Questions and Answers regarding Initiation

Excerpts from the book “Spiritual Elixir” by Sant Kirpal Singh

Question: How much are our lives pre-ordained, and what part does ‘free will’ play after we become initiates?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Six things are pre-ordained or covered by fate-karma; viz. health and sickness, poverty and opulence, honour and ignominy. Strenuous effort, self-control and discipline do play an important role for our betterment with the grace of the Master. Many dear ones with unhappy and chequered careers claim to have become saintly persons after holy initiation and faithful meditations on holy Naam. For elaborate discussion, reference is invited to the book “Wheel of Life – the Law of Action and Reaction”.

The names given by the competent Master are charged. They invoke the power of the Giver. The Master is not the body but Christ Power working at the chosen human pole. The giving of five names by all and sundry and repeating them by learning them from books would not be efficacious. This is according to what Hazur Sawan Singh Ji said, “One can give only what one possesses.” It is a simple affair. Those who can be content on credit or promises may please themselves.

Question: If the key words are had from somebody else and one starts meditation on his own, will it not be possible to have inner progress?

Sant Kirpal Singh: You mean to say that if one comes by the key words from somebody other than an adept or picks them up from somewhere and then starts meditation on his own, will it bring forth any fruit? Certainly not, for he will then be repeating parrot-like, a mere bunch of words without knowing their significance and without any potency in them. It is the thought transference or personal life impulse from a perfect Master that charges the words and makes them key-words wherewith to open mansions of the Lord.

Question: Is every initiate able to work on the higher planes during sleep, even if they are not aware of it when they wake up?

Sant Kirpal Singh: No, it is not possible for every initiate to work on higher planes during sleep. It should be understood carefully that during waking hours the soul is at its seat at the back and behind the eye brows, whereas during sleep it slips down the throat ganglion when one enjoys dreams and during sound sleep the same soul goes down to the solar plexus at the navel. It is only possible for the advanced souls whose bodies sleep but their souls remain conscious during sleep to enjoy their inner spiritual phenomena with the grace of the Master. It does happen with the disciplined initiates that their souls are withdrawn into the beyond during sleep, and they can enjoy inner flights in a conscious state. To them sleep and wakefulness make no difference.

Question: If one has great love for relatives and wishes them the highest good in the world, can one pray to the Master that that person will get initiation, or is it a destiny fixed before death which nothing can change?

Sant Kirpal Singh: It is always beneficial spiritually for the initiates to radiate compassionate feelings for guiding the footsteps of their beloved ones to the Master for holy initiation. The destiny of every person changes every moment by virtuous or wicked deeds. The holy path of the Masters is open to one and all. It may, however, be understood that it is due to the evolution of some rare noble karma of the past lives that the inner yearning of the soul gets strong for spiritual enlightenment and those dear ones who benefit from such chances by putting in extra effort are put on the holy path whereas others simply drift and have to wait for some better future chance. There are instances, though rare, when the sincere aspirants have seen and received initiation from the Master even without meeting Him physically.

Question: Are all initiates related spiritually?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Yes, more than blood relatives, as they are destined to reach their true home to meet there in due course, where all will become one with the primordial source. This is true relationship which never breaks.

Question: If the Master happens to leave the physical plane after initiating the disciple, will the initiation remain valid for the rest of the latter’s lifetime?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Yes, the holy initiation when granted by a competent living Master remains perfectly valid for all time not only on the earth plane but even into the beyond.

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