Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Circular Letter issued November 11, 1967 and also published in Sat Sandesh November 1971

Dear children of Light: Blessed are ye, who, for the sake of righteousness, offer to work in the vineyard of the Master, and more so, those who are actually engaged in the work. It is indeed a rare privilege which comes in one’s way as a matter of grace, and not because there is anything special in us, and we must not on that account feel elated and exalted. On the contrary, we should thank our stars for having been given such an opportunity, and try to serve the noble cause with contrition and humility. It should always be our earnest endeavor to make ourselves worthy of the trust and responsibility with which we have been entrusted, in spite of our weaknesses and shortcomings.

It would always pay us if we occasionally make a pause, to take stock of what we are, for at times we are carried away in our zeal to limits; limits beyond the limits of reason. The human mind is very tricky and treacherous. In diverse ways, quite imperceptibly, it starts playing antics. At times, we begin to feel that we are God’s elect. We know full well the Divine Plan, and that the power of God cannot but work through us. We should know that we are yet on the way to perfection, and not in any sense near perfection. Perfection is the goal that has to be achieved.

“Be ye perfect, even as your Father
which is in heaven is perfect”

… is what Christ taught two thousand years ago, and his teachings are as true today as they were then.

A disciple is not above the Master, nor a servant above his Lord. It is enough for a disciple that he be as his Master, and the servant as his Lord. We have therefore to develop in us the virtues of the Master and the Lord. And what these virtues are is the next question. Humility is their greatest embellishment. Humility first, and humility last, is what they preach.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

So the emphasis here is more on “poverty in spirit” than on anything else. This, then, is the keynote for all who work for the sacred cause.

Next comes LOVE — love for one and love for all. Love thy neighbor, for love is the fulfilling of the law of God.

“He that loveth not, knoweth not God,
for God is love.”

A little leaven of love will leaven the whole lump and infect all those who are around you. Again, “perfect love casteth out fear.” Whensoever there is the least fear lurking, know it for certain that love hath not yet perfected in that heart.

Naturally enough, from love spring forth the ideas of service and sacrifice. Love believes in giving — giving away the best you have and not accepting anything in return, for that would be a barter and not love. “Service before self” is what love teaches. By love, serve one another, is what the Apostle Paul taught to the Galatians, and through them to all mankind. If we look critically, we will soon realize that all service which we seem to be doing to others is not to anybody else, but to the ONE self-same SELF, pervading everywhere and in all, including our seemingly individualized self clothed in raiment of flesh and bones. This being the case, there is no ground for claiming any credit whatever.

Loving service must therefore flow freely, fully and naturally, as a matter of course, refreshing all hearts, for it will convert the otherwise dreary and desolate earth into a veritable garden of Eden; for which we so earnestly pray every day, but find it receding from us, the more we wish for it.

Where loving service begins to flow freely from the innermost depths of a heart, that heart naturally gets saturated with the milk of human kindness and becomes meek, as meek as a lamb. Freed from the thorns and thistles of arrogance and pride, one becomes harmless as a dove. He cannot then injure the feelings of others, by thoughts, by words or by deeds. He would ever fear to judge others and make unruly remarks and comments.

Judge not others, lest ye be judged and found wanting by the Great Judge. This thought would keep him on his guard. Human heart is the seat of God, and should in no wise be injured. A Muslim dervish goes to the length of saying, Burn the holy Koran if you will, and raze Kaaba to dust, but injure not a human heart for it is the seat of God. Courtesy, you will realize, costs nothing, but pays rich dividends. It is from the abundance of heart that the tongue speaks. If you studiously cultivate purity of heart, your tongue will automatically become honeyed sweet. A tongue-cut is always deeper than a sword-cut, and remains ever green and gangrenous. We should avoid all idle talk, for every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

These are just a few of the axiomatic truths that have been placed before you for your guidance and welfare, so that you may benefit therefrom — not only yourself, but you will be able to benefit others as well by your noble example. An example is better than hundreds of sermons and an ounce of practice works more than tons of theoretical disputations and dissertations.

One thing more: There is a growing tendency with some persons to make divisions among the Satsangis“good” Satsangis and “bad” Satsangis. All Satsangis are Satsangis, and one who has been chosen, called, justified, accepted and glorified by being linked with the living strands of life within, the Light and Sound of God — the Audible Life Stream — is truly in touch with Truth (Sat) and accordingly is a Satsangi. To classify Satsangis into good and bad Satsangis is hardly justifiable, for it is said, God first created the Light; We are all children of the Light; The whole creation sprang from the Light; Why then dub anyone as evil? This being the case, we are all equal in the sight of God. Whosoever thinks otherwise has, I am afraid, not yet come by the rudiments of the sacred science.

Some may be slow and some rapid in their inner development; that is quite a different thing, for each one has his or her peculiar background and mental make-up, as coming from past incarnations, but to give a bad name to any is not justifiable in the least. And if one does that, he shows a bad taste and the sooner he rids himself of this habit, the better it will be for him and for all concerned. A child is dear to the mother even if he/she is smeared with filth, and the mother washes him down with love and hugs him to herself.

Know it for certain, that he who feels exalted is abased, and he who humbles himself is exalted. A tree laden with flowers and fruits bends with their weight; while the palm tree that stands tall and erect bears nothing. Again, a tree is known by the fruit it bears. Be ye truly the children of Light and shed light to others that they may take heart, and your light prove a lamp unto their feet; and that they may not stumble, but are guided to the Way of God, for therein lies your duty to God and the Power of God with which you have been united by the grace of the Master Power. If you will live up to these instructions, it will hasten the Master’s coming to you, to see you all in loving harmony.

I may add a few words about Initiation into the esoteric science of the soul, before I close. Initiation, you should know, is granted not haphazardly or for the mere asking, but according to certain inner principles. Your recommendation is required so that you may be satisfied, as far as possible; so that you may have no qualms of conscience afterward and feel hurt if anything goes awry in course of time. Sometimes it may even happen that certain individuals may not, according to ordinary standards, appear to be qualified for the gift of Naam; and yet Naam is given to them simply because it is ordained from above. So these are matters which can not, in all instances, be judged on the human level.

With all love and kindly thoughts for all,
Yours affectionately,

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