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Heart-to-heart talk (Q&A) by Sant Kirpal Singh
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 47)

[The previous conversation concerned the lack of growth of particular Satsangs in one of the Western countries.]

Master: When the Truth is there, it should spread like wild fire. You must have kept this exclusive, not letting anybody know what you are doing, because if you had spoken from the housetops, your groups should have grown.

Question: We are too shy.

Master: Why? Have you committed any theft?

You have got something according to the Bible. The very Father of the Bible says, “Speak from the housetops.” Why are you shy?

Others will think you have committed some sin or something is wrong if you are afraid, letting nobody see you. Are you confident that you have been put on the way as given out by Christ? If not, you must be satisfied. The basic teachings of all who came in the East or West are the same.

In the beginning was the Word
Word was with God and Word was God.
All creation came after that Word.

This is the basic teaching of all, of all I say, East or West. This is no new thing. When you see for your own self that there is Light inside, don’t you bear testimony that there is Light?

Master: Is not whatever you are taught for self-introspection and weeding out all imperfections, in order with the teachings of the Bible?

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Then why not decide?

Question: Bible doesn’t tell that we need a living Master.

Master: You have not read the Bible with understanding. Then why have you come to me? Why have you wasted your money in coming to me if the Bible says that only group leader is required? I am putting a straight question to you.

The Bible says,

“I am the Light of the world so long as I am in the world.”

It does not say for all times. Have you read St. John (8:12), “As long as I am in the world.” Not after that. Those that met Him got the Light. Why have you come to me? I put a straight question to you. You must have been misled.

Question: I found it a necessity for myself.

Master: When you yourself are confident that what you are doing is right, then why not utter the truths for others? Even the preachers do not know the true meaning of the Bible. One preacher came to me about three months ago in Delhi and said that Christ said, “I am the Light of the world for all time.”“But dear friend,” I told him, “He says «I am the Light of the world for as long as I am in the world.»” These are the words — what do they mean?

Christ Power is different than Jesus. Christ Power is different than Jesus. Jesus lived only for so many years. Why were John and others carrying on this world work after Him?

John was not Christ. He said he speaks from the third plane. He referred to the third plane. Pity it is — it is a practical question — references are given in the book, but the preaching goes on like anything. “He is the life for all the world”

I gave a talk on December 24, 1963 in America that the Christ Power that manifested in the human pole of Jesus lived even before Jesus came up. Have you read the pamphlet, Christ Power, God Power, Guru Power?

I’m afraid that the group leaders are not fully confident of what they say. Recently one circular was issued for each group leader in charge asking them to say whether he is confident, whether he has grasped the theory, whether he has been improving in his meditations — these are the contingents issued to all. They all said yes, they know. It appears they don’t know. If you are shy, you are gone amiss.

If Christ never speaks of the Master, why have you come to me?

Excuse me if I say. He does say He is the Light of the world as long as He is in the world. If these words stand there, what does it mean? So why do you look at me?

Well, I will ask each one of you now, today, if you have that pamphlet Christ Power, God Power, Guru Power.” Master is the same. Have you got it? Then read it today — put in an hour or two on that.

Question: We know it.

Master: If you know it, why don’t you tell others?

Question: People will not believe it.

Master: They will not believe it because you are not confident. I think they will believe in the Bible. Then say, “Go see the Bible.” Everyone is under the impression that Jesus Christ remains forever. Christ Power remains. But they identify Christ with Jesus, or the human pole, which is not right. Read that pamphlet; be clear, then quote from the housetops.

Question: It’s not our job to care whether or not people grasp the teachings, is it? Shouldn’t we just give them?

Master: But you should feel joy, joy, when you speak about This. “Master means what he says. You are going amiss; God will bless you.” But when a man himself is not confident, how can he tell others with confidence?

Master: One of the reasons for lack of growth of Satsangs must be that those who are giving talks over there are not confident of what they say. Another thing, they are not in social contact. Socially they don’t meet with the Satsangis. If somebody comes to you, alright explain to him. If another man does not come up, all right. Do you follow me now?

First you must feel confident that what you are doing is according to the Bible. This is what I want, you see. Customs and other things are limited. Those are exoteric things. Esoteric side is the same. I have not changed your religion. I have made you grow more staunch in your religion because what I say is according to the Bible. You read but you do not believe. Read and understand the details given in the Bible.

Question: I’ve seen the extreme where a person may be all the time looking for a way to give the Master’s teachings, sometimes at the expense of his meditation. He doesn’t meditate but is always eager to give out the teachings.

Master: I’ve never said that. If they had been giving out like that, there would be hundreds now. Maybe one or two like that. Even to those one or two I would enjoin that meditations should not be neglected as they are the Bread of Life. Meditation should be kept up. That will give you strength, spiritual strength. Then at least what you have come to know, you can tell–give an inkling to others. “Here is something you have not yet found.” You are not responsible; you have not taken a contract to bring all others here. But you are to speak from the housetops. “There is some Truth here according to the Bible.”

Question: If someone neglects his responsibilities, for instance in giving out the teachings, well it’s not my business, but is it better to tell something once or to ignore the situation?

Master: Tell him privately, politely, in a friendly way, “Well, dear friend, I think you are not in the full know of things.”

Question: He does good work for You…

Master: He does good work — all the same. Once somebody wrote to me, “Is this work as good as doing meditation?” I told him, “No. It is next to meditation,” you see.

Your own house is on fire, and you are going to put out the fire of others?
How will they believe you?

They will look at the example you set before them. Give bread to your life, your soul, first. On spiritual health depends the life of mind and body both. When you’ve come to know something good, give it to your friends. Tell them. At least point it out. Meditation first is very good, and then go out, slowly. Don’t neglect your general life. This is why, in so many cases, group leaders have less experience than the other initiates.

Question: I thought that only if non-initiates ask questions concerning the Path should we come out and speak.

Master: Look here, just give an inkling to anybody who comes to you. If he is really after it, he will be after you. If once or twice you give some inkling, hint on that point, and he does not express interest, be quiet. You have not taken a contract to bring others around. Tell them the Truth is available; that much you are to do.

If you have yourself received very good things, would you not like your friends to also have them?
Wouldn’t you like that for those whom you love?

(Naturally) And to those others who come in contact with you, just give an inkling. Tell them, “You have developed physically, intellectually, what about spiritually?” The Bible speaks about the Word as the Bread of Life — the Christ Power working in the human pole of Jesus. That Power never dies. Some inkling should be given. If they are after it — they might be seeking. If not, then keep quiet.

Question: Sometimes it’s been unclear to me how much to act as a missionary (that’s even been suggested) and how much to do service and then work on yourself.

Master: As I told you, you are hungry yourself. How can you appease the hunger of others? That’s the first thing. Your whole house is on fire and you’re going to help others. Strange missionary you are. First you must be confident. As I told you, if you are not confident, why did you come to me? My point is, I see you are on the right path. Don’t be afraid that this is not so. I’m only telling you, when you yourself are not confident, how can you tell others with confidence, “This is like this, this is like that?” You go on with your work also, then tell them.

Question: When I try to give an inkling to other people, my ego gets involved. And then I go on talking and they don’t even care. I get trapped. I get caught.

Master: Caught? If you are confident yourself and you see for yourself what is what, then you will not be caught. It is only when you don’t see for your own self that you get trapped as you say. Tell your friends, not everybody.

I quoted only those words from Christ, “What you learned in secret, go speak from the housetops.” He said He was sending His disciples amidst the vipers, snakes, poisonous snakes. “Go and preach there” — that is what He told them. Did He not?

Buddha also said, “All right, go and tell them. Your duty is to tell them.”

Master: Those who are after it will take it up. Don’t take the contract of changing others. You simply tell them. If it appeals to them, they’ll come up.

Question: Since I’ve come the the Path, I’ve had to tell a lot of people of it, but I don’t think any of them have come to follow it.

Master: That is why I say you must be confident of what you say. When you see the theory is the same as the Bible and the practice is also the same to some extent, then you must be confident.

So that much is sure, you have not become Saints. You have not yet reached the highest degree. Some have reached the primary class. Some have reached the middle. Some have reached the college class. You know something, but not everything. So don’t be after taking the contract of changing others. But you can give an inkling of what you know to others who may be searching.

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