Christmas- and New Year’s Message 1998

Kirpal Sagar, December 1998

Dear Sangat of the Master,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. Every year we experience happiness on these days, and we should always hear His Message on such days.

Human beings are always coming and going like birds who are only spending the night on a tree. But God is always with those who have love for God, He is always there where someone has devotion — Bhakti — for Him. Even if someone deviates from the way, He gives him a shower of His blessing to give him life again (and to bring him back on the right way again).

On our journey (of life) we should always travel with the support of Him, whom we belong to. We cannot leave the body (and fulfill our inner journey) without our Beloved. But if He is with the disciple, then the world cannot have any affect on us. When a soul who belongs to Master is on his journey, the low powers are also beside him always trying to bring the soul down. But the Master Power knows how to swim and He takes the soul across the Ocean of Life.

Do not waste this opportunity within the net of mind and Maya, because then nobody can help you. Give your life and devote it to the holy Word of the Master Power. He wishes that there should not be even a little spot of dirt in our heart. In order to go to the eternal home you must do Bhakti or devotion, that removes the “rust” of ages. Without His grace one cannot get awakening. These words are from your Bhaji.

(When the soul has to leave the body), it sees its inner condition and weeps. Some have gone and they are crying, others will go and they will also cry. We should get the best benefit of this time. From now on you should leave your (subjective) intellect and live according to His commandments, then you will get the highest happiness in your life.

“Even the grass is getting dry and shining flowers are fading
when they do not get water and food in time.
Like this, o soul, you cannot complete your journey without the Guru.”

In this world there is so much mud and our aim — to reach our Beloved — is very far. If once you are caught in muddy water, then only by doing much hardship He can remove the dirt with His soap and then you have to start again from the beginning.

It is very important to have the fear and respect of the Master in our heart in order to get salvation. Bhakti Margthe Path of Bhakti — is most difficult. If we cross this way, then the grace of the Master increases. A Gurmukh is only He, who knows the secret of the three worlds while He is living in this world. Only by His grace we can reach this destination.

He has given us His real permanent colour which cannot be removed. We should not lose His grace again due to our intellect. When we doubt in Him, Master can never help us. Doubts bring us far from Master and make us wander around.

“O soul, this doubt is like a black curtain in front of your eyes.
Doubt is the main part of maya.
Doubt works like a curtain between Master and soul.
In you there are knowledge and ignorance, but the reason
for your wandering (in the circle of births and deaths) is doubt,
and doubt remains only up to the three worlds.”

Master helps us to rise above this doubt and unites us with His truth, so that our soul does not get stuck here (in this realm of reincarnation). To be caught in the net of doubt and maya brings us again into the circle of death and rebirth. The whole world is stuck fast in this net of doubt and maya.

“O soul, you are wandering around (in the circle of rebirths),
you should realize His Grace.
The Sagar (Ocean) in you is full with Water (of Life),
an Ocean of the highest knowledge which is overflowing,
but you do not know it.
You should go inside and search for it.”

You are enjoying the colours of the world, and your mind is affected by this. If you will not leave this “spring season” (of attachments), your life will be wasted. You have love for this world, and you are only awakened in regard to this world. The Gurmukh’s outer eyes, however, are sleeping in regard to the world, but His heart does not sleep. (It is always directed towards the Master.)

This condition should also be that of Master’s Sangat. You should make the best use of this time so that your friend should be proud of you. You should remove the cotton plug of doubt from your ears so that you can get the message of that Power at your Gaggan (your third eye). When He meets us (inside), we have achieved our goal. When we attain Him, He makes us swim in His Ocean. On our journey we should always remain in His Will and be conscious about the time. We should not follow our mind and — without the intoxication of Master’s Colour — we should not plant a poisonous tree on our way.

The Sangat should be like a beautiful bouquet of flowers of His garden. Meditation is the food for our soul, and we should put in more time for (true) meditation to develop our life. Our duty is to live according to the diary, and the rest — to take us above and reside in our heart — is His work.

Mission is spiritual life, Mission is spiritual water for the soul with which it remains fresh and green. With the support of the soul the body gets power, and also the soul remains powerful. Then the human being is constantly developing higher and higher.

I pray to Master that the New Year may bring an Ocean of highest happiness and I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you. Master Power should give you salvation, always live under His umbrella (of protection)!

Your Biji Surinder Kaur, and Bhaji

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