Forever II

Forever with Master, vol. 2 by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

He who becomes conscious of the Divine Plan is the true man.
In the true sense, the Lord’s man is one who becomes a
Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan.
— Kirpal Singh

This book is about the Gurmukh, who is a perfect disciple of his Master and a conscious co-worker of the Divine plan, describing the qualities of a true disciple, who became one with the Master and the mouthpiece of Guru or Gurmukh, with quotations from Sant Kirpal Singh.

If we want to attain the purpose of human life, then we have to start practicing the Higher values of Life and weed out all imperfections. As a result of such sincere efforts, the Hidden Values of Life will open automatically, which will help us to attain many positive qualities to overcome and cut off the tentacles of mind and negative power.

This will help us to become a perfect human being by following the foot steps of our perfect Master.

The practical examples of Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur (Biji) has inspire many people to decide their own life and to do their level best to serve in Master’s Mission and to develop all around.

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