Who was Sant Kirpal Singh?

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Written by Dr Harbhajan Singh
(published in the book “Forever with Master vol. I” and “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 1991-1)

Is Master according to our thoughts? No, He is hundred percent above our thoughts. Like in a kindergarten He teaches us to speak and learn and delivers His own attention and helps us to see and hear. We see and hear far less than He expects. There is hardly anyone who is very exact, and in spite of His efforts we move far less. If we, each one, in our heart of hearts do think honestly, we would see that we are still His arrogant children. His purpose was to develop all of us as high as He was, But no one did exactly according to His wish.

After His physical departure everyone found his own way. If one said he is true, then all others he took for wrong. Many different ways were followed by many, many of His followers, which shows that we had not learnt our lesson up to His desire. Everyone is stand­ing in the midstream and blocking the water.

Some disciples who deluded many, deluded themselves and became so-called ‘masters’. In spite of what He said, many, many started rather searching Him in those ‘masters’ than to search Him in themselves. Many followed the experi­ence of others rather than to follow their own experiences and lost the wisdom of Master. The thoughts which should have started from our own self were con­trolled by the so-called ‘masters’ and their followers.

It is still not difficult to say beautiful remarks for Him by practice (outer show) and way of mouth alone, since it is the easiest method and needs not the help of the heart. Such ones became slaves of their own thoughts and did not like to hear oth­ers, as one would prefer his words much more effective than the words of others.

So reality could very easily shift from heart, merely to intellect and lips. Who can be better so-called (opposite to true man) than we? Since everyone was given the right under­standing and hardly a rare one got it and helped others to know the Master and His further Mission.

So many beautiful experiences directly concerning the astral plane (not mid­way) which Master always rejected, were approved lovably without discrim­ination by so-called ‘masters’ along with their followers. Their initiates started to tell much more about their own ‘masters’ than about the competency of the Great Master.

( Note: I needed some old magazines — Sat Sandesh — very urgently; I could get them very easily, as the man having them, told me, “You can have them, I do not need them any more.”)

More one depends on others, more one becomes weak.
Whereas Master tells us to achieve the higher values of life.

He who attains the higher values of life is a blessed one, but he who knows the hidden values of life through the higher values of life is a rare one.

Before the age was to finish a Master of such a high power was sent into the world to wind up the work and bring back to Home Eternal all old disciples of different Masters who appeared so far in the Iron Age, since that Power is supported by all such Masters as well.

( Note: Master on January 3, 1974 and even before told, “So far I have not initiated any new disciples. All are old, old disciples.” On January 3, 1974 He confirmed that He had to initiate five hundred thousand disciples. Since He had initiated only one hundred and fifty thousand disciples, what about the rest? This is a secret which is very difficult to know, until He would reveal it Himself. )

Master was sent into the world, and such Power came from Agam Desh. His work was also high, corresponding to His power from where He came. It is said that the Master surrenders His disciples to the Sat Purusha and the Sat Purusha brings him to Alakh and from Alakh to Agam.

He who comes from Agam, His work is independent. In real sense it is a golden opportunity. Such times come very rarely in the world. Master used to say,

“The Grace which extends now
was only possible some hundred thou­sand years ago.”

The most difficult time before the end of the Iron Age and before the begin­ning of the Golden Age in which the Master Power has to accomplish His work outside and inside, is called Saarsathi.

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