True Master

From the viewpoint of spiritual attainments
Gurus may be classified as Sadh Guru, Sant Satguru,
and Param Sant Satguru.

A Sadh is one who has gone beyond
the region of Trikuti (Onkar) which is the same as
Lahut in Sufi terminology and Hu in Islamic theology.

A Sant is one who is adept not only in self-knowledge
but in God-knowledge as well.
He far transcends the material, materio-spiritual,
and spirituo-material realms.
Master of Truth as he is, his abode is in the
purely spiritual region, technically called
Sach Khand or Muqam-i-Haq, the Realm of Truth.

A Param Sant is the Grand Master of Truth
beyond all description and hence ineffable.
He is at one with what is variously known as
Anami (The Nameless One) of Kabir;
Nirala (Indescribably Wonderful),
Mahadayal (Boundless Mercy),
or Soami (The Great Lord of All).

But none of them, whether a Sadh, a Sant,
or a Param Sant, can of himself assume Guruship
or spiritual preceptorship
without being commissioned for the work.
— Sant Kirpal Singh

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