Sant Kirpal Singh — Circular Letters

Sant Kirpal Singh began issuing this important series of Circular Letters with “The Outer Aspects of Life” [issued 1 May 1956] after returning from His First World Tour, and continued, at greater or lesser intervals. These circulars were unlike his books or His talks, or even His letters to individual disciples; they really were ‘circular letters’, that is, letters to every one of his disciples at once, conveying whatever he considered of the first importance at the time. They are food for the yearning souls and guidance for all disciples and seekers for the Truth to develop all around, to become true human beings and ambassadors of the Truth.

In His last Circular Letter “On the Unity of Man” [issued on 15 May 1974] Master “earnestly requested that all those who believe in the Unity of Man to carry its message even to the lonest corner of the world.”

Circular letters by Sant Kirpal Singh.

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