Kirpal Sagar — Ocean of Grace

Chapter from book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

The higher values of life acquired by the disciple, help the disciple to transcend upon higher planes and to follow the will of the Master. After leaving his physical body the disciple further learns the hidden values of life by the gracious and compassionate Master.

In the previous Silver Age Munindar begged for His blessing (the release of the hidden values of life) unto the physical world, as in the previous Golden Age only four souls could go back.

Kabir accepted and told, ‘The Gracious One will do.’ The reason to commission this place before He (Sant Kirpal Singh) left the physical body was to fulfill this very promise and to unlock the door for the hidden values of life in the world.

With due permission of the Master, the name ‘Manav Kendra’ was changed to ‘Kirpal Sagar’ before He left His physical body.

Kirpal means ‘Grace’; Sagar means ‘Ocean’ – thus the name Kirpal Sagar means Ocean Of Grace’.

By accepting the hidden values of life through the higher values of life one’s way becomes very smooth and easy to follow and recognize. With the release of the hidden values of life in the physical world, the Power responsible for the secret of the hidden values of life comes also to disseminate it.

So Kirpal Sagar duely commissioned by Him is a rare phenomena (1) in this world. The very reason to commission it was to construct it during the Saarsathi period (before the beginning of the Golden Age and before the end of the Iron Age) 1974 to 1988.

Thus the Mission of the Gracious Master entered into the Golden Age, with due blessing and grace of the Almighty God. Thus it is a rare phenomena in the physical world that again the Truth is controlled by the Master in Golden Age as well.

(Note: Normally, in the Golden Age the work of the Master nearly finishes.)

Kirpal Sagar is a common ground for all people to get together, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion or country. It belongs to all human beings of the world. In Kirpal Sagar no religion is taught but the basic teaching of all religions is taught, which is one and the same and is written with one opinion. To keep the various outer rituals and rites of the different religions with its very basic significance is no bar to the true, religion.

Every religion teaches the universal teaching and the universal link among all human beings — the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.

Religion is a very smooth pattern and a way to realize one’s self, if one rises above the shackles of the religion (paid preaching).

The motto of Sant Kirpal Singh is very simple to understand:

‘Be good — Do good — Be one.’

He did very hard to revive the old and forgotten teaching in accordance to its originality as wished by all past competent Masters. Sant Kirpal Singh therefore helped to practise the teaching in the simpliest and the most effective way. In the Gurbani it is called Sahaj Yoga (the easiest way to realize oneself).

Kirpal Sagar is a man-making and man-service Centre, since the purpose of an awakened one is to develop the man from inside and outside.

To develop the man means, to provide the man with the true knowledge, by learning which he would have the right understanding to discriminate between good and bad, truth and falsehood, mind and soul and understand the reason of his physical stay in the world.

He further learns to rise above the effect of Maya and matter which transcends in the three worlds.

With this awakening he learns the only and very important subject taught by all competent Masters who so far came in the world, ignoring hundred-thousand illusions and delusions, fears and falsehood of the negative ways of life. He further learns to overcome the diseases of the mind which give birth to diseases of the physical body. Since this is the subject of wholehearted persons, one begins to shed off the duality, which is the underlying cause of our separation from the Source (God).

Thus one learns more and more by itself the higher values of life and further knows more and more the competency of His Master.

As there is no end to His competency,
one has to learn and yearn throughout his life.

He learns how to live in the world, the very art of life to be unattached while living in the world of attachment. Thereafter he sees that his boat is in the water due to Pralabdh Karma, but he will not allow the water to come into the boat so that it may not sink again.

Kirpal Sagar is not a memorial

Kirpal Sagar is neither being built in the memory of the Master, nor is it my personal wish. It was the wish of the Master which is being fulfilled by all devoted disciples of the Master. Moreover who learns and yearns or who wants to learn and yearn can also work in Kirpal Sagar, as it is the work of God, done by man but inspired by God. This is the highest but the rarest chance that ever came in the life of a human being.

The man who earns and spends in the world dies and comes again and again in the world, whereas Master did ever live for others and served others and helped all others to serve God, as there is only one way to release from the bondage of the mind and matter: to serve beyond mind and matter, means the effect of mind and matter may not arrest your attention in the world.

Where your attention is, there you must come. Since you have studded your hard-earned money for the Master’s work, Master’s work serves the soul to transcend through learning and yearning. So the selfless service further brings devotion and detachment in the disciple. The disciple is thus released from the tentacles of the negative power.

Everything in the three worlds is dust

Everything whether it is astral or causal, its reflection may be thousand times more beautiful than the physical, is not more than dust, although ignorant people take it as miracles which give birth to black magic and spiritual healing etc., and are thus deluded more and more by thinking more and more. Like a firework, one sees the momentary scenes and yearns to see again and again, but within a moment the essence of the firework is not more than dust.

Unnatural death

Many, many people are subject to unnatural death like suicide, murder, accident, etc. which is merely due to negative effects in their lives.

If for example a man commits suicide he leaves the physical body but his soul will not enter into the astral region. With his astral body he will remain in the physical world. Such souls don’t get any help since they did not help themselves to overcome the negative effects during their life.

These souls begin to live with other souls who already committed suicide. They live at certain places which are called haunted places’. Since they could not solve their purpose of human life, they left their body in negative condition. All such souls become corrupt and they work for the negative power. They further influence weak and emotional people and lead them to suicide.

This is how the evil multiplies in the world. Some souls who die in accidents or are murdered and are innocent are helped by the Master Power. But it takes a very long time till they yearn and overcome the shortcomings they could not get rid of while they physically lived in the world.

Kirpal Sagar is an Ocean of Grace

Kirpal Sagar is an Ocean of Grace for all such souls to repent, yearn, and seek His blessing. Thus Kirpal Sagar will minimize the display of the negative power, of gods, goddesses, and avataras and help to eliminate such corruption from the hearts of deluded persons. A deluded man learns faster if he feels that he follows a right path to overcome his self-created problem or any problem forced upon him.

All accidents, murders, suicides etc. are but the ways of the negative power since man due to ignorance finds no way than to accept and bow and repent forever. Those who commit murders are caught in the field of the negative power. Thus the negative power gets its double benefit only through the illusion and ignorance of man.

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(1) With hidden values of life is meant, everything what is needed to overcome the hidden and concealed tricks of the negative power on the lower planes and the hidden blessings the disciple gets by overcoming the inner barriers.

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