Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh came into the world with a never ending work, there is no limit to His work. He had to justify God, the Positive Power, and without end He did so. The more He justified HIM, the more benefit it was for all the human beings.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

The text below is from the preface written by Dr Harbhajan Singh for the Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh (see “Library > Sant Kirpal Singh — Biography“ available as PDF). Only a true disciple can tell about the greatness of the Master.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (18941974), a great Saint of the twentieth century needs no introduction for the holy work He did for humanity throughout the world.

He was the distinguished exponent of the Divine Science of the Soul, and having the mastery over it, He gave the practical experience to all the yearning souls and was thus acclaimed as the most advanced and the only competent Master after Baba Sawan Singh Ji.

He was sent by God as the Saviour, and He brought the message of hope for redemption and salvation to the receptive souls and taught them self-patience, love, and inner yearning. He taught the world over the virtues of forbearance, patience, forgiveness and godliness with deep reverence and became the head-crown of kings and paupers, rich and poor, sinners and pious.

His teaching centered between God and man by developing man and serving man, and reminded the human beings of the relationship between the two practically. He blessed us with higher values of life, and the very hidden virtues to the greatest heights and asked all who were initiated into the mystery of the beyond to tell Him, if they ever could get anything higher than that. But so far no one turned up to tell something higher than that.

His way of teaching was excellent. Despite He was the Saviour and protector of humanity and God-into-action Power, He taught us the basic necessities of truth eternal as man to man, but more practically as Father to son. Wherever He did so, He looked loveable, compassionate, and very kind. We could feel His pristine and illustrious beauty in our heart.

His talks with His children throughout His sojourn were from heart to heart. He dispelled our ignorance, the very root cause of our faulty existence, through His radiation full of all humility and love, thus removing the fetters of attachment, illusions and sense of duality.

When looking constantly and loveably in His eyes and on His fore head, He changed from one moment to another and radiated our heart differently at each moment. This practical feeling, though beyond expression, lives with the life of the disciple for all the times. By looking into His eyes, one could overcome one’s shortcomings and was helped to pledge to live a holy and harmonious life.

Alas, we could not remember Him as much as we wish now. Only after His physical departure we could know the intensity of separation full of sweet remembrances.

“My Master, You taught us to love the source of give, give and give, and forgive and forget, but only after Your physical departure we could know the meaning of love.”

“Oh, my sweet Lord, since You are holding the seat of the Creator bless all, caring not whether they are worthy or not.”

Signature of Dr Harbhajan Singh
(Harbhajan Singh)



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