Punjab Programme in October 1973

Chapter from book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

After the birthday of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji all group leaders from Punjab approached the Master and stressed Him for a Punjab tour. I said, ‘Master, I don’t want You to give a programme in Punjab, since due to summer season Your health does not allow You to travel much. People from the West come to see Your Good Self here, so what is the problem for our people to come to Delhi from Punjab?’ Some brothers told that Master is the Word personified and nothing can happen to Him. At last, Master said,

‘I can live with you for some time more,
provided you use me in the right way.’

The Sangat from Chandigarh insisted, ‘Chandigarh being a central place, Master must come to Chandigarh, and all brothers and sisters would come there.’ The Sangat from Ludhiana insisted, ‘Ludhiana is the central place, not Chandigarh.’ Then Master replied, ‘Well, get signatures from all Centres. I will stay at that Centre, which will get the most signatures.’ Ludhiana Centre got the most. Ram Singh from Ludhiana came to Amritsar to get my signature. I also gave the signature, but I wrote down, ‘Master, we ever have to bow down to Your wish.’

Being the border city, Amritsar always got the last turn in the past. But when Ram Singh presented the application to the Master, Master told him, ‘Now I must think over how to make the Punjab programme.’ Later on Master said, ‘This time I will go straight to Amritsar, and from there I will proceed to the other Centres.’

Master visited Amritsar on October 12, 1973 and stayed there till October 15, morning. On His arrival in Amritsar on October 12, 1973, Master asked me, whether the list of Sevadars was ready. I said, ‘Master, no, it is not ready.’ Master asked, ‘Why not?’ I answered, ‘Master, the Sevadars do change always. They do not appear at the proper time.’ Master further asked, ‘Is the list of the managing body ready?’ I answered, ‘Yes, Master, it is ready, but not all are responsible. Duty without responsibility is mere a laugh.’ Master told me, ‘Well, would you manage all these affairs now or afterwards? Mind, that Amritsar-Centre is going to be the headquarter in future.’ Thereafter Master went to His room for a rest. On October 13, Master drove to the outskirts of Amritsar City and visited some places. He inspected one piece of land of about 25 fields, and another place which was close to the city.

(Note: It was intended to acquire this place for the Mission of the Master, and one disciple entered into negotiations. But later on it was known, that there existed controversies about this place, and that our own person who was commissioned wanted to get profit out of it. So Master said, ‘Such a land we never want to get.’ Now this place has become a cremation ground.)

During His sickness Master had said, ‘We will open an eye-clinic, where we will operate the outer and the inner eye.’

In the morning of October 14, 1973, I went to Master and asked about the foundation stone of the clinic at my village, Nag Kalan. Master said,

‘Doctor, I will come to your house on five conditions.’

And I asked about those conditions. Master said,

First, the hospital of which I have to lay down the foundation stone belongs to Me.
Second, the house to be inaugurated also belongs to Me.
Third, the agriculture land also belongs to Me.
Fourth, the money you have or you will have also belongs to Me.
Fifth, your children from now onward also belong to Me.’

I said, ‘Master, then I am left alone?’ Smilingly Master answered, ‘You also belong to Me.’ I said, ‘Master, You already told me to get free so that You may use me in the Mission, so I am happy.’

Dr. Harbhajan Singh with Sant Kirpal Singh when He laid the foundation
(published in Sat Sandesh January 1974)

Master went to Nag Kalan, accompanied by a group of some brothers and sisters from the West. Before laying the foundation stone. Master first looked at Himself, then to the earth, then up to the sky. Some of the Western brothers and sisters asked about it and Master replied,

‘I am laying the foundation stone of the future Manav Kendra.’

Later I asked Master, why He did like that. He replied,

First I saw myself, whether I would be able to develop it.
Second, whether this land is fit for foundation.
Third, I sought permission from above.’

Thereafter Master went for the inauguration of the house. I and my wife had spread a hundred meter long cloth outside on the way to our house. Though we had sprinkled water, the road was dusty. Master stopped and asked, ‘Why did you spread the cloth, can’t I go on the road?’ I replied, ‘Master, some old disciples told us that they used to do that at the time of Baba Sawan Singh, and we thought, why should we not do that for our Beloved Master.’ Happily Master put one foot on the cloth and said, ‘Are you happy now?’

In the house, Master made a Satsang. So many people came there, that we had to remove a wall separating our house from the neighbour house. During the Satsang Master asked two times, ‘Have you made a room for Me?’ My wife answered, ‘Master, we made Your room first, and then we constructed the house.’

(Note: Some time before Master came back from a tour to Bombay and on the way, His car met an accident. Master came to Delhi Ashram by taxi. The same day in the evening Master appeared at that place which later we developed as His room. Surprised to the utmost, we could not know, whether Master had manifested or had come physically. Our whole house was filled with smell like that of roses and jasmine. The cuffs and the collar of Master’s shirt were dirty and the turban was loose. Soon Master disappeared. Immediately we took the car, and early in the morning we reached Delhi. To our utmost surprise Master was wearing the same dress. Giving a little talk, Master told the visitors, ‘I am tired, and still I have not changed my clothes. So you all can go to your homes.’).

After finishing the Satsang, Master went to the Master-room. He ordered, ‘Except you and your wife no one should come in.’ However, my brother-in-law, Inderpal Singh, had already gone inside.

Cracks appeared in the room

Inside of the room there was a new bed which we got made for the Master. While Master sat on the bed, the bed started to crack. Hearing the cracking, I was afraid that the carpenter in the hurry had not made a good bed. Looking at me, Master told, ‘Don’t worry, when Baba Sawan Singh came into my room, there was such a vibrating Sound that the walls of my room got cracked.’

Then Master asked me, ‘You never demanded anything so far. Today you can ask.’ I said, ‘Master, today I will ask for something.’ Master said, ‘Yes, tell, what is your demand?’ I replied,

‘Master, Your Mission must flourish throughout the world.’
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

Master was taking oranges. Master was just putting one piece of orange on His lips. He took it back and put it into my mouth. ‘So far,’ He said, ‘a lot of people came to me for worldly problems, some blessed ones also came to me for meditation, but so far nobody said this thing. So I give it to you, but see, that you have to forsake the warm beds.’

Master told further,

Mission is the tree,
whereas meditation, virtues etc.
are its offshoots, blossoms and fruits.
If the tree is cut, everything else will finish.
Master’s Mission is very dear to Him.
Many times Masters and their true disciples
sacrificed their lives for the
Truth (Mission) in the world.’

Next day, on October 15, 1973, Master went to the village Mahal Jandiala (famous by its historical temple). There He gave a beautiful Satsang and proceeded further to the next Centre at Pathankot. Next day, after the departure we went into Master’s room for meditation. We saw that on almost all sides below the roof (ceiling) a big crack appeared in the room. Many brothers and sisters, who often visited our house, said, ‘Your whole house looks nice but why are these cracks in this room?’ We usually told them, that water went into the foundation and so the cracks appeared. Afterwards we told Master all about this happening and Master advised us to change the roof (ceiling), and we did so after a long time.

Master gave Parshad

On October 14, Master was in the Amritsar-Centre. Mr. Mohan, the car driver of the Master, whom He used to love very much, prepared the food in the kitchen of the Master. Master was taking the food in the kitchen, when unknowingly I opened the door to search for Mohan. Seeing me Master asked me to come in and I did so. Master stood up and said, ‘Half of my food is still left here, you take it.’ I replied, ‘Master, I opened the door not knowing that You are here, and I pledge that I won’t do that again.’ But Master insisted on it and said, ‘I give you this food with all love.’ Mohan told me, ‘So far Master has never given His own food from His plate while eating. You are fortunate, take it.’ In the evening Master again while taking His food asked Mohan, whether there was some dough left? Some was left and he gave it to Master. Master took it in His hands, pressed it a little while, gave it back to Mr. Mohan and told him, ‘Make one chapati out of the whole dough and give it to Doctor and his wife. See, that it is only for them and not for anyone else.’

Sevadars’ Meeting on October 14, 1973

Master held a meeting for the Sevadars which continued till midnight. In the meeting Master said, ‘Doctor, the time of Guru Gobind Singh is coming. There will be internal fights and lots of problems in India. The internal fight is more dangerous than the attacks from outside. If there will be a war, how many battalions will you provide Me?’‘When Guru Gobind Singh took His work from five beloved disciples, why do you need many battalions?’, I asked. Master said, ‘Now you come as the only one, He (Guru Gobind Singh) can take work from one.’ At midnight, while Master was distributing the Parshad, Master asked me, ‘From where Subash Chander Bose fought for the independence of India?’ I said, ‘Master, I don’t know. You know better.’

(Note: Subash Chander Bose fought for the independence of India against the British from Germany.)

Master giving me Parshad pressed my hand and made a sign to come along with Him into His room, and I followed. Master told that we will start our work from West Germany. I replied, ‘Master, but there exist already some Centres.’ Then Master did not say anything, but Master’s eyes nearly shed tears.

Commissioning the future Manav Kendra in Nawanshar

On October 24, 1973, while in Nawanshar, Master got sick. I went to Master and begged leave for a few hours. I had to visit the Agriculture Farm of the Master, where the Sangat from the Amritsar-Centre was already working in reaping the paddy crops. Master Himself had given this farm to the Amritsar-Centre to feed the Common Kitchen there.

(Note: Amritsar was the first Centre in India where Master told to take up the very old tradition of a Common Kitchen.)

Master told me, ‘It is still enough time, wait, I will also go there.’ This was the first time that Master Himself told that He wanted to visit the Farm.

Master reached the Agriculture Farm (where now Kirpal Sagar is being built) and asked me to bring some water from the tube-well which was already running, and I brought also some rice. He took one seed of rice and a glass of water from there and told, ‘If you do not get that land which I saw in Amritsar, then this land here is also very good. Here at least 100 acres of land are needed towards this direction. (He pointed into the direction where now Kirpal Sagar is being built.) You should also sow beans, as a time will come, when nearly eight quintels will be needed every day. (One quintel is equal to 100 kg.) It will become a pilgrimage place in future for all over the world.’ Then Master said, ‘The Manav Kendra which I wanted to build is not yet built. It will be built here.’

After some time, while in Delhi, I asked Master about the significance of this place. He replied, ‘Time will tell.’

Diwali with Master in Ludhiana

We used to celebrate the Diwali festival with Master. I and my wife, Kulwant Singh and Ranbir Singh from Chandigarh went very late to Ludhiana. Master was still sitting in the bed holding a warm towel on the right side of His face. I asked and Master told me that He had a severe toothache and since morning He could not take any food though He took many medicines, which gave Him only a momentary relief. I said, ‘Master, I have such a good prescription with me which will relieve You in few seconds.’ Master replied, ‘This is not possible, I have already taken a lot of medicine the whole day.’ I said again, ‘It will help as sure as two and two make four. Since it was 11 p.m. Master said, ‘How will you get those ingredients and these leaves when the shops are closed?’ I looked up and saw the same tree beside the room of the Master. I prepared the medicine. Master gargled two, three times, and the pain subsided at once. Master asked me, ‘From where did you get such a good prescription?’ I told that it was from my Master.

(Note: Once I suffered very much with toothache, Master told me that prescription within, and I was relieved from it.)

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