Headquarters for the West

It was always Sant Kirpal Singh’s wish to have a Centre belonging to Unity of Man. You find solace, comfort and you are getting good ideas from here. All your questions, all your queries are answered here. You carry vibration with you, that helps you everywhere.
Sant Kirpal Singh says, that it is beyond praise, where people sit in His sweet remembrance, where people sit in His name, where people decide about their future: to live for others, to forget their old problems and surrender to the Master Power.
— Harbhajan Singh


Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Satsang is held, explaining the various aspects of Spirituality.

Literature is available for better understanding the true import of Spirituality. Moreover it is possible to see films about Sant Kirpal Singh or the project Kirpal Sagar.
If you want to visit the Centre, please send us a short email to info@unity-of-man.org.

Directions & Contact Info

The Centre is located approximately 30 km from Salzburg at St. Gilgen – Austria, situated near the beautiful lake ‘Wolfgangsee’ amidst the mountains.

Unity of Man
Steinklüftstraße 34
5340 Sankt Gilgen

Phone:   +43-6227-7577
Mail:      info@unity-of-man.org
www:     www.unity-of-man.org

Headquarters for the West (Google Maps)
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