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Texts of this website
Sant Kirpal Singh intentionally gave all his lectures free of cost and similarly published his books without any rights reserved. For this purpose, He included following text in all his books:

I have written a book on the Naam, or Word, or Kalma,
in which quotations from different scriptures are given;
and also ‘The Crown of Life’ which is a comparative study
of the different systems of yoga.
Apart from these I have written books on Saints and their teachings,
and other books.
There is intentionally no author’s right reserved
for the publication of these, so that these teachings —
which are a gift of nature — may easily reach everyone.
Sant Kirpal Singh, 14 April, 1973

Naturally, Dr Harbhajan Singh (Bhaji) and his wife Surinder Kaur (Biji) — as perfect disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh — followed the same principle and therefore, no rights are reserved for texts of this website.

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