My Mission is:

To fill the human heart with compassion,
mercy and universal love, which should radiate
to all countries, nations and people of the world.
To make a true religion of the heart
as the ruling factor in one’s life.
To enable each one to love God, love all, serve all
and have respect for all, as God is immanent in all forms.
My goal is that of oneness.
I spread the message of oneness in life and living.
This is the way to peace on earth.
This is the mission of my life,
and I pray that it may be fulfilled.
— Sant Kirpal Singh

Mission is the tree, whereas meditation, virtues, etc.
are its offshoots, blossoms and fruits.
If the tree is cut, everything else will finish.

Master’s Mission is very dear to Him. Many times
Masters and their true disciples sacrificed their lives
for the Truth (Mission) in the world.
— Sant Kirpal Singh, Amritsar, 13 October 1973
(From “Forever with Master vol.1”)

His Mission

See also “Library > Dr Harbhajan Singh — Messages > His Mission

(by Dr Harbhajan Singh, from “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 1997-1)

To understand the purpose of our life we must understand the Mission of the Master. All Masters lived in the world for a special purpose – to bring the awakening in men and help them to live with the truth and go (back) with the truth. They taught us the very life that is needed for it, as they knew what is there for us in the beyond and what is here in the world. So they had the power of discrimination which we have never had.

We have forgotten that place (our true home), and we have only one thing with us, and that is the physical body and the physical world. Thus we cannot discriminate. We have not seen that place and therefore we cannot discriminate. It is His Mission to bring awakening and discrimination into the world. His Mission is the contact between the disciple and the Master.

Mission means the purpose for which He came into the world or for which all Masters have ever come into the world. That purpose has never changed. The Teaching remained one and the same but the commandment of the Masters differed from time to time in accordance with the prevalent condition of the time.

Every Master comes with a definite purpose and He has to do a special work in a special time. Though He is not time-bound, He still has to honour the time because of our feelings and emotions in the world. As the child is dear to the mother, so is the Mission to the Master. His Mission is the life of Master’s life. He has been commissioned by God and His only concern is to do that special work for which He has been blessed (by God).


Where there is true search for Him, there God extends help.

The Almighty commanded to provide
whatever His disciple asks for.

The Almighty listens to our inner voice that originates from the inns of our heart and not from the brain or tongue. The tiny cries from an ant can reach Him more quickly than the loud trumpeting of an elephant. When there is demand and urge followed by the strong ambition to attain Him, He devises something or other. Many such instances happened.

Remember that Power Itself
which is working through some pole!
He is not the physical body,
though He maintains the human appearance.

Our Master (Baba Sawan Singh) would say,

“When an electric bulb is fused,
it will be replaced by another and yet another.
Though bulbs are changing,
the light remains the same.”

That is called the Master- or Christ Power, that never dies and keeps working forever. Where there is an intense urge, only there it manifests and becomes the source of solace. Innumerable such instances keep occurring daily.
— Sant Kirpal Singh
(from “Whoever has true yearning, to him this Power manifests” translated from Urdu Sat Sandesh, August 1957)

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