Find the Treasure of the Great Masters

From an unpublished manuscript by Biji Surinder Kaur, translated from Punjabi.

As we got the human birth, our greatest aim is to attain God.

First: our life in the body enables us to create deeds. Second: with the intellect (buddhi), we became able to get knowledge, and third: with the soul we try to attain HIM. Moreover, the one who attained the Ocean of (inner) Knowledge (God) gained victory over the outgoing faculties…

O soul, you only have to look towards HIM,
but you must know the truth.
If you are very wise, open this shell of the body
and bring the pearl out of it.

Something precious is hidden in this form (the body). It is needed to go within and to see.

Try to find the treasure of the great Masters — our nourishment lies in the treasure of the Sant Mahatmas. If we take it, the doors of Khand Brahmand (inner planes) open…

The reason of all the problems you get is that you are disunited from HIM. When you are united with HIM inside, you get all happiness.

Saints are very true personalities, learn something from them and you can get peace and inner concentration. Then your face (attention) can turn towards that Power, which is the greatest sun (Source of Light). Only when (with His help) we control our attention, which is wandering outside, we can enter into the inner world. We should try to make ourselves self-centred (centred on our soul — our true self), only then our soul will be able to see God.

For the inner journey, you need not leave your outer duties, your routine work, and you need not to change your religion. You can do it while you fulfill your duty in this world.

For this inner journey, you have to take the key from the Satguru, you need not to leave this world and go to the forest, you must learn to repose in yourself.

One can get this self-centredness while being in the rush of this world. There is no outer place where you can find this self-centeredness. Outer forests or ponds cannot help us to repose in ourselves.

How long will we be attracted by this world?

We have to rise above and get the (inner) Water (of Life). God Himself is looking everywhere to find His disciples. We only need to put our face (attention) towards HIM.

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