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Excerpt from a lecture by Dr Harbhajan Singh, June 23, 1990
(published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 2003-1, from tape “B23/1990”)

Dear brothers and sisters,

in order to understand our purpose of human life we must understand the Mission of the Master.

All Masters dwelt in the world for a special purpose, which was to bring the awakening in man and help him to live with truth and go back with truth. They taught us the very life needed for it, as they knew what is there for us in the beyond and what is here in the world. So they had the discrimination that we haven’t obtained yet.

We have forgotten that place (our home eternal) and we have only one thing with us — that is (the experience of) the physical world, and therefore we cannot discriminate. His mission is to bring awakening in the world.

His Mission is to establish a contact between the disciple (soul) and the Master (God). Mission means the purpose for which He (Master) came into the world or for which they (Masters) have always come into the world. This purpose has never changed. The teaching has always remained one and the same but the commandments of the Master differed from time to time in accordance with the prevalent condition of the time.

Every Master comes with definite views (purposes): He has to do such and such things in such and such time. Though He is not time-bound, He has still to honour the time (limits) because of our feelings and emotions in the world.

As the child is dear to the mother so is the Mission to the Master. Mission is the life of the life for the Master. He has been commissioned (by God) and His concern is only to do that special work for which He has been blessed.

In His last Satsang in Amritsar and in Nag Kalan Master asked me, “Do you have any wish?”

All the time we lived for Master’s Mission. We obeyed the Master and thought that we had not yet been able to justify the Master or the Mission of the Master and this was the reason that we had to come back into the world.

Everyone has to justify (the Master and His Mission) not only in the physical plane but until we transcend all barriers and go back to our home eternal; the work of the Master, the Mission of the Master, also transcends with the disciple.

Mission is a guideline for the disciple
to overcome all barriers.

Master asked, “Do you want anything?” I replied,

“Yes, Master, I want that Your Mission
must flourish throughout the world.”

He said, “This is also my wish.”

This is Master’s highest wish. So the Mission will go on.

Master said,

“People may commit any mistake —
that can be forgiven by the Master Power —
but those who defame the Mission of the Master,
they will not be forgiven.”

Master once asked Baba Sawan Singh: “Master, problems may come to me but not to my brothers and sisters.” (He said this) because He knew the Mission and knew the condition of all those brothers and sisters. Baba Sawan Singh said,

“Kirpal Singh, I will save those who work in the Mission
even if they jump into the fire.
But others have to bear and have to finish
with (the reactions) according to their wishes.”

Even meditation is a wish, the wish to attain self-realisation, unless it (this wish) is put back into the Mission of the Master. Life becomes real life if we do as our Master did. Then you are able to withstand everywhere and anywhere. Then you have legs to stand on and you do not bother to get any help from outside.

Dependency is slavery but we do not have to be independent from Master. We always have to be dependent on Master. Without the depen­dence on the Master nobody can find the way inside. There are such mysterious, miraculous and strange ways (inside) that our soul can easily forget and lose the way.

People forget and get lost with (what they see with) these physical eyes, but when the astral eye is open, then without the help of the Master, one cannot transcend any farther.

It is not sufficient that the astral eye is opened, guidance is a must there in the astral plane. Without guidance our astral power cannot work, as well as on the higher planes.

It is said that many people who tried to go independently could not move any farther. Wherever they went, they remained (and were bound) there. They became the skeleton of bones but they could not move from that place; they were caught there; such mysteries lie in the way.

Hafiz said,

“There are many whirlpools in the way
and the ocean of life is very dreadful,
it is very deep, indeed,
there one cannot die and one cannot live.
There is no sight of the shore
and one cannot move behind either.
Such is the way.”

But Bhai Nandlal, the devoted disciple of Guru Gobind Singh, said,

“I didn’t face any such problems in the way.”

This was because he had surrendered to the Master. Without devotion one cannot surrender.

When the child surrenders to the mother, the mother hugs it and loves it to her utmost. All children may not surrender to the mother but if any one surrenders, she will definitely love this child much more than the others. She will bear (in her) the love of this child throughout all her life.

The Mission of the Master has been structured by the Sat Purusha, the highest Power in the beyond and the Masters who come from that place, they have a different Mission (as compared to Masters from other planes). There are missions of various types but the Mission of God transcends all barriers and is structured there, (from the region of the Sat Purusha) — nobody can undo with it.

It comes from above and takes to that very place all those who work in the Mission, transcending them above. The higher the plane from where the Mission is structured, the higher the soul is being developed. So with the Mission of our Master there is no limit, there is no end.

A major part of the development takes place on the lower stages but His Mission even transcends Sach Khand or Sat Lok. It is the place where the competent Masters live and decide certain things.

But the Sat Purusha transcends above that. With His guidance the (Almighty) Power comes into the world and is able to bring a very big change in the world.

At all times such Powers are not supposed to come into the world, only for certain changes. Only for certain reasons are they blessed from above (with this task).

Master said,

“Hundred thousand years ago
this grace was there in the world,
and now it has come again.
Make the best use of this grace.”

To sacrifice our wishes, to sacrifice all our wishes for the wish of the Sat Purusha, that is His Mission.

So again and again much stress is laid on the same subject so that we may understand Him. He already understands us — this is no problem. He knows where we stand, how we are. He understands all of His (disciples).

So stress is laid on the subject that we must understand His Mission once for all so that we are not misled.

Master said,

“When this time has passed away
you will have lost your life once for all.
Then nobody will be there to listen to you.
Many can listen to you, many can hear you,
but you will not get anything from them,
it will not help you.”

When His work, the work of the Almighty Power finishes, He can then order a Master from the fifth plane to do it. What will such a Master do for you? He cannot do as much as He, (the Almighty Power) thought for us. There is a great difference!

So this is a golden time now.

Master said,

“This time (of His Mission) has been stretched
(it extends now over the whole Golden Age).”

There is nothing written without His Mission. Mission brings you life, Mission brings you light. Mission brings you love. Whatever you demand in this world, only this Mission can bring for you.

With Master’s blessing and with His grace, as it has descended now, you can do a lot with your devotion, and with your surrender and selfless service you can help a lot of those who are bound. You can help to release lots of those who are (bound) here or in the beyond. On the higher planes only the devotion of the disciples of the Master is calculated, but not how many disciples one Master has —  this is not counted.

If there is one who knows how to sacrifice oneself, how to bear the test of the negative power, how to move in the sphere of the negative power and come out with the sweet love of the Master, he can release lots of others from there.

You know, Master told that many times the habit of the sheep is to go back into the burning fold and to burn themselves. This is what is continuing in the world, even with the disciples of the competent Masters.

Not all have the same awakening. They vary in degrees of consciousness and awakening according to their background. But to give them that very right understanding you have got — that is His Mission. To make someone fit for that work, that is His Mission. It is the same Mission, which all Masters held throughout their lifetime. It has never finished.

As I told you, Masters only come with different commandments according to the situation and prevalent conditions of that time. Some time Their “play” is finished at one place and then starts at another place. Then the Master has to work on the other place and not on the first place.

Sometimes we say, “This Master did like this, why is this Master doing like this (in another way)?” Some people say, Guru Gobind Singh used to fight only.” He had been given that job and He was sent right from above. He only spoke about Him (the God Power) and all the time He remained the borrowed servant of that Power. He never said of Himself that He had ever been and ever would be a Master.

Guru Gobind Singh said,

“He who calls me a Master will go to hell!”

But he who sees Him within graciously said lots of praises for his Master. He said, “He is far more beautiful than angels are. I would even want to sacrifice both the worlds for one hair of Him.”

Guru Gobind Singh came from the seventh stage (Agam). The Teaching tells us that He came from such a place. He did not want to come (into the world). He had become one with that Power. We cannot find any trace in His life that He had ever worked as a Master. (He always saw Himself as a bought servant of the God Power.) But He went to that (seventh) stage. Which of His good deeds led Him to such a stage? It was His self-surrendering and devotion to the Sat Purusha.

The Sat Purusha never wanted to send Him into the world. When He saw that now He was needed, then He sent His child. He said, “Now I send you into the world as my son. And you do like that!”

Kabir says,

“Everyone wanted to be the doer in the world,
but I bless that one who does not become the doer.
I give all grace and protection to him
who works for Him alone,
who reminds (the human beings) of the Father
and not of himself (who does not allow
himself to be venerated).”

In reality, that is the highest Mission on earth.

For that reason I have already told you that we have a direct and independent contact with Master. This means that you must not depend upon any person. Independent contact; this means that you (must) make the best use of your devotion. If you make the best use of your devotion, then your link will be very fast with Him.

Since the disciple loves his Master, he loves all for the love of the Master and he seeks love from all because he knows that his Master lives in all, resides in all. So he helps all and tries to overcome the shortcomings of all those who meet him. He is a friend of friends who awakens you from the slumber. His attention is with his Master and so he does for everybody.

His Mission in the world is very sweet indeed. If you only learn how to live in His Mission, it is a beautiful thing. It is a beauty in life, because then you have to be very perfect all the time and very fair to yourself and fair to all others. There is no beauty beyond that. Then there is a continuous flow of grace from Him.

Those who are not bound with it are disturbed in life. Sometimes they choose this way, sometimes they choose another way. They are neither worldly persons nor do they belong to the higher cause. Throughout their life they do not select (and decide for) the right path.

But when does that time come? When is the (right) time? Time is already there. We should never ask: “When is the time?” or “Where is the Master?” or “What are our duties?” It is already there! Where have we to go to find that which is very close to us? We find it there and then. It is with us. Our feet are already in the ocean, we only have to start swimming.

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