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Continuation of chapter “Kirpal Sagar – Ocean Of Grace” — Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Sagar is going on and we all have demand for it.
Here we are making one holy place for all human beings.
It was the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh.
This institution is for all human beings —
no matter which country they may come from —
this belongs to everyone.
It is an international institution not only outwardly,
but from the core of the heart, it belongs to all human beings.
There is no reserved right of anybody, it is just like an open book.
It will belong to everybody all the times.
— Harbhajan Singh

Kirpal Sagar includes several facilities serving the well-being of man in all aspects:

Sarovar (Holy Tank), Kirpal Charitable Hospital, Kirpal Sagar Academy, Kirpal Harbhajan Public School, Fathers’ Home,
Library, Kirpal Bhawan (Satsang hall for lectures and conferences), Guest House, Agriculture and Dairy Farm, Langar (Common Kitchen), and a number of Workshops.


The heart of the project is a Sarovar, an oval-shaped pool surrounded by four corner buildings, where four symbols of different religions — a gurdawara, a temple, a church, and a mosque — exist, demonstrating the basic necessity for a true person to understand that God made man and man made religion. True religion tells all to get together under one canopy to remember Him.

Kirpal Bhawan

Kirpal Bhawan (Satsang hall) is a function hall providing place for thousands of people participating in functions, celebrations and conferences. During these events spiritual personalities as well as representatives of various religions and creeds give talks to a large audience gathering from all walks of life wishing to learn and understand the basic truths being the true essence of the Holy Scriptures.

The basic subjects of these lectures is how to attain a direct connection with the inner Reality, and in a simple and clear language the sayings of the Saints and sages are explained and correlated.


The aim of the Library is to further an independent view and to encourage a comparative study of religions. Holy Scriptures of different religions, biographies of great personalities and philosophical scriptures are available here.

The Holy Scriptures give hints to different planes the soul has to pass through. There are also references about those planes and their function which competent Masters have discard ed unanimously. To know that can be a helpful factor for the seeker after Truth to discriminate so that they may not be misled.

Kirpal Charitable Hospital

Since it was the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh to help the needy with medical care, the Kirpal Charitable Hospital was the first facility with in the project which took up its function in 1983. Poor and needy people are getting free medical treatment and medicine. Homeopathic, allopathic and naturopathic therapies are applied by doctors from India and Germany. Furthermore, ambulances reach out to remote villages at central gathering points, such as schools to provide medical care for people. From time to time eye specialists from the Indian Government come to Kirpal Sagar to perform eye operations. A dentist’s practice at the hospital provides dental care for the people of the neighbouring area and also for the students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy. Also preparations for a Medical College are in progress. Students of this Medical College will perform their practical training within the hospital.

Fathers’ Home

In India due to poverty most of the old people, though they are loved by their families, don’t live a comfortable life. So the Fathers’ Home is the dire need of the time. Old people, having their long life-experiences, are able to put in their advices to help each other. Moreover they are trained in different jobs, and if they are able to guide, they can be a tremendous help to untrained people within the project.

They will be afforded to study the purpose of human life, so that they may understand even in the evening of their life if they did not understand so far. Thus their end may be calm and smooth. Those who want to serve selflessly will have the chance to do so. They can take up a suitable occupation in the various activities of the Centre. So they may find a fulfillment in the service of man and be care free in an atmosphere of physical and spiritual welfare.

Kirpal Sagar Academy

Gyan (true knowledge) is not what is written in books, it is the source of all the knowledge of the world. We have to strive hard to develop our children with the supreme knowledge, so that they know the source and handle their own problems before they identify in the world with the so-called knowledge. The idea of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji was to create ideal children who while studying would be helped to know the very art of life which may further lead them with the higher values of life.

In the Kirpal Sagar Academy the children are taught humanity above outer labels, rituals and rites, different dogmas, caste, colour or creed. In their daily life, be side the subjects, they learn self-confidence and the spiritual aspects of life through their teachers who duly live a pure life with high thoughts.

The Kirpal Sagar Academy is a state-recognized private school. Students from poor families receive scholarships. The classes follow an international curriculum (CBSE-Standard). The school has its own charm to develop the children through debates, declamations and contests which further make them self-centered.

Kirpal Harbhajan Public School

The Kirpal Harbhajan Public School starts with two Kindergarten classes, followed by 8 elementary classes. Many of the children from the surrounding areas attend the school receiving good education which the otherwise could not afford.

Langar (Common Kitchen)

The competent Masters used to maintain a Common Kitchen (Langar), where the food is cooked in sweet remembrance of God and people are taking food together. In Kirpal Sagar on certain occasions (Bhandaras) thousands of people participate at the meals. Due to the Farm, the Centre is self-sufficient with basic food.

The two-storied building contains various offices, a telephone exchange, a small printing press and a computer room with public internet access.

Agriculture And Diary Farm

Th e Agriculture Farm provides wheat, rice, sugar, vegetables and vegetable oils to the Common Kitchen and the mess for the Kirpal Sagar Academy. This land was barren, uneven, and unfit to yield anything. Now by the help of many volunteer workers the whole area has turned green and yields more than required. One time Master stated that “it is better to grow a blade of grass than to do a patriot’s work in one’s life.”

On 16 November, 2006 the Organic & Modern Dairy Farm combined with a huge composting and bio-gas system was inaugurated by Sri Jagmohan Singh Kang, Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fishery, Dairy Development and Tourism of Punjab. There are cows and buffaloes bred on the Farm providing sufficient milk for the Common Kitchen and
the School Mess.


Kirpal Sagar has many workshops such as a machine repair shop, marble cutting and polishing, carpenter workshops and garages, as well as a bakery and a general store. They also offer professional job training and provide job opportunities to local people.

There is a whole host of employed professionals such as masons, tailors, electricians, administrators, security officers, farm hands, gardeners, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and many more.

Guest House

During the early years helpers from Europe visiting Kirpal Sagar in small groups could be accommodated in simple rooms in the Langar. Since then during the nineties the number of guests from all over the world has increased at a steady rate, so that additional accommodations were becoming necessary. During the preparation of the World Conference in 1994 a Guest House was built according to Western standards. From the Guest House you can view all the main facilities surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens.

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