It is the Word Power that communicates it (the contact).
Never be deceived that the person
who conveys the instructions is the giver.
He is only the receptacle through whom
the instructions are given.
You can have initiation even from thousands of miles
without going through anybody if you become receptive.
But generally, people do not understand,
that is why some people are authorized
to convey the instructions of initiation.
The initiation is actually done the very moment
that it is authorized.
That comes from the Word within you
or from the human pole where the Word is
fully manifested.
— Sant Kirpal Singh

When the Master Power and the soul get together
at the time of Initiation, there arises a special kind
of happiness and inner peace.
At the time of Initiation the Gurudev, the radiant form
of the Master, ties us inside with the stream of Naam.
This is not easy, but He who loves you gives it to you.
He who loves you does not wish His friends to stay behind.
He sees it like that – if they will suffer, He will also suffer.
How does He bind us with the stream of Naam
at the time of Initiation?
He gives us a demonstration of it (an inner experience),
He finishes the attachments and ties us
with the stream of His blessing.
Biji Surinder Kaur

Initiation is a very important step, therefore our preparation for the Initiation is of utmost importance.

Sant Kirpal Singh emphasizes, that first we should have a crystal clear understanding of the theory, and we should know our purpose of human life, the competency of the true Master (Satguru), and much more.

To develop love and yearning for God or the Master is very important, because a strong yearning for God is the driving force which will help us (with the help of the Master) to overcome all obstacles on our way.

Additionally, we should make a practical decision, which means, we should start adapting our life as much as possible while we prepare ourselves for Initiation. A vegetarian diet is an elementary step, and many more steps will follow in order to overcome many obstacles created by mind, senses and outer circumstances.

Because man-making — the development to become a perfect human being — is our own work. Often it is a tedious and difficult process with many steps, though the Master Power is always ready to help the disciple on every step, in particular when the disciple does his level best and surrenders to this highest Power just like a small child to his mother or father.

Therefore it is said, if the child (disciple) takes only one step in towards the Father (God), then the Master Power will come Millions of steps to help, guide and protect him. Because God works according to the Law of Grace or Law of Demand and Supply. Thus a strong love and yearning for God is a very helpful factor for our progress on the Path.

First of all, we should know what Initiation means.
Initiation is no ceremony, no rite, no ritual, no offering.
It is just like a school, in which a lesson is given;
and for that lesson, first the inner theory is explained,
and then an inner experience is given.
— Sant Kirpal Singh
(Sat Sandesh December 1976 — “Initiation, Karma, and the Nature of Sin”)

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