Dr Harbhajan Singh — Biography

Bhaji was not a prisoner, he came as a messenger,
commissioned with the work of His Master, Sant Kirpal Singh,
and after finishing it he went back.
— Biji Surinder Kaur

Those who met him will never forget Dr Harbhajan Singh, who was always our Bhaji or Brother. He explained so many details about the Teaching and competency of our Master Sant Kirpal Singh, as well as about Master’s Mission and made it very clear what a great boon it was to even know about Him.

  In Honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh — Anniversary Publication  (PDF 3.5 MB, edition 2007) Download

Anniversary of the 25 September 1995 (physical departure of Dr Harbhajan Singh)

  Forever One — Anniversary of 25 September (PDF 2.1 MB) Download

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