Dr Harbhajan Singh — Bücher

Hier findest Du Büchern und Broschüren von Dr Harbhajan Singh (Bhaji)  als PDF Dateien.

Forever I

The book “Forever with Master I — His Mission in the Golden Age” contains poems dedicated to Master, as well as a report by about the time before and after Master left the physical body. Dr Harbhajan Singh explains the competency of Sant Kirpal Singh, and the change from the Iron Age to the Golden Age, when we have to stand on all four pillars (Truth, Penance, Compassion and Charity), and many more important topics.

Read selected chapters online: “Forever I”.

  Forever with Master I — His Mission in the Golden Age  (PDF 0.7 MB) Download

Meisters Mission im Goldenen Zeitalter

Die Broschüre “Worte von Sant Kirpal Singh – 1/91 — Meisters Mission im Goldenen Zeitalter” enthält einen Bericht von Dr Harbhajan Singh (aus dem Buch “Forever I”) über die Zeit bevor und nachdem Meister den physischen Körper verlassen hat (am 21. August 1974).

  Worte von Sant Kirpal Singh - 1991-1 — Meisters Mission im Goldenen Zeitalter  (PDF 0.3 MB) Download

Forever II

The book “Forever with Master II — The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan” explains the perfect way of life and the numerous qualities of a Gurmukh — a true disciple who has become the mouthpiece of the Guru or Perfect Master. This book is an inspiration for all who are yearning for God, and a source of knowledge which helps us learn the art of life so we can help ourselves and others.

Read selected chapters online: “Forever II”.

  Forever with Master II — The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan  (PDF 1.3 MB) Download

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