A Place for Man-Making and Man-Service

from “In Honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh

When Kirpal Sagar was given its name,
first, the Holy Book was opened as per Indian tradition,
and the word ‘Kirpal’, meaning ‘Grace’, came up.
So this name – Ocean of Grace – was given.
— Surinder Kaur

When Sant Kirpal Singh came into this world,
the foundation of Truth, of Spirituality,
of this Ocean — Kirpal Sagar
was made very strong, as strong as a fort.
This foundation was prepared inside,
but outside He made it through His disciple,
His Gurmukh Bhaji.
— Surinder Kaur

Who could make the map and designs of this place?
It is said, if He had not given pen and paper Himself,
the pen could not move.
— Surinder Kaur

Sant Kirpal Singh had finished all His works, but He commissioned Kirpal Sagar and left this work for His children.

Kirpal Sagar is a place for Man-making and Man-service and will fulfil all conditions in developing man into a real man. Sant Kirpal Singh’s motto — Be good, Do good and Be one — is practised here and brings the brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of God to life for all who come in contact with this place.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

It was Sant Kirpal Singh’s aim and Mission to lead His life in such a way that He would help each individual in any aspect.

This was also His idea for Kirpal Sagar, and everything He envisioned we are putting into practice. All He wanted is happening now — it is only through His Will. It is He who is giving everything, who is nourishing and maintaining everyone and is giving guidance.

He was such a competent Master that while taking only one grain (of rice) from this field at the Farm, He gave a parshad (here: blessing) from inside that can make us become one part of His Ocean (Sagar).

Then He took water — there was not any vessel, they brought just a bucket, and Master took water with His hand. When He was drinking, the water was running down from His hand like the flow of His Ocean which cannot be controlled, and with the flowing of the water His Grace was flowing. This place is already made inside. As much it is getting prepared that much Master raises the curtain and we can see it here.

It is not made by our efforts, nor with our colour, it has come already made from above, and only that brick will be put into it, only that color it will have (as above). Nobody will be able to change the stream of the great Saints, not a single brick anybody can put without His will. At this place nothing was made without deep devotion by Bhaji; not even one foundation of any building was laid without this devotion.

With nothing but Master’s word we started the work and never doubted, we always worked according to His guidance.
— Biji Surinder Kaur

In the beginning there were only nine fields of land which Master had bought from His own money and had given to the Sangat in Amritsar. When they started to work on the Farm, Bhaji always would go ahead and did hard work. Biji then sometimes remained in Nawanshar in the house of a Satsangi and meditated, while Bhaji was on the Farm.
Sometimes he came back only after three days. For taking rest, he used to stretch out his turban, lay himself on one part of the cloth and take the other part as a blanket. Often there was so much work that he did not even recognize if he had taken food or not, but he was always fresh, as he got the direct food for the soul coming from Master.

When more and more disciples from the West came to Kirpal Sagar to do the Seva (selfless service), they had very simple accommodation in the farmhouse nearby. Bhaji knew that they were not used to the rural life and tried to make their stay as comfortable as possible. During the winter season in the north of India it is very cold at night. As there was no shower nor hot water, Bhaji himself sometimes heated a big pot of water with the help of an immersion heater for us.
Bhaji and Biji along with their two children stayed in a shelter made of bricks with a room just as big as one small double bed. In a second little room the food was prepared for all.

“Kirpal Sagar is like as washing machine, it can cleanse you.”
— Biji Surinder Kaur

Whoever has the privilege to do selfless service or “Seva” in Kirpal Sagar gets Master’s vibration and help. When the construction work started we could hardly imagine how this project would grow and develop. By doing the work, we learnt many lessons. In the West most people are used to discuss a lot beforehand and to insist on one’s own ideas. Master teaches: first and foremost selfless service needs love and devotion. Bhaji and Biji did not only speak about this subject, they taught it practically. One time Biji stated, “Kirpal Sagar is like as washing machine, it can cleanse you.”

While working there, the thoughts are focused on Spirituality and the purpose of human life. Then the worldly problems can be solved more easily. It is a great chance for the soul to decide for the spiritual way of life and to learn the art of life.

At the time of Bhaji some people came to visit him. That time he was moulding the iron, and they asked Bhaji, “We want to meet the Chairman.” Bhaji told, “Yes, if you sit there, he will come.” He went to his room, changed the clothes and then went to meet them again. “But we met before,” they said and Bhaji answered, “Yes, we all are equal, and we have to work together, someone is on the chair and someone is not on the chair, but duty is one and the same.”
— Biji Surinder Kaur

Selfless service exceeds all virtues.
Selfless service overcomes the wishes.
Selfless service develops the spirit on the way back to God.
Selfless service clears the tentacles of the three worlds.
Selfless service develops humility and humanity.
Selfless service helps to know the cause and effect of the world.
Selfless service is blessed with right understanding.
Selfless service develops us as Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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