A Sacred place for silence and contemplation — from “In Honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh

The Sarovar is going to be built only
under the permission of the Master.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

The heart of Kirpal Sagar is the Sarovar, an oval-shaped pool surrounded by four Corner Buildings.

The edifice in the centre of the basin bears models of the four main types of sacred buildings: a Gurdawara, a Temple, a Mosque, and a Church. Their respective shapes symbolically refer to the human body, reminding us that God resides in man. They are found in all religious traditions as symbol of the man-body, which is the ‘true temple of God’.

The relation between man and God is the basis of the unity of mankind — the brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of God. This spiritual link never depends upon outer formations. Therefore all religions are respected here. The Sarovar is a sacred place for contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Holy Scriptures — such as the Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs, the Ramayana of the Hindus, the Bible of the Christians, and the Koran of the Muslims — are placed in the respective corner buildings of the Sarovar. During celebrations these Scriptures are recited accordingly.

The Sarovar symbolizes the endless Ocean of Life. Who is able to cross this immense ocean can return to his eternal home. The building amidst the Sarovar has the form of a ship, symbolizing the “Ship of Naam which can take the soul across the ocean of life. The term “Naam or Word” denotes the God-into-expression Power.

Though God resides everywhere and every place is holy where devotion kneels, it is a great chance for man if with His blessing a place can be established which is wholly and solely dedicated to the God Power or Master Power. The Central Building in the Sarovar is a focal point of His Grace and is called “Sach Khand Bhawan” or “Master House”. In His name Initiation is given there.

The work in the Sarovar was done with utmost care and a loveable attitude in remembrance of the God Power. From end of 1982 till February 1983, Indian and Western disciples were dugging out the Sarovar. It was mainly done without machines, as Master had said He wanted to have this work done by the hands of His children. Everyone carried the earth in the Indian “Battas” (vessels to transport something on the head). It was a blessed time for all who worked. During the whole day one could hear the Indian ladies singing devotional songs, while Bhaji and Biji supervised the work.

To provide a strong base for the surrounding wall of the Sarovar, broken bricks were hammered into little pieces. These were filled into baskets and carried on the heads into the Sarovar. Biji and one helper put the first basket filled with this rubble on Bhaji’s head, and he himself carried it into the Sarovar.

Kirpal Sagar is not being built as a memorial,
but per His order.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

The Sarovar is going to be built only under the permission of the Master. It is not being built as a memorial, but per His order. Above all it is an inner subject: this Kabir Sagar which is now going to be built was never permitted before. Now only its name is changed to Kirpal Sagar.

Kabir Sagar is a place (inside), where all our karmas — actions and reactions, deaths and births — will be accounted for, and then one can cross the endless Ocean of Life. It is only through Kabir Sagar we cross it and then go to the conscious plane.

One day we will see that this Centre which is now growing every day, will become a wonderful place in the world, which will benefit the souls. Everyone who will come here will get something that is beyond expression. Master has explained most of the things, and these things, which are with us, we need to put into practical form. And with His attention and His guidance this is being done now.

All the competent Masters who came into this world so far, are also present here, because it is their cause — our cause is only concerned with Master’s work. This is a most fortunate and opportune time when on this ceremony such Powers are also here. Although we cannot see them outwardly with the physical eyes, with their power and vibration we can feel their presence.

So now we will sit in meditation in the sweet remembrance of Master to show our full efforts for the cause and work of the Master and for the service to humanity. Whatever we got out of the service will be everlasting.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

Before Bhaji laid the first brick, all got together early in the morning in the middle of the Sarovar for a short meditation. Thereafter Bhaji laid the first brick for the wall and then asked each one of us to pass him the next bricks to cement them in. With a shining face he stated, “Here you will be cemented together.” At this moment everyone felt very clearly: Unity is very easy if God’s grace is felt.

In 1985, the four Corner Buildings of the Sarovar were constructed, and the roofs cemented. This is a very hard work, because it must be done without any interruption, otherwise cracks could appear in the dried cement. For several days and nights helpers from India and the West cemented the roof without any break. By forming a chain, vessels filled with cement were passed on from hand to hand. It took some time until everybody learned to work in a common rhythm, but then the work went on with full vigour and joy, always accompanied by the Shabads sung by the workers. Bhaji and Biji stayed there until the work was finished.

One time it happened that the inner room of the first corner in the Sarovar had to be ready for the celebration of the Bhandara of Master’s birthday, and the Western disciples took the duty to lay the tiles of the floor. Since they were not skilled workers, it took too long to lay them, and in the end the tiles were not even or loose. So Bhaji came, and with the help of two disciples he showed how to lay tiles so that they were not moving. He explained that Seva (selfless service) in the loving remembrance of God can even help an untrained helper to do the work in the proper way. Then the work could be accomplished in time.

When the construction of the first Corner-Building was completed, Bhaji held the first Satsang there. This picture always remains in our memory.

Bhaji was able to comply with Master’s commandment and brought people from the different religions together. He removed their doubts and brought them on one stage. He did not only bring them on one stage, but also told whatever was the wish of the Master. He even brought some devotion in them, means they could develop love for the Master. He could unite them with the Master Power.
— Biji Surinder Kaur

Be conscious – God made man and man made religions.
Be conscious – all countries are the different chambers of the house of the Lord.
Be conscious – we are all brothers and sisters in God.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

When the Sarovar will be ready, there will be a special grace from the Godpower. Man made religions, and God will bring them together. It was never the wish of the Master to separate His children by different labels and different colours.

We can keep all those things outwardly, but inwardly we need something more, and Master will provide for it. Those who will come will get something. Many Rishis and Munis have sent their children for Initiation. Such an awakening is there also in India. I think it is all the grace of the Master Power. It is not our doing. Without grace nothing can be done. So first there is grace, and then the practical doing, as it is now coming up in Kirpal Sagar. Master says,

“When you will have completed all these things
and the water will be filled into the Sarovar,
a special grace will come up and people will witness it.”

Now we have a very scheduled time, and we are working towards it. When this work is going on, everywhere people are benefitted. So slowly, slowly there will be a big change.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

Beside the Sarovar, Kirpal Sagar includes various facilities: Kirpal Charitable Hospital, Kirpal Sagar Academy, Fathers’ Home, Library, Kirpal Bhawan, Guest House, Langar (common kitchen) and Administration, Agriculture and Dairy Farm and several Workshops — to fulfil the need of every visitor…

People can come to Kirpal Sagar at any time
and get whatever they need.
Whoever comes here will not go empty-handed,
but will get for whatever purpose he has come.
If someone wants medical help, he can get it.
If he is needy, Kirpal Sagar can provide social help,
if he wants to solve the purpose of human life
and get nourishment for the soul, he can get it.
Even if someone comes only to view the place,
he will get something.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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