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(published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-4 edition)

In order to know the Mission of the Almighty Power, to live for it and to serve it, it is essential to realize the competency of the Power being behind the campaign for Unity of Man.

»The way to the Absolute leads through many mansions (planes and sub-planes) lying on the way from the physical to the Father’s Home(1)

»The Masters teach us that there are seven planes: Pind, And, Brahmand, Par Brahmand, Sach Khand, Alakh and Agam. And above all the cosmos there is the eighth plane, called differently by the Saints as Anami, Maha Dayal, Nirala or Soami(2)

The spheres of activity of the spiritual Masters are described in detail in the books. According to their spiritual competency they are divided as follows: Sadh Guru, Sant Guru, Param Sant Satguru.

A Param Sant is He who becomes one with the Wordless (Anami). (3)

Gurus may come from the first, second, third, fourth or fifth plane, but the Almighty Power always comes from the eighth plane (Anami). (4)

Scriptures mostly mention about the Sant Satguru coming from the fifth plane but the hints about the competency of the Param Sant Satguru are equally distinct. His Mission is the highest. Only the Almighty Power is able to bring about the coming change in the heart of men of this world.

The Teaching (of Truth or Reality) is contained in all Holy Scriptures but the essence of the Teaching which is given now in the practical way, deals very exactly with the highest Power — with the very highest Power.

This Power can materialize, It can come as »Word-made flesh« and in Its absolute form always stays hidden.

The Power in its absolute form which stays hidden works everywhere in the whole universe. The Power which comes as »Word-made flesh« works in the competent Master and comes with limitations. In the competent Masters of the fifth region (Sach Khand) It is fifty percent manifested.

Now during this blessed time — while the Iron Age is changing into the Golden Age — this Power is working hundred percent, It is fully manifested. It is working directly.

When such Power comes, It has always Its own Mission. So even that Power now — Kirpal — can materialize as the highest Power, works without any limitations. (5)

On His last physical birthday in February 1974, in the World Conference on Unity of Man, Master said all those things which were in His heart — how He wanted to do the work in the world later on. This day, Master said to anyone who came to Him: »Work, work and work!« He said it to everyone. Anyone who went to Him Master said: »It is a time now to work. Your duty is to meditate and work.« Before He had not said like this. He told it to many people. Gods and Goddesses work with four hands, but when this Power leaves the body, It starts to work with thousands of hands. He said, »This Power wants to work with thousands of hands now.« (6)

»The harvest is ripe, labourers are needed.« Many, many labourers are needed; those who voluntarily do it are needed. There is no question, one may or may not do it, everyone can do it. (7)

When this Power starts to work with thousands of hands, it means that the Golden Age is there — since He brings a Spiritual Revolution in the world. Sant Kirpal Singh said, that the Almighty Power never leaves His work unfinished. He gave the example of Kabir who started as Almighty Power with Sant Mat (the path of the Saints). Kabir Himself told that He came from the Absolute. He was sent by the Absolute as the Almighty to start with Sant Mat. Kabir was drowned in the river but they could not kill Him. Then He was put into the fire but still He remained alive. Kabir was the Almighty Power and finished His work Himself. Though He outwardly left His body again and again, He continued Himself with His work. (8)

Sant Kirpal Singh said: »A time will come when people with Right Understanding from all over the world will join you and you will work together for the right cause. They will come themselves, you need not to worry.« (9)

Repeatedly Master said, that He is preparing many to do His worldwide Mission. But those disciples shall not be masters but preachers and ambassadors. And if they give guarantees within His Teachings then this Power is going to fulfill them — this can now be experienced. There will be several doing the work of the Master. The outer sign is that they are working very closely together in the name of Unity of Man under the sole guidance of Kirpal. They will be more blessed than the competent Masters of the fifth plane as the Almighty Power is directly taking work from them for His Mission. Whenever the highest Power is working Himself there is no Mission of the Masters of the fifth plane at the same time. (10)

In the book Jap Ji, Master has dealt with the three most important stages out of the fife spiritual stages: Til (third eye—the starting point), Daswan Dwar (tenth door) and Sach Khand.

»The man who has access to the Til and bathes in the lustre of the luminous astral figure of the Master, is called a Sikh or a disciple of the Master (a devotee).
As he progresses upwards, he reaches the Daswan Dwar, the third in the stages of development, and becomes a Sadh, (a disciplined soul).
When he reaches the region of pure spirit (Sach Khand, the first region of pure spirit), he is given the epithet of Sant or Saint.
One who has reached the highest spiritual region of the Nameless One (Anami), the Unknowable and the Imperceivable, becomes a Param Sant — the Saint of the Saints (Almighty Power).«
— Jap Ji (book by Sant Kirpal Singh)

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