t want to create receptivity in themselves. But without receptivity how can you accommodate Him within? This is a very different subject.

But if He comes and sees you, He will pour everything inside of you. This is much more than anything else, I tell you. I can tell it from my own life: Once Master embraced me a little, when I only favoured with His Mission and with His Teaching in one subject where nobody spoke. I said, »Master, this is like this.« He embraced me — I tell you, I was so intoxicated that I was for many days above the body consciousness. I never felt, whether I am in the body or somewhere else. This is His blessing. This is receptivity. If that is created, you may live in any circumstances, but you always remain above — above the shackles of the world. No problem will come to you. You are the child of that God Power. He may take work from you, He may put you in any test or task, but He will directly keep in touch with you. He will not let you lose. It is His Teaching. (16)

…The means to it is only love.
Love develops receptivity.
Your own self is now in that Overself,
so much so that you forget yourself…
These are the facts. This is what is called
Gurmukhta — Actions of a Guru (in the disciple).
When you absorb (in the Overself) through love
you forget your other self.
You will arise into the true Self,
egress (leave, withdraw), become born (anew).
You become one. (17)
— Kirpal Singh

* * * * *

»Whosoever hears of this Power
and comes in contact with Him,
will neither die nor take birth again!
For the Power of Kirpal
is the Ocean of all happiness
and is manifest everywhere.
He is really always with us.« (18)

For you Golden Age has come,
for whenever the Almighty Power
comes Himself, it is the Golden Age
for the disciple to go back to Home Eternal.
No Master is necessary when the
Almighty Power is doing His work.

— Kirpal Singh (Delhi, April 4th, 1974)

»When we have love, it is a great fortune.
Such a one lives for others.
He always thinks of the good of others —
he lives for them.
If it is necessary he will sacrifice
his everything for the sake of others.
He is prepared even to give his own life.«
— Kirpal Singh (»Light of Kirpal« p.121)

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