True Meditation and the Virtues to be Developed

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December 19, 1970 — heart-to-heart talk by Sant Kirpal Singh
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 32)

Master: Yes, come up. Are there any questions? Instead of giving a lecture, it is better if you have got any questions in your mind they should be clarified. Yesterday morning’s talk, do you remember, I mentioned that all worries can be wiped away by coming in contact with the Sound Principle within. You recorded that talk.

Q: Yes.

Master: These are not only for recording but are a remedy for all your ills.

[Master asks everyone there how much time they have been putting in for meditation.]

The point is, as you are putting in more time, are you improving as compared with before?

The longer you can stay inside when you see the light, continuously without break, the more improvement will come. If that light fades away then continue looking without break, constantly. It will stay, if you continue to look. The longer time you can put in at that time will give you more, better results, you see; better results. Yes, beg your pardon?

Q: Can it be harmful to force yourself to sit longer?

Master: I’m not talking about sitting longer. You may be sitting for five hours, ten hours, but when you see Light you do not stay there longer. It is the time when you should continue longer without break. You may be sitting, but mind may be rambling outside, then?

Your body is there sitting at the Door, but your mind is rambling outside. The time spent in sitting alone does not bear forth fruit, unless your mind is there continuously without a break. That will grow more. Whatever experience you have, will grow more and more from day to day.

Q: On our diaries, should we include only the time spent in concentration or should we include all the time spent sitting?

Master: Truly speaking the time spent as I now explained to you, will bear forth fruit. So, out of, say, five hours you sit, if you’ve stayed an hour or two, that will also give you something. I’m just explaining in which way you can have better results.

At first sittings, you were not accustomed to sit for a long time. Now you have begun to sit longer. But your mind should not be wandering away. As I told you, do one thing at a time, one thing, wholly and solely. When you are with me, be wholly so, forget everything, your body and everything. When you are with the God within, then be constantly, wholly and solely there. Don’t think of the body or the outward environments, what to speak of other things. So when you sit, sit quite cut off from outside, your body and your mind.

Thank God now you have begun to give more time in sitting. Then out of the sitting, what is the substantial thing you can have for some better results: the longer you can stay. If you meet me, for example, I’ll be sitting by you and my mind is wandering — that is no sitting. When I sit by you, then wholly, solely you’ll be with me and I’ll be with you. You see? That will give you better results.

As I told you, God is all alone. He has got no father, no mother, no brother, no sister, no friend. He wishes everybody should come to Him all alone. Who are you? You are a conscious entity, not the body. So He does not like to carry your body along with you. It means don’t even think of the body you are wearing. Be all alone with Him.

Kabir says, about sitting,

You sit at the door
and wait without wandering outside.
Some day he will ask,
‘Well, dear friend, what do you want?’

You see, if somebody is sitting at your door daily; you pass, come and go and see that he is still sitting. You will one day ask him, “Well, dear friend, what do you want? Why are you here all alone, day and night?” So when you sit at the door, don’t think of whether your prayer has been heard or not. Yours is to sit at the door all alone, quite cut off from outside. It is for Him to give. You need not be anxious. You are at the door. He will ask you some day. It’s like attending your every day duty. Be fully on duty. And wait. He is very anxious to look into your eyes. After all, he must ask, “Well, what are you after?” So it is better to sit at the door wholly and solely and all the same when you get something be wholly absorbed in it: That will give much better results.

Spirituality is not difficult if you learn how to do one thing, wholly and solely, at a time. If I’m sitting by you, for instance, thinking of somebody else, what’s the good of sitting by me? Is it not?

When you’re at work be fully at work. When you are eating, thank God. “O God, thank you.”

Do one thing at a time. That will give you better results in every way of life. Why do other things haunt us, do you know?

I’ll give you one example. Suppose you come to me. You have something to say. I simply partly attend to you, not fully. So you’ll be waiting. Somebody else comes — I attend to him only for a few minutes. I’ve not attended to him fully. He still has something to say. Then again. Now all of you will be hovering over me. So it is better to dispose of; finalize; then there will be no new problems every day.

Because you don’t attend fully to them they will wait for you, won’t leave you. That explains why these other thoughts haunt us. At every sitting these thoughts of the past or future come because we haven’t attended to them fully.

So when you sit for meditation forget the past, forget the future and, what did I say in my message? Forget the present, but live in the living moment. This is what I conveyed this time in my message. If your every minute is vigilantly watched, then? You will go on like that for eternity.

You know these things, but knowing them is not sufficient unless you live up to them. You may have many things to eat but if those are not digested, then? That will bring out disease. Each one of you know many things. When you are asked to give a talk, you’ll give a wonderful talk, I think. Even better than the Saints give. But the point is how far you live up to them.

Well once it so happened, you perhaps have heard about the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. Five Pandavas went to their teacher, guru, he gave them a lesson, “Well, look here, be truthful. All right, go and memorize, then come to me.” In the old days one thing was given and they were asked to live up to it. Next day all turned up, except one, Yudhistra, who did not come. He asked them, “Where’s Yudhistra?” . . . “He says he’s memorizing that thing — to be truthful.” Two days, three days, four days passed and Yudhistra did not return. Others said, “Look here Master, how dull-headed he is! He cannot memorize the words, ‘Be Truthful’.” After some days he turned up. He said, “Master, I have learnt now, be truthful.” And all through his life, he was truthful — never told a lie. So such like living is required. You know so much.

Your diaries are there to just bring the failures to your notice. Why don’t you live up to those virtues?

If you live up to one virtue, suppose you are truthful. Continue for six months. Then you won’t dare to tell a lie. Then habit will turn into nature. Be chaste. In word, thought, and deed. After six months you’ll find you can have no unchaste thoughts.

Diary is meant for that. This is one side. And the other way is to come in contact with the God-into-Expression Power, Light and Sound; you’ll become the abode of all virtues. Both things are given in your diary, be strictly accurate in keeping your diary.

I issued one circular on the diary. You must remember. These circulars are for your guidance, and to be lived up to, that’s all. The pity is we know so much. We can give lectures, talks. Very tall talks. Very tall talks, I would say. But these are affected only by our radiation, not by mere words. So it is always said, “It is better to reform your own self.”

Swami Ram Tirath was a great Saint, who said in the papers WANTED — what? Reformers. What sort of reformers? Not of others but of themselves. What will they get — “Godhead.” This is what is wanted.

All of you can become Ambassadors, only if you live up to what you are told. Then your words will carry weight. We say something, but live some other way. We appear very virtuous but underneath we are trying to cut the roots of everybody.

You cannot deceive (God). You can deceive men, but you cannot deceive God Who is within you. Be truthful to Him, then everything will come. Have one virtue, the other virtues will follow. So diary is meant for two things.

One, weeding out all imperfections; two, coming in contact with that Power.

The more you come in contact with that Power, the more you sit by fire, all cold will go away; all chilling. So there will be no chilling. I am giving you no inferences to draw, but a very delicious dish is served to you; see now that you eat it.

Another thing: even if you eat it, but you don’t digest it. . . . Don’t fill your brains with so many things. Eat one thing. Digest it. Other things follow naturally.

So to meet God is not difficult, but to make a man is difficult. God is after finding man — any man who is there — a God in man body. We are beasts in men not men in men, you see. All religions were meant to turn out men, perfect men, ideal men.

All schools of thought were meant to turn out perfect men. Schools are there. Their dresses are all right. Their buildings are all right, but how many men are turned out of them?

And the ideal man is one who has the Ringing Radiance, in and out. That is the Bread of Life. So this is the ideal before you. You’re here for sometime to make the best use of that. Even when you go away, keep these things, live up to them. Only try for three months, six months, you’ll find change, a radical, drastic change.

Kabir says,

My mind is so pure, God is after me,
calling, ‘Kabir, Kabir, Kabir wait.’

So God is running after each one of us to find a man, somewhere. Master, the God manifest in Master, is also trying to make men. The pity is we don’t live up to them.

Christ said,

“If you love me, keep my Commandments.”

If you live that way even for a month, you will progress wonderfully. If you live with the Master for a hundred years but do not care for what He says; it is like a stone in the water, you might be cold while in the water, but when the water is away, then? When the cobra is in the snow, he is very cold, when it gets a little warm he’s hissing.

So we have to learn while in the world. Swimming is learned in water not on dry lands. And man body is the golden opportunity we have got for that purpose. You may remain where you are. Outer performance, rituals make no difference. That is only a symbol on your body. You are not even body, then?

First of all, you’re Light. You’re the children of Light. Jot Niranjan, you are. We repeat these words daily but don’t even have the right import of what they say, God is All-Light, is It not? All-Consciousness. God is spirit. And we are? Spirit. And spirit is God, and God is within us, naturally; so what is the difference?

So facts remain like that, we are children of Light, the children of God, we’re all brothers and sisters in God. Whether we are wearing one form or the other, that makes no difference.

Q: It’s just an amazing thing.

Master: Amazing? God is amazing — you are God. God is within you but you are not with God. That’s all. Just like fish is always in water. Fish lives in the water. Water is the very life of the fish. If it is taken out for a little while it will die. She will die. We are in Him and He is within us. We are having our being in Him. That we will come to realize by rising above body-consciousness, not before. There’s a great Light that enlivens our body. We’re a small tiny light.

Now you know how great you are?

You’re a micro-god. The outgoing faculties are only to serve you. But you simply become a servant to the outgoing faculties. It is through you only that outgoing faculties work. If your attention is not with the outgoing faculties, you won’t hear, you won’t see, even with open eyes. Your attention is absorbed in something higher.

This digest has been given in few words, in a very simple way. You have simply to live up to it. If the shell of the almond is taken away then you have got the real protein there. This is the real protein I am offering you. You know already. It is no new thing. I am only reminding you of the facts which are already there and we never cared for them, never lived up to them.

All right, any other questions? It’s 9:30.

Make the best use of your time, please.

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