His Mission in the Golden Age

It is said, that the Golden Age is the longest
Age, longer than all other three Ages.
The reason is that it stays on a very strong
foundation since it stands on all four pillars:
Truth, penance, compassion and charity.
In the Golden Age contentment is the
carriage and truth is the driver.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh
(from Forever with Master, vol. I — “What is Saarsathi”)

Master could bring the Mission into the Golden Age

It is a rare phenomenon that Master’s Mission has entered into the Golden Age. It was the power and the grace of the Master which helped His disciple to develop so that the disciple could take the test of the negative power and justified the Master on all the planes.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh
(from “Biji Surinder Kaur — Forever One”)

Sant Kirpal Singh could bring His Mission into the Golden Age. This is a rare opportunity, because normally, very few souls can go back in the Golden Age (as Kabir wrote in Anurag Sagar that only four souls could go back in the previous Golden Age).

Speaking about the inner significance of Kirpal Sagar,
Bhaji explained that in the previous Silver Age, Munindar
begged Kabir for His blessing unto the physical world,
as in the last Golden Age only four souls were able
to go back to the eternal home.
Kabir agreed and declared, “Kirpalo – the Gracious one will do.”
— Biji Surinder Kaur

Dr Harbhajan Singh wrote in his book Forever with Master about the time before and after Master left the body, and how Master’s Mission — the movement Unity of Man — was started. As advised by Dr Harbhajan Singh, this book was sent to all available addresses of Master’s disciples.

To download the book (as PDF) or read chapters online continue to Forever with Master, vol. 1.

The Instructions of the Master

The Teaching has always remained one and the same,
but the commandments of the Master differed from time to time
in accordance with the prevalent condition of the time.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh
(from “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh 2003-1” — “The Highest Mission”)

Sant Kirpal Singh gave very detailed instructions to Dr Harbhajan Singh (Bhaji) and his wife Surinder Kaur about the Master’s future Mission. Whenever Bhaji visited us in the West, he also explained the importance of the commandments of the Master for His Mission in the Golden Age.

I remained with Master from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.,
and Master even provided me with food during the day.
Being with Master the whole day, I felt like an ignorant
and illiterate person sitting along with a chancellor
of a university.
Master told me a lot of things about the Satsang,
about the Mission and about the Satsang in the West.
By hearing all that I felt more and more little as I never
thought that ever I would be worthy of hearing such things.

Afterwards, Master gave me an initiation chart
in English and told me, “This you will need.”
I said, “Master, why do I need it, since it is Your work? …”
— Dr Harbhajan Singh
(from “Forever I” — “April 4, 1974” in chapter “Death Anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh” )

Already in 1983, Dr Harbhajan Singh helped us to compile a series of reports, published under the headline The Instructions of the MASTER in the 1983 and 1984 editions of the brochure Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh. You can read these Commandments by following the links below.

The Mission of the Almighty Power

When the Father — God within —
hears our tale of agony and torture,
He is stirred to His very depths,
takes pity at our woebegone state,
and manifests Himself in the form
of a Saint to lead us back to Himself.
(from talk “True Master And His Mission”)

In many talks, Sant Kirpal Singh and also Dr Harbhajan Singh explained that whenever there is a great danger to whole humanity, the Father (Almighty Power or Creator) Himself comes to save His children, such as…

In order to know the Mission of the Almighty Power, to live for it and to serve it, it is most important to understand the competency of the Almighty Power being behind the campaign for Unity of Man.

»The way to the Absolute leads through many mansions
(planes and sub-planes) lying on the way
from the physical to the Father’s Home

»The Masters teach us that there are seven planes:
Pind, And, Brahmand, Par Brahmand, Sach Khand,
Alakh and Agam.
And above all the cosmos there is the eighth plane,
called differently by the Saints as Anami,
Maha Dayal, Nirala or Soami.«

The spheres of activity of the spiritual Masters are described in detail in the books. According to their spiritual competency they are divided as follows: Sadh Guru, Sant Guru, Param Sant Satguru.

A Param Sant is He who becomes one with the Wordless (Anami).

Gurus may come from the first, second, third, fourth or fifth plane, but the Almighty Power always comes from the eighth plane (Anami).

Scriptures mostly mention about the Sant Satguru coming from the fifth plane but the hints about the competency of the Param Sant Satguru are equally distinct. His Mission is the highest. Only the Almighty Power is able to bring about the coming change in the heart of men of this world.

In the 1984 editions of the brochure “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” — under the headline The Mission of the Almighty Power —Unity of Man published quotations and statements about the Almighty Power from Master and Dr Harbhajan Singh to explain and illustrate Master’s directions for His Mission in the Golden Age:

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