God is beyond all our words

(from “Biji Surinder Kaur — Forever One” pages 75 and 106)

Conscious people leave the body
but are not forced to leave the body.
Leaving the body is more enjoyable for them
than to stay in the body.
For them death is not the final phase of their life,
rather it is the beginning of the eternal life.
— Harbhajan Singh

May joy shine like a ray of the sun; may each heart be filled with light. Wrath and hate shall leave us. We are all one. This we should recognize. We are the symbols of oneness.

Due to our weakness we have divided mankind in classes and different faiths, so we lost ourselves and forgot the unity. We have to know ourselves and to know the Truth (God). We are soul, we are one, and we are a drop of the Oversoul.

God is beyond all our words, He is the true Source giving us fresh nourishment. He is everywhere in the creation.

A fish can only survive in water, but yet it asks, “Where is the water, where is the ocean?” Similarly we ask, “Where is God?” though He is in us. To know ourselves and to know God we have to overcome our delusion. Only then we are able to know the unity of man with God.

Biji Surinder Kaur                    

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