Message for March 10, 2000

Kirpal Sagar, March 2000

On 10th March the love of the Sangat reached me in terms of sweet remembrance of Master, like the ray of the sun in the darkness. This love of the Sangat gave a boost to the soul (Atman), so the inner fountain of the inner Bani overbrimmed which brought Master near.

With the help of Naam (Word) we accomplish our soul’s journey in this world in the remembrance of the Lord, seeing His radiant sunlight falling on us.

Words of love coming from a pure heart are coloured in God’s colour. We turned our face towards God’s messenger, who brings us His message, and fills us with His happiness.

Remember, if you keep your heart pure and climb the first step of the ladder leading to the fort, you can go within where the stream of inner life and His love are overbrimming. Thus our heart flourishes and the clear stamp of eternal life we got from Him appears.

One feels the awakening of love for Him like a stream. All should travel by singing the virtues of the Satguru. If we are in a state of inner love for Him, the Bani of the Saints, or Naam, opens the way to the inner path. Do not live in delusion and don’t forget that Master is the unseen, overbrimming Ocean, wherein there is even much more hidden.

The whole mankind got lost in the taste of the world. To those who are used to this taste, the world is very near, but one day it will be far away. If He bestows His grace on us, He embraces us, just like putting His arms like a garland around our neck, and presses us to His heart. But this only happens when our attention is towards Him, if our life is only dedicated to Him. Otherwise what does this world matter, where even your loved ones and friends get strangers? We should live as His beloved ones. Our eyes, our attention should be towards Him. He always sees us.

I gave Him my life. In this time while I am here in this world, I am ready to work day and night, I have no problems. I follow His footsteps, this makes me happy and my field gets green, too, because the fresh water comes directly from the fountain. His stream flows directly from Sat Lokh. This water of that stage one cannot attain as long as one is still imprisoned in Ego.

I simply talk about that what touches my heart. If you follow this request, you can reach your goal. If we remember Him with painful heart, His Grace can make our broken boat cross over. He who bestows awakening comes Himself to awake us. He Himself gives the oil and kindles the light.

“O you, who are giving the light in the darkness,
please come again and again very close to us.”

From my side I send the whole Sangat my love,

Your Biji

And a boost for your soul you get from your Bhaji

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