How we can get rid of the karmic reactions

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Talk given by Dr Harbhajan Singh, Salzburg/Austria, 31 July 1992

Today the subject is karma. This is a very, very important subject, because karma is the root-cause of our existence — coming again and again into the man-body and bearing all the sufferings. This is a very beautiful subject, because karmas go with us up to our last breath.

Our thoughts are very potent and each thought bears the reaction. Every action has a reaction. So in this subject I will try to discuss the whole matter — I have to differentiate not only into the physical body, but into the astral, the causal and beyond.

So anyhow it is a long subject but I will try to wind it up. One thing I must tell you: I am not a lecturer but I would like to talk with you from heart to heart. It is not a new philosophy; man is older than all the philosophies of the world. This teaching never changed and would never change.

So the experience of our competent Master that is written in the holy scriptures.

What is written in the holy scriptures that is in this man-body, but whatever is in the man-body that even does not exist in all the holy scriptures of the world. So all the competent Masters have told: “Tap inside, go within. It is a wonderful house we live in.” So in this connection not only I would tell you from the Holy Scriptures, but I would also tell you from my practical life, which my Master has blessed me with. So in this connection this subject which will come up, that is the subject of all of us.

Because our purpose is one. We all have come from the one and the same Source and we have to go back to the same Source. Our Father is one and there is no second doer in the world.

Who is the Doer?

The Christ Power, Master Power, God Power is the Doer. If we know that even our Self is not the doer, we can get rid of lots of problems and we can go back to our home eternal.

What is karma?

We are bound with our own actions. So I would try to tell you that this Christ Power, Master Power or the God Power, who is that Power?

Jesus and Christ, they were two. Jesus was the son of man, on whose pole the Christ Power worked.

And Christ lived before Jesus. Christ is the Power. It has no beginning and no end. It has sustained the whole creation and sustains all of us.

We have direct and independent contact with that Power. So when we know, we start from this very point, then our subject can be cleared.

Because if we take the teaching of all the competent Masters, whether they came in the East or West, came at different places and different times, They taught the same very truth with one opinion. And this one opinion exists in all the Holy Scriptures of the world.

So all these competent Masters, They all came from one and the same Source and went back to the same Source. Some time that Power came as Christ Power, some time He came as Guru Nanak, some time He came as Kabir, some time He came as Sant Kirpal Singh.

So, who is that Power? That is the radiant form of the Master. That enlivens this body. When that Power leaves us we stay no more in there. So our purpose, our karmas, our destination starts from the very teaching, because I told you that there is only one Doer.

He (the Doer) is the Master Power, He is the God Power, even in the holy scriptures it is said,

There is none in a million,
maybe one in a billion.

So did hundred thousand Masters also come into the world when Jesus came, when Guru Nanak came, and other competent Masters came? They were the only one.

But all those who came with them, who were they? It is said, directly or indirectly, they worked for the negative power. Kabir has told that they were the evil-doers. Our reactions, our karma started more from them, but not from our own self. We were misguided in the world, and ignorance and misguidance is the root-cause of all the karmas.

Now you see everywhere in the world people say, they are meditating. Christ appears to them. In India people say, Guru Nanak appears to them. If really we see our life – did our life change? No, we are the same.

Christ said,

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

If really Christ has appeared to somebody, he must have become a living example in the whole world.

(But) our life has not changed. We are still the same. We are drifted away on the level of senses. We are totally misguided by the mind and the outgoing faculties of the mind.

So this whole subject I will try to make clear to you. I assure you, when you go back, you will have a gift of life in your hand. So this is a very beautiful subject.

The purpose of human life is to meet a good end. And to meet a good end, we have to attain the higher values of life.

And to gain these higher values of life is not possible unless you have the discriminating power and you have the consciousness within you.

The discrimination power and the consciousness, that is concealed in the soul and only on a certain level — when we know the competency of our Master — only then we can get it.

Otherwise it is concealed, and when we will go – it is still concealed.

Because there is no end to the competency
of the Master Power, God Power, Christ Power,
and there is no end to the learning.

So in this subject it will be very, very easy how to overcome the karmas. While living in the world, you must know how to live in the world.

You must have the art of life. It is not difficult to remain unattached in the world of attachment, if you really know how to live in the world. How to live consciously, how to live with discrimination power.

So, how are these karmas created?

This world is a play-field of the negative and Positive power. So is the man-body. These two forces are the impelling forces in this world. They have their destination fully fixed, and they are doing their utmost.

So (it is) like in a field: As you sow, so shall you reap. If in the field we sow a seed of chilly, you will get hundreds of chillies out of it. And if in the same field you sow a mango tree, you will get hundreds of mangoes.

The sharpness of the chilly and the sweetness of the mango that grows in one and the same field. So every action has its reaction. We do not know what to sow in this field, how to get rid of the reaction. Man consciously and unconsciously is sowing the seed within and they are growing automatically. And there is no way out.

But Masters tell us,

“It is very exact as two and two make four —
you can overcome it, when you know it consciously!”

And how will you know it consciously? This will be the subject. Because there is a Law of Karma, but there is a Law of Grace also.

When this Grace, this Law of Grace works, then the Law of Karma finishes. Means, you uproot the cause and the effect will be destroyed.

Lord Rama killed the brother of the King Lanka, and when Lord Rama came back as Lord Krishna, he was in the forest taking rest and there one hunter came along. There was a lotus sign on his feet, the lotus mark of the avatar. It looked like the eyes of the antelope. So he thought it is an antelope. And he shot an arrow and killed him. Before he left the body, the hunter went there and saw that it was not an antelope, but it was Lord Krishna.

So he wept and said, “Oh Lord Krishna. I made a big mistake in my life. I killed the avatar, this was not my intention. Forgive me.”

Lord Krishna said, “No, there is nothing to forgive. You did the right thing, because when I was Lord Rama, I killed you.”

So reaction is there. These avatars cannot get rid of the reaction, but man is next to God. It is only the man in the man-body, who can get rid of the reaction, because he has the awakening, he is next to God. The purpose of human life, of all of us, is to go back. Our destiny is to become like Him; that is written in all the holy scriptures.

All these gods, goddesses, avatars, angels and supernatural powers, they are the servants of this holy body. But what are we doing? How are we creating the reactions? Now the question arises.

Everyone wants to be happy in the world. And just to be happy in the world, we have to create a wish. When we create a wish, then we commit lots of negative facts of life. We tell lies, we slander others, we hurt the feelings of others. People even murder only to fulfill their wishes.

So what happens, when we get fulfilled this wish? It becomes our attachment: “Oh, I am great, I could wish, I could fulfill my wish.” It becomes an attachment. And when it has become an attachment, I will not leave it. I say, “I have done it. I am very strong.” Then the ego comes up.

So with one wish we are affected with two problems, attachment and ego.

And after some time the same wish, which we got fulfilled, that becomes fake and void, and then, just to be happy again in the world, we have to create another wish. So throughout our life we are going on again and again creating wishes upon wishes. We are bound with it. And you know what happens with it?

With attachment, the diseases of the mind appear,
and with the ego, diseases of the physical body appear.

When the diseases of the mind and the diseases of the body get together, man goes into the negative circle. Man dies with the couriers of death. It is very, very dreadful.

In the Holy Scriptures it is said, there are two circles. One is the negative circle, one is the positive circle. If you are in the negative circle, you are not in the positive circle. If you are in the positive circle, then you are not in the negative circle.

So in the negative circle there is a reaction, there is a karma (a binding reaction). There are heaps lying over here in our storehouse.

But with the positive life, when you live positively, there is no reaction.

Every positive action will never have any reaction.

So here we have to discriminate, how we can get rid of these problems. Because no man can live without wishes in the world. But Masters tell us, “We can live.” It is not difficult to live unattached in the world of attachment. Our boat can remain in the water, but water must not enter into the boat.

So without the higher values of life you cannot get rid of the karmas, you cannot get rid of the reaction. There are so many things to tell about, because this reaction, this karma does not finish with the physical body. Then it continues in the astral body and then, if we leave the astral body, it still continues in the causal body. It brings us back into the world again and again, because neither in the physical, nor in the astral, nor in the causal regions, there is any truth.

Whether it is the physical world, or astral world or causal world, they are all made of matter and there is no truth in it. We have to rise above.

Masters tell us,

“This man-body is not five-fold. It is eight-fold.”

Everywhere it is said, the man-body is five-fold: it is made of earth, water, fire etc.

But it is eight-fold!

And which are these (extra) three? These are the mind, the intellect and the ego.

These are the root-cause of all the karmas. Intellect, mind, and ego. Because these are inherited in our mind.

Mind is the king of the three worlds.

And this intellect, mind, and ego will bring us back into the body. How do you get rid of the ego and the mind?

What is mind? Mind is made of matter. Mind, Maya (illusion or matter), negative power — it is all called “the gross mind.”

Mind has no power of itself. It takes the power from us, from the soul and uses the same power against us, just like a parasitic plant. It has no root of itself but it gets all the nourishment from the tree, and so our soul is mind-ridden. It is driven by the mind. It has no essence in it.

As for example, people do not differentiate between the mind and the soul.

We are the spirit, we are the soul; we are not the mind, we are not the intellect, we are not even the body. We are the driving forces in it.

So as for example, my mind might tell me, “Well, Mister, see what is going on behind!” So I can say, “Well, I don’t want to see. If you have the power, you can see.” So the mind will not see. Mind is matter, but it is getting the power from us. It has the control.

Like fire, it is a good servant but a bad master.

So, not only this; mind is the master of the three worlds, I tell you. It can become anything, it can create any form and can appear to you.

So when Masters come into the world, they give us the right understanding, they give us the awakening, they give us the higher consciousness to discriminate each and everything in our life. When we rise into this life with higher values of life, then there is no problem.

Everything will be very visible to you. As we say: “Let the sun rise, I will see to it.” Because when the sun rises, you can see everything in its original condition. So awakening within is like a sun.

Now I tell you, what are the delusions, what are the illusions in this world? So far we do not discriminate and so far we do not know our purpose, the Law of Grace will not work.

The Law of Grace will immediately start, when you rise above these things, when you know it.

How to know it? When you determine and when you decide something. And determination and decision will only come when you will be gifted with the positive facts of life.

You cannot decide as long as you are in the negative circle.

When Masters come into the world, they help you to come near to the truth. Truth is within, but it is a big curtain there. They remove the curtain of ignorance and bring home to us the very truth within us.

So this subject, which I will tell you, is not only with this physical body, but it transcends above. It goes up to our last breath.

We have to live the eternal life with our Father.

So what is our purpose? This purpose along with the karma and the Law of Grace will be discussed now.

All these karmas, all these reactions are due to our lack of right understanding. Because we are misled, we are misguided by the so many so-called ‘masters’ of the world and we are now dealt with reactions upon reactions, and we are bound with them. And we have to meet a very dreadful life. That will be the end.

So I tell you, this hell, which is mostly told about, that was not created by the God Power. Master asked the negative power, How did you create the hell?

You know, in the astral plane there is the hell and there is the heaven. And in the astral plane there is excessive light but this light is from the astral world. It is full of illusion, it is full of miracles. It is full of other supernatural powers.

So he (the negative power) replied, Your children created wishes and I fulfilled those wishes, and due to that they strengthened my hand. So I created a hell for them.

And there is a heaven in the astral plane and that was not taught by the Christ. That is not the real Heaven — that heaven is created by the negative power and only those pious egoists live there (in the astral heaven), and they are bound there. So hell and heaven in the astral plane, they are both binding us with the reactions. How?

Because pious people, they have bound themselves. Master tells them, “Yes, you have bound yourselves, now you unbind yourselves.” They cannot unbind themselves. So is the condition in the astral and the causal plane.

Those powers who remain there, they go there out of their wishes. Their wishes were fulfilled, now they are bound in the astral and the causal plane. And they lose their discrimination power and the consciousness.

So in the three worlds, in the astral and in the causal and super-causal world, there is no person who can discriminate. All those powers, they are bound. Gods, goddesses, avatars, they are still bound with the lust, ego, greed. All these passions are there, they are fighting with each other. It is said, there is a Brahmpuri, there is a Vishnupuri, all these. They have strengthened their hand. There is no reality. So we have to transcend! What is in the astral plane?

I tell you, in this body you can very well discriminate. What happens in this man-body, when one rises above the body-consciousness at the time of death. People say, here is the seat of the soul, everybody says, here is the seat of the soul, but were is the seat of the soul?

First there is the intellect, then there is a mind, above that there is the soul. So far you are not free from the intellect and the mind, how can you sit at the seat of the soul?

Only if you are led to the seat of the soul, only then some competent Master can drag you above the causal region. If you rise above the causal region, from there you see the cause and effect of the world. There the present, future, and the past will become one and they will disappear at once, and from there you see the whole cause and effect of the world. And then from that place you are reborn. You enter into that Heaven which was taught by the Christ.

So neither in the astral nor in the causal there is the (true) Heaven. Heaven is above that.

Now what is in the astral plane?

There is excessive light. It is said that lots of Rishis and Munis, they meditated thousands of years — it is said in the history. They became the skeleton of the bones but could not solve the mystery of life, because there is no sound.

The light without sound is stationary. There is excessive light, but once the soul goes there, it is entrapped by the negative power. So it is called to be a death-trap, and those who go there, they lose their consciousness for all the times.

Unless by God’s Grace, somebody is released from that place, there is no way out.

And this astral plane is open for everybody. It is said in the history, in Holy Scriptures, that a master and his disciple both were sitting in meditation and the disciple was more receptive, he could enter the astral plane more easily and more effectively than his master.

Because all those negative people, those who claim themselves as Masters, they are all so-called ‘masters’. In all the Holy Scriptures, it is said, He who is commissioned from the God Power, He would never say He is a Master, He would say,

“I am a borrowed servant of the Master.”

Because the Doer is the One. The only Doer that is the Christ Power, Master Power. Our subject is there. We have to solve this subject. We must know how to solve it.

So in the astral plane, what is there?

There are only miraculous things there. It is said, just like beautiful flowers they are scattered, riddhis and siddhis, miraculous powers are there. When you look at them, you will be attracted and you will come out with these miraculous powers. So all these ‘masters’, hundred thousand ‘masters’ — the world is full of such ‘masters’ — who are only playing with us and giving little light, they say, “Yes, we are meditating.” It is not the right subject.

My purpose is to take you near to the solution of your life. Beware of those persons who emotionally tell you so many things. So many beautiful experiences — that was never taught by the Christ.

Beautiful sayings of the Christ are there:

“Learn to die, so that you may begin to live.”

“If your ten doors of the temple are shut down,
you will see the heavenly light within.”

And he stressed upon it: Die daily!

Once you are reborn, why to come into the world? It is the same experience which happens at the time of death.

What do all other experiences mean to you?

They simply make you emotional and bind you with more reaction of the life, I tell you, that you never would get rid of it. Then you are bound with it for all the times. You lose the life.

Those who do it, they are caught in the net of transmigration (incarnations below the human form), Kabir says. Certainly they will go to the transmigration because they can only live in the astral and from there they will go to the transmigration. And there is no way out. The abode of your own principle lies within you. You have to make the best use of it.

Christ has told, it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. Did you get that experience from him? From a ‘master’? No. You did not get it. I tell you why.

Now in this man-body, in the physical body, our mind is always the astral mind. This is why we get very emotional at once, it is the astral mind. So when we stress over here, it is the mind, it is the light from the mind. That will at once take you to the chakras and there is excessive light.

So this light is not the holy light, it will make you emotional. It is nothing more than that. Now what is there? Only the astral experience, astral dust. That, when it appears on the physical dust, we say, “Oh, he is a competent Master. He has shown a miracle.”

It is not reality. It was never the teaching of any competent Master. So here is the reaction, it is the biggest reaction, when you are caught in the net of the negative power, you are bound there.

Now it is a beautiful subject, how we can get rid of the reaction, how we can get rid of the karma, that is very positive and you will understand it.

From here (seat of the mind) the reaction starts, and here (seat of the soul) the positive life starts. Now, for example, Christ told,

“When you shut the ten doors of this temple,
you can see the heavenly light.”

So from this view, you will know the seat of the soul. What are the ten doors of this temple (human body)? — These are the five senses: Eyes, ears, nose, throat, and touch below. These are the five doors which are opening outside. Our attention is going to the outward world through these five senses.

Now Christ has told, “When you shut the ten doors of this temple, you can see the heavenly light within.”

Now in this body, here (in the forehead) are the three nadis (arteries, channels) — two are visible, and one is invisible. The middle one — the midway — is the invisible, and this midway transcend up to and beyond the causal region, and there is the tenth door (Daswan Dwar). Christ said, “Knock the door and it shall be opened on to you.”

And these two nadis (arteries) which are visible — Ida and Pingala — these are opening into the astral and causal regions.

So what happens?

The connection of the mind is directly with the astral and the causal plane. It can enter into the causal, it can enter into the astral plane. So when we come over here (between our two eye brows), our attention goes with the mind into the astral plane.

Whereas Christ has told, you should shut the ten doors of this temple.

I tell you, sometime it so happens, that you do not see, your eyes are open, and you do not see. Somebody passes by you, and I ask you, “Well, gentleman, one person just passed by you, did you see him?” You say, “No, my attention was somewhere else.” Your eyes were open, but that man passed by you, and you could not see.

Newton — the scientist — some drum beater passed by him, he said, “No, no one has passed by.” He even did not see and hear the drum beating.

So far our attention is working with these doors, they will work. Otherwise, if you withdraw the attention, they will not see (hear…).

So when we shut the five (outer) doors, they invert within. So there is the outward expression of the soul (attention) through the five senses, and then there is the inward expression of the five senses. When they close from outside, they open inside. But when they open inside, then they again open to the astral and causal regions.

Try to understand, it is very beautiful. If you understand, you will get a gift of life. You will never be misguided by any so-called people in the world. You will have a Bread of Life. You will be more close to the Bread of Life and Water of Life, because I am taking you back to you Holy Scriptures.

I am not telling you any new philosophy. It is the very,very old subject, that is within us and we have forgotten it. And there is no exception to the rule, we have to go through this way.

These five doors, when they are closed from outside, they open inside, and they open where? Into the astral and causal regions. So our mind again works.

Suppose, you have been in America, there you were given very warm welcome. You were loved very much. You were honored there. So you have come back to your home. Now you are in the home, you are taking the food, you are talking with your family, but your attention is going there, you have been there, they respected you, they gave you warm welcome… So far your attention is there you are disconnected from this place.

That means, when your (five) inner doors, they also close, then your thoughts become “thoughtless” (above the level of the mind). Only when your though becomes thoughtless, you are staying at the seat of the soul.

And there, when you shut the outer doors, and the inner doors, what will you experience?

Only the darkness within.

And our way starts from where? When our ten doors are closed, fully closed. And when they are closed, it is the midway (the hidden upper part of Sushmana nadi). The soul is withdrawn and then transcends into the Heaven.

And there is the Tenth Door (Daswan Dwar), you knock the door and it shall be opened onto you. And there is Bread of Life, and Water of Life. There is the Holy Light. This Holy Light which you will see above the causal plane, that will give you solace and soothing effect, and that will turn (change) your life.

You will remain in the world, yet you will feel that you are out of the world.

And what is there?

You will create a yearning, you will have a ruling passion in life. Nobody can create a yearning and ruling passion for the God Power within. It is the Master Power that creates the yearning in man. Only by telling the way back to God. Only telling the very Truth within.

And once you go within, it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. That is from the Bible again.

So we have to transcend, we have to leave the physical body, then we have to leave the astral body, then we have to leave the causal body, then only we can go back. Otherwise, with the astral and causal body, how we can enter the Heaven that was taught by the Christ Power? Because, it is beyond the three worlds, it is beyond the three bodies.

So this is the right subject, try to understand, because if you understand it, no so-called ‘master’ will misguide you. You go everywhere, you ask, “Yes, I want experience at the level of the soul.”

Because there is a darkness. Somebody must drag you from the darkness. It is said, when we leave the body, it is utter darkness, we cannot even see our feet, it is pitch dark.

Because when we do not see within, we do not find our way. He who is illiterate now, would he be literate afterwards? No, he will remain the same.

It is said, Alexander the Great, his intention was to create tyranny and murder in the world, and his master, Qasar Kisr knew his intention. So he wanted to save him. He tried his level best, but he would not understand. So forsibly, he took him above body-consciousness, and it is said, that Alexander the Great could not drink the Water of Life, because there was utter darkness. Because he did not accept. When we accept it, the Bread of Life, Water of Life is there.

Few more words, which will benefit you, because once you are reborn, why you come into the world, and for what ground?

You will not come into the world again — once you are reborn — because when you go through this way, the positive way, it is a wonderful life. It is said, now people leave the body, because it is so wonderful, it is so beautiful to leave the body that one enjoys it.

It was once, when we were in the lap of our Father, and now it will be when we go through this way, through the midway. It is very beautiful.

Now there is a big barrier.

The One who is commissioned by the God Power, He comes with the Word (Naam, Shabd). Word is a fire, holy fire. That will burn all the past karmas, they are the storehouses of karmas. And they are burned, and the soul will leave the body like you remove the hair from the butter. It is so easy.

Because what it (soul) needs?

First it needs the right understanding. When you enter into the (true) Heaven, from there you will get two things.

Discrimination power — discrimination power is in the Holy Light. And with Water of Life and Bread of Life there is the consciousness. Consciousness and power of discrimination are with you.

Now you are alone with these two things. Consciousness and the discrimination power — then what will you determine in your life?

Only to live and do for Him!

When Masters came into the world, they lived hundred per cent for others. Because with each thought, you have to live with Him, because with each thought there is a reaction.

With positive life it is so easy to live with positive thought. When you live with positive thought, there is no reaction. And when there is no reaction, why you come into the world?

So it is a very, very beautiful subject, because then our purpose stands before us. We know what we have to do further. Because our life is now destined according to the Pralabdha karma, the reaction of the past.

Nobody has any spare time. When these karmas will finish, we immediately have to leave the body.

So Masters tell us to live while you are in the body, to live a positive way of life.

And a positive way of life is only possible when you rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind. When you rise into the Heaven that was taught by the Christ, and once you have established a place, below the seat of the soul it is all dirt, I tell you. Below the seat of the soul it is full of dirt.

Where you meditate? The intellect is adulterated, mind is adulterated. Where is the seat of the soul?

So once you rise above the level of the senses and the shackles of the mind, there you get the Bread of Life and the Water of Life, you are reborn.

That will change your life. You will have a ruling passion (for God) in life. Without this, there is no possibility, I tell you. And those who will go there, those who will determine their life, they are given this subject. People are getting it.

So this is the real subject, I have made it in compact form, because subject was very long.

But I tell you, there is question and there answer within. Everything is within. Don’t follow without getting it.

Suppose you ask me a question, I give you the wrong answer, would you consider it? No. You would never accept it. Because you have the right answer within you.

I have told you the truth. If you follow it, you will have the Christ Power within you. You will have the gift of life.

I told you in the beginning, that I am telling you from my practical life. And all those who need it, they are getting it. We have direct and independent contact with that Power, and we are all one. Our Father is One, there is no second Doer in the world.

So we have to accept the teaching. If we accept it, it will affect on you.

So Masters come into the world. They teach and affect the humanity. You have to go the straight way.

“Straight is the way and narrow is the way.”

It is in the Bible — “straight is the way and narrow is the way” — because you cannot take the intellect and the mind (with you). Mind is like a big snake, it is like a big elephant. How can it enter into the tenth door, whereas the tenth door is one tenth of the mustard seed?

Only the soul can enter! The way is very straight, but it is narrow. Only you have to go, you cannot take anything with you. You cannot have any wish there. So this teaching will help you to determine your life, I tell you.

It is the Master Power, Who creates yearning in you, Who creates a ruling passion in you.

I told you, you have to get rid of the negative facts of life. These miracles, black magic, spiritual healing, that is all the outcome of the astral plane. And that will catch you like the mouse, that is caught in the strong jaw of the cat.

Suppose, a mother goes along with her child, and some person heals him with the spiritual healing, she (you) are caught with the negative power. Mother and the child, both are caught.

It is just like you have to pay to the bank, but you cannot pay. Take it for guaranteed, if you don’t pay, you have to pay it with compound interest. So those souls, who are caught in the astral plane by these miraculous powers, they can never get rid of it. They will lose their life forever.

Miracles are just like a firework, it looks very beautiful, but within a moment, it is a dust. And those who take it to their heart, they are affected mentally.

So it is not more than a dust, I tell you. Astral and the causal experiences, for a right person, it is not more than dust.

We should have the same experience, which our Master got, and Holy Scriptures are full with Their experiences. Their experience must be come our experience. This is our right subject.

They have gone through one and the same way. All the competent Masters, you take Their teaching, it is written with one opinion.

If you take the teaching of those Rishis and Munis, lots of so-called ‘masters’, their experiences do not tally with each other. Because these (lower) planes are very wide-spread, and they have their different experiences (from different places in the lower planes). So this is why there are hundred thousand yogas continuing in the world, hundred thousand (different) experiences are there. So people are misled.

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