His Competency and Love

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From an manuscript by Dr Harbhajan Singh
(Published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh”, edition 1998-2)

Do not tread on the path of love
without yearning and devotion.
Yearning and devotion.

Yearning and devotion means: sacrifice everything unto Him and lay your heart and head before Him. Only the self-surrender and devotion serve as a ladder taking you in His lap of love and compassion, either ascending or descending, each step of the ladder brings you the very sweet remembrance of Him. His competency and love inspire His child to surrender to His Holy Feet to be ever guided by Him. His competency deals with the practical experience raising one’s soul above the body-consciousness and with overall practical knowledge of His vast creation.

Masters come into the world but do not tell of their competency. Their advanced disciples bring the enlightened presentation of their Master in the world and on the higher planes as well.

It is the disciple who has to justify His Master in the physical, astral and causal planes, as without the conscious co-worker of the divine plane there is no consolation, no assurance and no loving reprimand of His competency. Otherwise, who knows the competency of the Master in the three worlds?

There is no end to His competency,
there is no end to His teaching,
there is no end to your knowing,
there is no end to your learning,
there is no end to Guru Bhakti (devotion to the Master),
there is no end to Guru Sewa (service to the Master).

In the three worlds there is no Saviour except Him. The prayer from the heart alone is heard by Him as it transcends all barriers. Would the avataras and the Niranjan (the negative power controlling the three worlds) hear such a prayer? Never. Everyone needs such a Master who reveals the Gurudev (the radiant form of the Master within).

I only found one contacted with the One (God).
I could not differentiate.
Ah, it was my own (Master) Kirpal,
Master of the whole creation.
Now I know I owe much to such a Master.
He did everything to me,
but I never did anything for Him.

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