To All my Brothers and Sisters

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Poem from book “Forever with Master vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh
(also published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 1991-1)

If you love me, you do
What Your Master tells you.
While the Truth is mild,
Soft and befitting, why then argue? (1)
Awakening discriminates and reasoning not,
Otherwise what benefits it to you?
Think for a while what you lost,
What gained you in the village, (2)
Where you stayed, where you thought?
Holy Feet of the Master your mainstay,
Otherwise in the world, how you brought?
Open the door, evil runs away,
Dare not follow, otherwise again be caught.
Mouse in cat’s jaws makes it dismay.
Your holy body due to Him,
Else you leave everything.
What is left is yours, for you don’t grim,
Masters’s lap of love and compassion.
Sow the seed of love to the brim,
So never you try the other fashion.

Master is the only love,
Transcends He all barriers,
And is above, above and above.
You ever remain Beloved’s carrier,
Like the feathers of an innocent dove. (3)
His blessing remains with you forever,
He belongs to others think not and never.
Good wishes for you with Master,
As you are going for ever.
Now you move faster, faster and faster.
This is what could I write,
Never I liked the thoughts to fight.
It will interest you for all the times,
never argue and use not your might.

Flowers under water still smile,
They bother not the darkened night.
Problem may come and go.
You keep your Beloved for the delight.
Make thine eyes mainstay of your Master,
Love with attention and let move Him not.
Your shutters (4) are faster than any faster,
He sees you and you see Him alone.
He if leaves you, it is worse than disaster.

— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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(1) Why to waste time
(2) Human life
(3) Stay a help in Master’s Mission, carry always Master’s thoughts like a messenger pigeon
(4) Eye lids

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