Truth is eternal, and all Masters taught the same old Truth with one opinion, but their commandments differed according to the prevalent conditions of their time.

In our days Sant Kirpal Singh gave this teaching along with the practical experience to all who were yearning for it. His Mission came from the Highest, and so was His Power.

He came with a special purpose, to bring a big change into the world, the change from the Iron Age to the Golden Age. He had given remarkable hints, specially during the last two years of His earthly sojourn.

Whenever He was asked, “Who will be Your successor?” He answered,

“You are all my Saints.”
“I want to work with thousands of hands.”
“I will nev­er let you down.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh
(from “Forever with Master vol. 1”)

He further said,

“My children are scattered everywhere in the world.
A time will come when they will all get together
and there will be a revolution of Spirituality.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh
(from “Forever with Master vol. 1”)

About this website…

This website [kirpalsingh-mission.org] is about the Mission of Sant Kirpal SinghUnity of Man — to serve as a library of His teaching.

New pages will be added from time to time to incorporate more treasures from Sant Kirpal Singh, as well as His true disciples — Dr Harbhajan Singh (Bhaji) and Biji Surinder Kaur. They explained His teaching and competency in great detail, and did their utmost in flourishing His MissionUnity of Man.

God resides in every heart, and He hears the cries of those who yearn for God, and then He provides ways and means to the soul to come in contact with the place where the Mission of God is already going on.

This site is therefore a resource for all seekers of the Truth and lovers of God, for those who want to attain the purpose of human life, and also help others to do the same — since we all are children of God, our true Father.

Sant Kirpal Singh brought a big spiritual awakening and He wished, that this Gift of God should be made available for the whole humanity, “so that it may reach the lonest corner of the world” (see circular letter “On the Unity of Man”).

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