The Mission of the Almighty Power [2]

(published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-5 edition)

The Absolute and the Almighty

»In this age of science, spirituality too
has to be treated as a regular science.«
— Kirpal Singh

The subject to be investigated and explained here is the Teaching of Sant Mat — the Teaching of the Master Saints of the Surat Shabd and furthermore the Teaching of the Almighty — called ‘Param Sant’. The meaning of Surat Shabd is: Union of the soul (Surat or attention) with the Divine Word, Shabd or Naam, given to mankind hungering for God by all Masters, whom the Almighty or Param Sant sent to the world.

The purpose of analyzing the testimonies left behind by the Master-souls is to grant a better understanding of the Teachings of Param Sant Kirpal Singh — the Almighty Power — and His Mission — Unity of Man.

We cannot understand what is the Absolute — not in this physical body, nor in the astral body nor in the causal body, nor in the super-causal body. Because there we are everywhere labeled with the mind, with the matter. How then can the Form­less, Nameless (Anami), Eternal, Unlimited One be described with limited words?

»No one knows the conditions of the Unconditioned.
With but one tongue how can I explain it?
If one had ten million tongues in his mouth:
Then, O Mahants, he might be able to speak. « (1)
— Kabir

These are the words of Param Sant Kabir when He — the incarnation of the Unconditioned — was requested to explain it. Kirpal Singh calls KabirParam Sant Satguru(2) who is at one with what is known as Anami (the Nameless one) of Kabir, Nirala (Indescribably wonderful), Maha Dayal (Boundless Mercy) or Soami (The Great Lord of All).

You feel consciousness fully when you step into the full consciousness, in the fifth plane. There you have some glimpses about the lower creation: How it was made, why it was made. Then with the help of the Almighty Power you can know about the further planes.

Kabir was asked how this creation came into being. He said, »A Musician has played the game and all of us have come to attend this game, but sorry, no one wants to go back. We do not see our home, so all people are around the Musician.«

Soamiji said: »We came along with our Father to see the fair of the world. In the hustle and bustle of the world we left the hand of our Father and now we are fed up with the fair and cannot enjoy it any more, nor can we find our Father.«

Kabir came — yet even many Saints could not know about the Almighty Power. Though this Power was there physically, they could not know about Him. It was only possible for those to whom He revealed Himself directly.

Dr Harbhajan Singh tells us: »After Sant Kirpal Singh had left His physical body in 1974 I said that Kabir had come as Almighty Power. I told about my experience, (in mediation) when I saw the names of KABIR and KIRPAL appearing at the top of the list of the competent Masters. Master Himself had confirmed this experience and I told it openly. Still many did not believe. They said, Kabir was only a devotee. Now you find in the Satsang-talk of the Master, that Kabir was the first Saint in the world and He was the Father of Spirituality.«

The whole Creation came into being by the wish of the Absolute. It was His wish — He created all this. That wish came into manifestation as Lord of Compassion, that is the Almighty PowerAnami or Param Sant. He came from the Absolute and came with us when Creation came into being. He did everything for us.

The Absolute can be compared with electricity. Everywhere in the world, there is electricity but when the sun sets it is all darkness. What is the use of electricity? It may remain forever but it is of no use. What does it mean to a person who lives in the world and still remains in the darkness? You have a little switch but to find where elec­tricity comes from you have to go to the Powerhouse. The Param Sant is the Powerhouse that can give light to the world. He is the Lighthouse, without which there was all darkness.

We can call Him God Power or Almighty Power in whatever words we praise, still we cannot praise Him.

Such Powers come into the world after hundred thousands of years. This Power — Kirpal — that has come now and is working directly, could never be attained before. That was a very rare phenomenon. It came into the world but it was a very rare event. So now this time has come back.

To go along with that Power means to go directly, without interference of any hardship on the inner planes. This was not possible before, this was not even possible with the help of the saints. Even a saint can take you maximum to the fifth plane, he himself cannot go beyond, he has to hand over the soul to the sixth plane — Alakh, and from there it is handed over to Agam and ultimately to Anami. This is the pro­cess. How much time does it take? Hundred thousands of years. And how is it now? He (the Almighty) takes you directly. There was one disciple (Indra Mati) of Kabir. Kabir promised to take her to the conscious stage. When she left the body, she went there and saw Kabir sitting there. She said: »Master, you should have told it beforehand! I could have served you much.« He said, »lf I had told you like this, you would never have believed me.« (3)

Kabir says: »No one knows me: All are absorbed in that (Maya).« (4)

The Absolute is in the world, but the world is not in the Absolute, since a shadow has no reality. What emanates from the reality cannot be the real itself.« »Unity already exists but we have forgotten it« says Sant Kirpal Singh.

The Highest — Anami — was termed as La-Makan (unlocalizable) by Soami Ji. Therefore He who is at one with it, the supreme Master of Truth like Param Sant Kabir can say about Himself:

»I am neither sent nor summoned, I am in the world untrammeled.« (5)

In the past as well we have the testimony of this independent, indescribable, supreme Master of Truth: Kabir is the Power who came in all the four Ages, who used to materialize and manifest time and again. So it is mentioned in the holy scriptures that Karunamae (Kabir’s name in the Copper Age) saved Draupadi (disciple of Lord Krishna), that Kabir initiated his most known disciple Dani Daram Das 60 years after his physical departure (6) (1518 at Maghar) — quite opposite to the laws under which the ‘sons’ or ‘Sants’ are working. About a hundred years later this highest Power manifested in the child Gobind (later Guru Gobind Singh), made him disciple and later on Guru… From this it should become comprehensible that people can get the same blessings from Param Sant Kirpal Singh who left His physical body in 1974 as those who could meet Him physically before. After all…
»Who can lay commands on Him, Who is the King and the root of all living?« (7)

In the Unity of Man Conference in 1974 Master said, »I will go, many after me, they will go back, but this Spirituality has caught into flames now like fire that has broken into the forest.« Nobody on earth can extinguish it… It is just the start, see — every year it will grow… a time will come when it will cover the whole world. It is not the work of mine or anybody else, it is the work of that very highest Power, that right from the beginning used to materialize and now again materializes. Remember Him (Kirpal) — and He is there.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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