First Satsang in the Sarovar

Excerpts from the first Satsang, held by Dr Harbhajan Singh in the Sarovar in 1985

“It is God’s work, done by man, but inspired by God.”

You have seen all along your stay how people work here with loveable efforts. Three days they were working day and night without any break.

It is God’s work, done by man, but inspired by God. It is done by human beings, but in reality it is God’s work and through Him we get inspiration. By the Grace of Sant Kirpal Singh this Satsang place is coming up now.

What is a Satsang?

To provide the missing link between God and man. And this is the purpose of this whole project, and along with it there is Man-making and Man-service.

All human beings come from one Source, and they have to go back to the same Source.

All human beings have an inner relation of the soul, the consciousness, and that consciousness is based upon the super consciousness, the Oversoul (God). It is a very definite relation — man should work for man, and man should develop others. If man develops only himself, he will not be developed; but if he develops others, he will certainly be developed.

A reformer was never a reformer until he started reforming others, because good wishes for others came in his heart, and this reformed himself. Without love, compassion, sympathy, and humility one cannot say that one is a human being.

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