Never stop on the way

Extract from Satsang by Biji Surinder Kaur, held at Kirpal Sagar on 21 September, 1997.
(Published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 1998-1)

This Satsang was held in the course of the five days’ celebration of the anniversary of Bhaji’s physical departure. On this occasion the holy scriptures of the various religions were recited in the corner-buildings of the Sarovar.

He who feeds well and does evil only gathers poison,
whereas the soul cries: “Whom shall I serve?”,
but very few listen to it.
Most of the people do not serve the true Lord,
therefore they cannot determine their lives.

Everyone in the world is bound,
either with physical, astral or causal chains.
To get free from these chains man makes himself
dependent on the astral and causal powers;
such people cannot perform their holiest of holy work
which is only man’s privilege in the physical body.

Where is the hope for such people who themselves are tied
and do not help to get rid of it?
Let us live in the society of awakened and holy persons
and learn our lesson,
as how to depart from coming and going,
and get free from the chains of transmigration.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

Dear brothers and sisters,

we have just listened to Bhaji’s voice on tape. This Satsang He held here at this place. I remember when in Pathankot Master commissioned the Sarovar to be built. Master was sitting in the open air. He was in a condition of spiritual detachment which is called Sahaj. There I asked Bhaji, “How far is it from Amritsar (the place where Bhaji and Biji were living) to Nawanshar (a town near Kirpal Sagar)?” Bhaji replied, “From kilometres it is far enough but from heart it is very near.”

Then Master told Bhaji, “I would like to give the duty of the farm to you because you are a good farmer and you can run the farm in the right way. I had given this farm to Tai Ji (Bibi Hardevi) and she spent much (of Master’s) money but nothing came out.”

Whatever Master said, had a very high meaning for Bhaji, so He took this duty like a parshad from His Master. It was on Master’s last tour (through the Punjab), and at that time He had already decided to take the inner dress, which means that He would leave His body.

And why am I telling you the story of the two?

Because they are really one, and I could see how the Master Power suffers for the Gurmukh. When Master used to sit with the Sangat, His face was shining, but when He used to sit in His room, His condition was a different one (He felt sick and suffered from pains). When Master gave this duty to Bhaji, He also gave His grace and His blessing.
Master gave His word, “First there will be a fight like that of Kurukshetra — a battle that was going on at the time of the old kings. But when you will have got through that time, you will be in the lap of the Satguru, and this place will be blessed with His presence.”

This was during Master’s last tour. Then Master returned to Delhi and Bhaji went back to Kirpal Sagar via Nawanshar. I cannot explain how happy that time was; all grace and everything we needed we could get through Master’s words.

Then Bhaji took the three promises (as assurance) from Master by saying: “You are the true Master, Your way is the true one, and all things that will come out of this, with Your blessing, should also be true, and truth should be shining through them.”

Then Master said to Bhaji, “Okay, Sahib, we will make a glass palace and through it we will see the negative power, and we will not allow the negative power to come near to this palace. And your shining will be there in the glass, and in this way you will be present.”

Now I can see that Bhaji always used to get Master’s message when He was on journey. And He kept being on journey in order to do Master’s Mission. Once He stopped on the way, but then He got the message from Master that the traveller should never stop on the way but should continue his journey without interruption.

Today we can see, how Master’s words about this palace of glass have been fulfilled. You can see yourself how it is shining, and Bhaji’s shining is very clear to be seen now. The walls are made of stone but the palace is shining like glass, and you can see His shining with your own eyes.

Master told about a Bhagat (a devotee) who was going through a jungle where he met a man with an axe. This man was sitting there hiding like a thief. He gave order to another one to kill the man just coming. The Bhagat said to him, “You are a thief who steals something from worldly people but I am a thief who wants to get something from God.” So two types of thieves were there – one was the “thief ” of the Master Power and the other one was the thief who wished to rob something. The words of the Bhagat changed the thief. He did penance and took over many hardships, and the result could be seen.

What I mean to say is that we also have to do Bhakti and undertake all hardships to develop ourselves. This is Master’s task, Master’s way how He makes the Bhagat and how He develops His Gurmukh. He takes the work from the Gurmukh and then takes Him back where He Himself resides.

Once Bhaji said to Master, “I do not wish to stop on the way, I want to go on continuously and reach my eternal home without any hindrance.” Master replied, “Okay, do my duty! But this promise is already given to you, and it is a true promise.” Now (through His example) we can see with our own eyes where we have to go and what we have to do – the same our friend has done.

Bhaji often said, “How can a disciple be separate from the Master Power, how can he bear being separate from Him?” How often He put this question to Master, how a disciple can bear the separation… These words often come into my heart these days.

Whatever I promised Bhaji, I am fulfilling. I remember one scene when the first marble-stones of the Parkarma (the path around the Sarovar) were being laid. Bhaji came without shoes and He hurt His foot with a little stone. He sat down to remove the stone and said, “The pain of this outer stone one can bear, but there should be no hindrance of a stone inside.”

After 28th July, 1974, I could not meet our Master any more. His state of health was getting worse. He could not even come to the Satsang in time because of His bad health. But I could see how His lion (Bhaji) was. Till He left His body, He bore all the problems Himself, He did not give any problem to His Master. One month (after the operation) He got very strong and healthy. He was so happy during those days, and He said He felt so happy like a young man who is going to marry.

I asked Him why He was so happy, and He answered, “One who has already seen his eternal home where he will go has no fear.” Indirectly He gave many hints that He would go back, but He could not tell it openly because when one goes (back for ever) and tells his time of departure, these worldly attachments (of the people around him) would hold him like a bird in a cage.

Here at this place Bhaji was sitting holding Satsang on 21 September, 1995. He used to hold Satsang every day in the evening, but on 22 September Bhaji did not hold Satsang. He stopped making Satsang. I asked Him, “Please, come and give your Satsang, the Sangat has come.” He answered, “Only one Satsang can be given, either inside or outside.” I asked what this meant, and He replied, “Formerly you were doing this hard meditation (for the Mission and for all mankind), and now it is my turn to bear the hardships.” And when I remember now how it was — every day He was sitting two hours in one and the same position seeing the inner things.

Today we have started to read the Ramayana (holy scripture of the Hindus) and tomorrow will be the closing ceremony. Then the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib will start. Tomorrow is the day when Bhaji made His last round through Kirpal Sagar. In the evening He went to His room, bowed down His head before the Master and asked, “Master, did I do anything wrong while I was giving out Your message?”

After those people, who had been sitting with Him, had gone, He opened His diary. There the message of Master was written which He had sent to Him in one letter. It was a copy of this letter in His diary. The letter itself got lost when we had to move from one place to another, but Bhaji had copied this letter into His diary. Master had written the letter to Bhaji after 27 July, 1974. In this letter He said, “When I gave you the duty to build the new, the real Manav Kendra, along with it I also gave you my ‘Tapassia’ (the hardship and sacrifice which out of devotion the disciple takes upon him).”

I advise you that all of you should do sewa (selfless service), and while doing sewa you should make Simran (sweet remembrance of God). In the morning before you start with the work, you should also sit in meditation and pray to Him, “We have nothing good in us, but You should give us Your grace to help us to develop.”

I would like to tell you that our friend and protector who left us two years ago has come here with His friends, with all Saints, when these days are being celebrated, and during these days we should get a special benefit.

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