Service Before Self

Circular 29 issued February 21, 1964, three weeks after the completion of the Master’s second World Tour

Dear Ones:

With the unbounded Grace of my Master, it has been possible to complete successfully this phase of the Master’s Mission, which took about eight months of continuous touring in so many countries of the West. The loving assistance from all quarters was a source of great delight and inspiration, and rendered the task much easier. I am really thankful to all who took great pains in organizing the tours, planning programs, arranging daily talks and meetings, and helping me in diverse ways to carry the spiritual message to seekers after Truth.

The work of Ruhani Satsang has considerably increased with the establishment of new centers in many places abroad. It would be to the fitness of things to manage the affairs in a more constructive manner. I would therefore like to give you valuable advice in the larger interests of your spiritual progress and ethical growth.

Love, Life and (inner) Light are the holy attributes of Supreme Power — the Holy Naam — the God-into-Expression Power. This is the Holy Trinity, and It is manifested to the fortunate few who develop spiritually under Divine Guidance. These virtues reflect the inner development of the spiritual aspirant and are granted as a gracious gift by the Master. The holy meditations on the Light and Sound Principle bring a radical change in our outlook upon the earth life, and hazy doubts and skepticism are put to naught when we awaken to the Divine Call. One enters into a new world, where the gracious Master Power is shedding gracefully all bliss, peace and harmony. Inner receptivity, which grows gradually by implicit obedience and loving devotion, reveals the untold treasures of Divinity already existing therein.

An affectionate schoolteacher would welcome more discipline for the few bright students who show keen aptitude for intellectual growth. How much more cautious and vigilant would the Living Master be for the all-round spiritual growth of his children whom he has accepted under His Divine Will.

The disciplined initiates are privileged to enjoy divine guidance in their everyday life, and in turn become a source of help and inspiration for their less gifted brethren. The initiates are blessed with the charming Radiant Form of the Master within and can benefit from His unerring guidance. He is most eager and keen for your progress. Better avenues of prosperity open for the truly sincere and yearning souls, and many dear ones have borne testimony to this sacred truth.

The representatives and group leaders have a significant responsibility for managing the affairs of Satsang. They are the chosen few from amongst the selected many put on the Holy Path and accordingly deserve special attention. They, being the torch bearers, are required to be shining examples of Truth, Love and Simplicity.

True living does not warrant any show or artificiality, but is a simple life full of selfless service and piety.

The basic necessity in this behalf is to stand on one’s own feet, which means earning one’s own living, by the sweat of the brow, for the maintenance of oneself and family. It has a deep significance, and all Masters stressed the importance of such honest living, which builds a healthy and contemplative body and mind suitable for spiritual growth. The finer tissues of the physical body are manufactured through a smooth and harmonious blood circulation. Peace and serenity fall to the share of the honest and earnest.

The initiates are advised to render selfless service physically, financially and intellectually, for their inner spiritual progress.

Physical service simply means the observance of strict control over body and mind, service to the sick and needy, and leading a clean, chaste life, which purifies the entire system through and through.

Financial service falls into the category of donations and offerings, which grant expansion of the heart and broad mindedness. One enjoys the exclusive right of Sonship of God while knowing fully well that all others are the children of the same Father, and inculcating the loving bonds of fraternity. The distinctions of high or low, rich or poor, vanish.

Intellectual service grants further impetus and personal conviction for the Path of Righteousness and selflessness. Evidently, all this commences with the physical health of the body, which is built from the intake of food and allied necessities of living.

Mystics have practiced penances and austerities for attaining spiritual discipline, but the Masters of the Highest Order have laid a far healthier law for attainment of the same target. They have forbidden the use of anything for ourselves which does not belong to us or to which we have no legitimate right. Such high living grants both continence (temperance) and contentment, the two strong pillars on which the lofty edifice of Spirituality is erected.

It is a well-known aphorism that a tree is known by the fruit it bears. The seeds of Spirituality have been sown far and wide and a plentiful harvest is an assured reality. All that is now needed from the workers — the representatives, the group leaders, the well-wishers and the sympathizers in the Holy Cause — is to work selflessly in a spirit of loving cooperation, good will and sincere earnestness, and attending to the needs of all and sundry in the Cause of the Master, regardless of whatever may come in the way.

Service before self counts for much on the Path of the Masters. The little self or ego within has to be eliminated by dissolving it into service of humanity. For all are children of one God, no matter how and where situated, or in what inhibitions and limitations of one kind or another they might be living.

You may have to face heavy odds, for it is an uphill task, but all adverse winds blow over. If one is able to efface oneself for a higher cause, this in itself provides a shield and a buckler to the true crusader, and helps in overcoming the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The tougher the struggle, the brighter shines the metal within. This helps to liberate the finer instincts, until one has risen to a great spiritual stature, towering like a beacon light, shedding rays of hope and encouragement to the lone and weary traveler, shipwrecked on the stormy and strife-riven sea of life.

Success in Spirituality is not the difficult task which most of us take it to be or make it to be; but it does require patient self-purification, a watchful introspection, a careful weeding out of all undesirable elements present and a pruning of outspreading ramifications, and above all timely tending and nurturing of the tender spiritual sapling as it sprouts from the soil of the human mind.

This work hangs on the shoulders of every one of you and I am sure you are fully alive to your responsibilities and obligations in this behalf, which in your case are two-fold: one to your own self and the other to your brethren, the new initiates on the Path, and the skeptical and wavering all of whom look to you for day to day help and guidance in all their difficulties, temporal as well as spiritual.

It is of paramount importance to those who have to give the lead, to be aboveboard in every respect, so that no one has an opportunity to raise even his little finger in censure or be misled by any action. Do nothing that may be unbecoming to the Great Cause which you have voluntarily and gleefully espoused.

Work as a living embodiment of the God Power, making It a sheet anchor for keeping a steady keel in all your endeavors. It will protect you from all temptations of name, fame, worldly gain or the like, for all of these are apparently very alluring and beckon siren-like to you, but at the bottom they are truly baneful and in no time will hurl you to abysmal depths, if you succumb to them.

Truth is above all, yet true living is higher still.

A clean life, with a frugal living from your own earnings will release a tremendous spiritual force within you, and will enable you to shoulder the task that God has put on your way. You can accept as custodians all the voluntary donations which may be given for furthering the Master’s Mission. These must be carefully and reasonably spent for the Mission work alone, keeping proper account of the same.

May Hazur (Baba Sawan Singh) bless you in your work.

My best wishes are always with you all.

With loving thoughts for healthy harmony of body, mind and soul,

Yours affectionately,

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