We are just travellers in this world

Excerpt from Satsangs held by Surinder Kaur at St. Gilgen, 22 and 29 June, 1997
(Published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh”, edition 97-2)

We have just listened to the Master’s talk on tape and by listening to this I remember now one instance with Master on His last visit at Dehra Dun.

When Master held His last Satsang, many people were already sleeping and some were in the canteen. But it was Satsangtime and Master very loudly said into the microphone, “Listen all, for how long will you be able to listen to this voice through this throat? The sun is going to set.”

He asked all to sit in meditation for five minutes. After five minutes Master went to the Sarovar, and afterwards He went into His room.

Bhaji followed Him and asked Master, “What did You say today?”

He answered, “As it came, so I told it. Whenever you want to see me — if you remember me, if you sit in meditation, I will meet you!”

Master said,

“Again and again the Master Power comes into the world,
and the Masters have their own ways to take their children back.
The Master gives the disciple His love through Naam.
The treasure of Naam is never ending,
even if you want to spend it, it will not finish —
the more you use it, the more it grows.
You cannot buy it or pay for it.
This treasure is only with you through His Grace.”

Early in the morning Master wakes up the soul and says,

“O soul, the dark night is over;
you have got this body,
and the sun of your youth is shining.
The Master gives you His light inside,
His sun is in you.
Be conscious that your day will pass soon;
time is not waiting for anybody.
But you should wait for Him
to go with Him, to reach to Him.”

When does Master come to wake us up? Early in the morning He comes at Amrit Vela” (time for Amrit — Nectar), to wake up His soul to give the inner food to His disciple.

Once Master was lying on the veranda and said,

“I will always come to you.
But it will be like a thief who is coming to you —
you never know at which time he will come.”

In Master’s ocean the nectar of Naam is overbrimming, and one can meet God by coming in contact with Master’s Bhagats (those who have surrendered to Him). When after the operation Bhaji had come back from the West, the first initiation (after Bhaji’s return) was on August 22, 1995. That day He got to know the time when He would leave His body. When all were sitting in meditation, Bhaji said to me that each soul has some special days which one likes, and He said, “My Master told me that the 25th and 26th are very good days for me.” Bhaji said that every month He automatically had always loved these days.

Further He said, “We are both standing in the Sarovar now, and Master gives this shining. But if you make any mistake (if you do something that is not according to the direction given by Master), you will never reach the stage you should reach.” I asked, “And you?” He answered, “I am already with my Master.” At that time He was with Master and Master was with Him, and so very indirectly He spoke about all that would happen.

He said, “Everybody can give grains to the birds, but very rare are the people who know how to catch the bird. (What I have gained now) is the result of the work I did. The fruit of this work is that one can see the inner things and one can know the very fine points which normally we never bother about.” Then He explained to me how to build up the Mission. He (Bhaji) told me,

“We cannot build the Mission with sand,
we should build the Mission as strong as a fort
so that we can live under this roof.”

Like a “fort” means that the Mission will be very strong and will give its colour to everything. When we will build this Mission like such a fort, many people can be saved — not only we ourselves, but all who will be under this roof. And how can we make this fort? Only by giving body, mind, and every attachment to Him.

I remember once when Master was lying on the bed and He sent one boy, who was caring for Him, to call Bhaji. We went to Him. Master had His eyes closed and from His hands we could see that He was not in body. He was speaking about inner things. Then, still with closed eyes, He asked if anybody knew His problem.

Bhaji answered,

“Master, only You can give the light to someone
so that he can see Your problem
and You alone are able to solve Your problem.”

At once Master got up and said,

“With you there will be thousands of people
with right understanding,
so for you it will be easier to work.”

We are very thankful to Master that He gave these promises and He is still fulfilling His promises. Master called the one whom He gave this promise to be with Him, because Master needs Him (inside). And we can feel that both — He who gave the promise and He, whom He gave the promise — are here with us and our work is going on in the same way as before…

Once Master spoke about the departure of His Master, and it is not difficult for us to know the separation pain which Master had, because now we also suffer from it. Only one who himself feels this pain of separation can know. In four days it is two years since Bhaji held Satsang before His operation. He said,

“When this Power is leaving us,
we cannot take even one breath more,
we have to leave the body at once.”

Master is the highest Power whom every soul is longing to know. Only through His Gurmukh, through whom I gained Him, I can tell all those things. To know about Him, we have to know ourselves first. First we must know ourselves, then only we can know the controlling Power who is in us, who is controlling all the regions — Khand and Brahmand.

Such Powers were also physically with us. They are the owners of all planes inside and of all the three worlds, they are controlling all regions. These Master Powers wish to bring us on the same stage where they are. Their wish is that we may develop in such a way that we are able to cross all barriers inside.

Sant Kirpal Singh used to say to His disciples that the Father always wishes to take His children where He is. He does not wish them to be left behind on a lower stage, but wishes to bring them up to be with Him. We are not able to praise such a Master. He Himself, Khuda (the Power who comes by Himself), can reveal who He is.

When this Power comes, it always needs a Gurmukh. He works through the Gurmukh, and Gurmukh becomes the mouthpiece of God. He brings him (into the world) like a beggar, because the Gurmukh is always like a beggar before His Master. But in the end, when He is going inside, we can see that He is not less than a mine of diamonds. Only He is a Gurmukh, who can recognize His Master, and He is not less than the Master. The Master Power is working through His Gurmukh and the Gurmukh ties the Master Power with His love.

At the time of Master we often went to Delhi to meet Master there. Normally people like to see some sights (sightseeing), when they come to Delhi, but Bhaji only used to give Master a little massage and wanted to understand the inner things. Master used to call him “God’s doctor”. When we came back from Delhi, we were always filled with some special power and energy, and we felt that nobody could be stronger than us, because we had this Power with us. He was this unique Power.

We are sitting together here and speaking about Him, but He is sitting here listening to us, how we remember Him, and this is something else.

After Bhaji had gone into the lap of Master, He explained that the soul is like a bird, who like a guest goes into a beautiful garden every day. But when the message comes for the soul to go back, he has to leave this body. During the time, while we are enjoying this beautiful garden, something higher is given by Master. But only those can get it, who are awake; those who are sleeping cannot get these things. Those souls, who, with Master’s Grace, get what He is distributing inside, are enjoying this day and night.

This is the Power we are speaking about. Some are longing to see Him physically, because they have not met Him physically. And some are longing to see Him inside. He is so near to us. The curtain between Him and us is so thin like the wing of a butterfly, but He alone can remove this curtain with His Grace.

We (Bhaji and Biji) have seen Master and could be very close to Him, and I could make the journey inside with Him and could see on which stage He is sitting and from where He is giving us the food. He is like a river which is flowing all around. When the flood comes, the river is taking the banks along with it. But this river is going only where He wishes. He is the river of our life, He won’t destroy the banks but He wants to bring us into His ocean. I ask you, how long will you stand like a tree beside the river — one day you will have to come into the river!

We come into this world like a passenger, but we take this place to be our home. We can remain and fill the water into this pitcher only as long as He allows. When His message comes, we have to leave this place.

Bhaji told now that He saw the scene before He had to come into this world to start this Mission. He saw how He got the blood and power and everything in order to do His Mission in this body. When such Powers are going back, they see how they were sent and how they were taken back.

It is like with the child of a king. The king brings up his child and prepares it. In the same way Master Power brings up His Gurmukh, His disciple, to prepare him to work for His mission.

In this connection Bhaji often used to say,

“If Master showed only a little bit
how He loves His disciple, His child,
the child would forget everything
he has to do in this world,
would forget all duties he has got.”

After Bhaji had gone to His true home, He could see how His Father had been with Him all the time. Wherever He went, Master was always along with Him.

How Bhaji was working day and night! Till the end of His life He wanted to bring forward Master’s work. For this He worked day and night. Bhaji used to spend only fifteen minutes to get ready and the rest of the time He gave all to Master, whether He was on journey or doing anything else. Everything was only for the Master. Master sent Him to swim in this ocean, and He was swimming in the right way. He always got the light to go the right way. He tied the Master Power with His love. And for all He did while doing His work physically in this world, one can give the guarantee that it was right. Because when one is able to tie Him with him, he gets the guarantee for all he does in His Mission.

We all were talking to Him and we were listening to Him. He was not a prisoner, He came as a messenger, commissioned with the work of His Master, and after finishing it He went back. Through me He advises you now that we shall continue doing the work as we started it. This is the right way to do the work, and so we should continue till our end — this is the right way to go back to the true home.

You all have seen how we passed the time with Him — in a good mood, with smiling and laughing; for us it was quite normal. But now we know that all comes to an end, that we have to finish everything and go back.

If we want to go to Him (after our departure), we have to live with Him here in all circumstances. If we start to live under His shadow and protection and to be in His hand, it is the right way to go back.

I pray to Master:

“Master, we always want to live under Your roof,
under Your tree. We are the passengers
and You are the driver; we don’t have any fear
when You are our driver.”

I am explaining to you what I see inside. And I wish that we do not go away even a little bit from the line which we have kept from the beginning of the Mission.

I remember one scene in Phalgam. Master was lying on the ground, in the grass, and from His gestures, from the way how He was moving His hand, we could feel that something special was happening. We asked Master what it meant. He answered,

“To live without Him is very hard,
the separation from Him is very painful.”

Then He said that He would have somebody to bring the message to Him very quickly telling Him about the condition of our heart. Now I send the message to Him through Bhaji, because through Bhaji I met Him.

I had lost the one, and through Bhaji I again have found Him, the competent one — Khuda as Bhaji used to call Him, the one who comes by Himself. Bhaji brought me to Master.

If nowadays you go to different places (where so-called people claim Master’s Mission to be continued), you will find that those places are run under various names, but here in Kirpal Sagar or in Kirpal Ashram, in all our centres, there will be only the name of Kirpal, He alone is the Master.

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