Who is the Master?

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From a manuscript by Dr Harbhajan Singh, published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1998-2
(see also “Kabir — Poems”)

When God wished to create His expression,
He created the Satpurusha.
The Satpurusha was not the son of man,
He was given the power to manifest in the world.

Kabir says, that He did not dwell in the womb of a mother.

Kabir says, “I was sent when there was no sun, no moon, no sky, and no earth. There was no Brahma, no Vishnu, and no Shiva.” He further tells, that He is the secret-holder of the Home Eternal and came down (into the world) with His order.

It is said, that He came in all the four ages:
In the Golden Age He was Sat Sukrat,
in the Silver Age He was Munindar,
in the Copper Age He was Karuname,
in the Iron Age He was Kabir.

Kabir says, that the God Power, that manifests in the whole creation is His name (Naam or Word). He is infinite and immortal, He is the compassionate Creator.

The Satpurusha has the key to lock one age and unlock the other, and all human beings and other living forces change likewise. This Power neither goes nor comes but manifests forever. The one who comes through Him connects all direct to Him. Such ones are called Param Sants.

As we cannot tell anything about God, so we cannot tell anything about the Master. In fact, They are not separate, it is the God in Him who works. Sehjo Bhai says, “God and my Guru both are standing before me, before whom should I bow? I bow before my Master who gave me the clue to know God.”

Kabir’s disciple got worried as how the Satpurusha would look like, as she had never heard or seen Him. Kabir had told her, that Master does not keep the soul in His custody in Sach Khand but surrenders the soul to the Satpurusha, who transcends in all the three stages above Sach Khand. When Kabir blessed her to transcend in these regions, her joy knew no bounds when she saw, that Kabir Himself was sitting on the throne of the Satpurusha.

He who knows the Satpurusha is a Satguru (True Master or Godman).

Though Satguru and Satpurusha are one, the Satguru is due to the Satpurusha. The Satguru is dependent upon the Satpurusha to get the grace from above and deliver it below.

Satpurusha manifests in all human beings, He is the radiant form of the Master and is called Gurudev.

Gurudev is the radiant form of the Master
and sustains in every
Gurudev is the Master of the whole creation.
Gurudev is the Satguru, Parabrahm and
Parameshwar (the highest Being).
O Nanak, a salutation to the Gurudev
is a salutation to God.
— Gurbani

Kabir manifests in Kirpal,
Kirpal manifests in all.
By saying it seems to be duality,
By seeing everyone yearns.
— Harbhajan Singh

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