Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh

Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” has originally been published as booklets, containing the words of Sant Kirpal Singh as well as contributions by Dr Harbhajan Singh and Biji Surinder Kaur — the true disciples (Gurmukhs) of Sant Kirpal Singh.

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  1992-02 — Gurmukh – the perfect disciple  (PDF 2,4 MB) Download

  2006 — Keeping Master’s Commandments  (PDF 3,7 MB) Download

  2008 — World Conference on Unity of Man, 1–10 Dec, 2007  (PDF 8,7 MB) Download

  2009 — Final Ceremony, World Conference on Unity of Man, Dec 1–11, 2008  (PDF 6 MB) Download

  2010 — The way of devotion (PDF 3,3 MB) Download

  2011 — The Competency of the Almighty Power  (PDF 4 MB) Download

  2012 — Christianity, Godpower, Christpower, Masterpower  (PDF 1,9 MB) Download

  2013 — Truthful living is still above Truth  (PDF 1,6 MB) Download

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