Spiritual Healing, Occult Powers

Spiritual healing is prohibited by the Masters. The sufferings demanding spiritual healing fall mainly in the domain of physical troubles. These being the reactions of past karma must demand adjustment and as such are to be borne by the victim.

What can ordinarily be cured by undergoing a bit of suffering and medicine, is exchanged for spiritual dissipation, and the debt remains standing, awaiting adjustment at a later stage.

Again, this sort of healing becomes profes­sional and at times encourages corruption and misery. It not only invites malpractices, but brings in more of mental agony and wretched­ness in multiplied form added with interest. This is a causal postponement of payment for a future date, and adds strong fetters over the soul.

Miracles, spiritual healing, psychic phenomena,
fortune-telling, akashic records,
and worldly desires are all to be left aside …
the entire energy is to be conserved
for the internal progress.
— Sant Kirpal Singh

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