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Forever with Master, vol. 1 by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

In this book, Dr Harbhajan Singh gives a detailed report about the time before and after Master left the body. He also explains a lot about the competency of Sant Kirpal Singh (in chapter “Death Anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh”) and the significance of the change from the Iron Age to the Golden Age, when everybody has to learn to stand on all four pillars: Truth, Penance, Compassion and Charity (see chapter “What is Saarsathi?”), and much more, such as the Higher Values of Life and the Hidden Values of Life which are needed to overcome the hidden and concealed tricks of the negative power on the higher planes and the hidden blessings the disciple gets by overcoming the inner barriers (see chapter “Kirpal Sagar — Ocean of Grace”).

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To My Master

Whatever is written is due to Him,
Never I knew how to put in.
Never I felt the help of any literate.
Your Grace came and comes straight.
Wrote I as You helped me to write.
Never I knew how to pen and fight.
My salutation goes to all competent Masters,
I kiss the feet of the first (1) and the laster. (2)
Losing no moment You loved me day and night.
How I praise Thee since You deprived my might.
Ah, my Master, You know, how You dwelt in heart.
Now we thirst for Thee, it is not our fault.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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(1) The One who sent me in this world
(2) Who takes us back

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