He is the only One who shows us the inner way

Extract from talk by Biji Surinder Kaur on 27 July, 2008, on the birthday of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh
(published in brochure “Initiation — the Contact with Naam”)

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh
Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji

All of us brothers and sisters are having the longing to get the drops of His love of Sawan Shah (Baba Sawan Singh Ji). As Bulleh Shah told,

“If we have no love for our Master,
then it is of no use to come in this world.
If I would not have the hunger of love,
I would never have come to Your house.”

When He was separate from Inayat Khan, he was having the same condition as we have today and He was saying,

“You should see the condition of your lovers,
how much longing they have
and how they are suffering!”

(On the tape we listened beforehand) just now Bhaji told about the story of “the son and Father” and I could remember the time when Master too was telling this story in Phalgam. Then, Master’s condition was the same as at the time of His Master’s (physical) presence when Baba Ji (Baba Sawan Singh) was there and Master was there.

It was a scene which happened in Phalgam, Sri Nagar. Baba Sawan Singh was distributing the Parshad of apples to Sant Kirpal Singh. He was giving it and Sant Kirpal Singh held out His shirt towards Him and it was already full. Then Tai Ji asked Master, “Hazur, can I also take some Parshad out of this.” And then Baba Ji told, “You can also steal, you can also take, but it is such a stream, that it will never be finished.”

All want to have this fruit, but the way is very difficult, the spiritual way, the inner way — it is difficult to attain this fruit. The Satpurusha Himself comes and takes us from this worldly ocean, and He is the only One who is giving the shower of His Divine nectar, and then only the curtain of our physical and astral can be removed.

Today, we are passing a similar time (of separation) as Master and Baba Sawan Singh, and as told about in the Shabad (song) of Bulleh Shah which was played just before which told about how the soul is speaking from within and is having the longing for the Master. But what is our condition? Our soul is fully involved with the outer taste and it becomes its form and is not able to listen the inner Shabd.

It is the unique way to rise above the body-consciousness and it is not easy to cross (the inner planes). Only by the help of the competent Master is it possible. The Master is the only one who has passed through this journey within and He gives us the same lesson of how to cross. It is very easy that our soul can be involved, or can follow the wrong path inside. So it is difficult without Master and He is the only One who can take us across this path with the help of His radiant form.

This way was shown from Baba Jaimal Singh to Baba Sawan Singh and to our Master, and so the same path we are following now. It is not in our hand to rise and to cross from one plane to another. It is only the work of the Master and with His help we are only able to cross. Master tells,

“O dear soul, you should try to get the contact
with the Master Power, because you have
such a curtain of maya on you that it is not easy
for you to overcome it.
Anahad Shabd (the Limitless Sound) is resounding
within you, but you are not able to listen it.”

Until we get the blessing or the grace of the competent Master, we will not get the contact (with it).

He is only the One who can give us the consciousness to know, so that we are free from the circle of rebirth. Then the soul is able to travel itself with the highest consciousness. Then only, by the help of the Master, one is able to cross above the Trikuti (the upper part of the Third Grand Division of the creation) and to go in the Sahaj Ghaddi (region of equipoise). Then the Giver of the Naam opens His Naam’s treasure.

Master gives His inner bani (Word or Naam) to His disciple and He, with the inner bani, makes us to cross the Bhav Sagar (the dangerous ocean of the three worlds). This way is difficult for the soul to cross, but it is more difficult for the Master to take the soul safely.

When Baba Sawan Singh was leaving his body, He had to endure many troubles; means He was not in good health. Many people who were working around Him, they came to Him, but his condition was not better. (Baba Sawan Singh had told that his troubles will be away when the one will come who will be his successor.) Then Bibi Ralli said, “Bring Kirpal Singh, maybe the problem or the pain can be less of Hazur.” Thereafter Master was asked to come. When Master came, Baba Sawan Singh had no more problems. He was fully in peace. He opened His eyes and told, “It is not the problem of the soul, only my body is suffering.”

And then Baba Sawan Singh was asked many questions, then Baba Sawan Singh asked Sant Kirpal Singh, “You should also put some question.” Then Master put the question, “In how many forms Master helps the soul?” and Baba Ji told, “You should give yourself the answer.” Then Master told,

“When Guru Power takes the soul out of the Bhav Sagar,
He is protecting it from four sides (in four forms);
He is around the soul to take it back.”

When Master put this question nobody could give answer and tell in how many forms Master helps the soul. And so Baba Ji told, “You should give yourself the answer.” After that Baba Ji was very strong, He was not having any physical problem.

So the competent Masters always give the sign of who will be the further one to work and Master explained beautifully that the radiant form of the Master Power helps the soul in many forms until He takes the soul till the Eternal Home. Then soul crosses Alakh (second region of pure spirit, the sixth plane), Agam (third region of pure spirit, seventh plane) and becomes one with the Anami (the Nameless; the Absolute Formless God). The same all of us brothers and sisters want to attain and so we should only see how we have to do. How quickly we progress and develop spiritually, depends on our old karmas.

Some companions, some brothers and sisters, they rise and develop very fast because of their old hardship (in meditation), because of the faith in their Guru which they are having. If once we have one doubt and due to one doubt, many doubts can be created.

There are also some souls, they have so much Guru Bhakti and are doing the meditation practice, and they always have their face towards the Master, and they are getting the fruit in this birth for many births.

One should not demand the initiation until one’s ground is fully ready. Mother will never take the child until the child is hungry and weeping. There are people of different types who take the initiation. Some by hearing others take the decision very fast. Then they use to sit in meditation whenever they like. The same Baba Jaimal Singh told to Baba Sawan Singh and Baba Sawan Singh told Sant Kirpal Singh the condition of these disciples.

Master used to say, that such type of people they do not have the base of their life, they get the initiation, but they do not make the hardship (in meditation) and they cannot have faith in Master. Master told these words on 27th July by taking a deep breath and told, “Such type of people have to come again in this world.”

When one has got the initiation from the Master Power, the seed is bowed by the Master, means, it cannot be destroyed. For such people there is only one benefit that they will not go into the hell, but they have to get the rebirth. Only when they get again the contact with the Competent One, they can get the salvation afterwards. Again He gives them the Naam and then it is sure that in this turn, they go back. So, someone can be fast or someone very slow, but in the end they all reach their goal. How nice it would be if we would have all the time our attention towards to go back only in this birth. Even if Master leaves His body, He will never leave His hand; He will always have His hand upon the soul belonging to Him. Guru is the true One, He is the Competent One and He is all the time with the disciple and He helps in the radiant form.

Once you get the initiation from the Competent One, one needs not go anywhere. It does not matter if the Master leaves the body, He will never leave His child. He is the radiant form and it can never be destroyed and He is at all times supporting us and He is always with us. Master told,

“If you want to ask something about your inner experience,
you should only ask from such one who is authorised
(to do the further work).
But the inner work is only in the hand of the Master
who has given you the Naam.”

Even if He left His body, but when we are following His steps, surely we can get the success. For the inner way, the inner progress, only Master is responsible, it is His work. Guru never leaves His disciple, whom He has given Naam, Shabad; He takes him till the final goal.

As Baba Ji told,

“I am not leaving you and I will be all the time with you.
Don’t be sad, when you will develop in your meditation,
you will get more grace than before.”

The competent Guru will never leave the soul belonging to Him, until He takes it back to the Home Eternal. How Master is giving the message from within? He tells, “O Sewak Janu,” means,

“O my disciple or children, you should awake now,
it is time to be awaken. Don’t be in the sound sleep.
Try to cross this worldly ocean and be with me
and get the Amrit (nectar) from the inner ocean.”

So we need the preparation to get the seed of the Naam when we are longing for it to cross the dark night. It is all a story created by Him and He is the only One from the beginning till the end. He is having the ship with which He will take (the soul) and He is having the inner treasure, the full treasure house and only from that place He is giving us the spiritual shower and by getting this spiritual shower, we are able to go back home. If we are not able to have the Sahaj Samadhi, we cannot cross our dark night.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji told,

“Those who will obey the order of the Master,
and will go on with this, will get the inner power,
he will get the inner grace.
Those who will not obey, they will be crushed
between the two grinding-stones.”

The seed cannot be sown on the dry land, and the tree can also not bear the fruit on the dry land. Only through love one can have His radiant form. There is only one way, where we will go in the end and only the one who learns to die while alive, can reach (the Eternal Home) in the end. This is only possible on the way of Sahaj Gaddhi; there only our soul will work. For this, it is very important for us to unite with Shabd and Dhun (the Sound Current). Not only for our own self but we should have this colour for the further generation.

It is the truth and it is the treasure of truth and you will attain it from within. Only on whom Master is giving the shower of His grace that one can go within. Only such souls on whom He is giving the grace, they are able to reach to their Home Eternal.

When Bhaji went to hospital, he got operation, a special sound started that time. That sound is a higher sound than all other sounds, it is very attractive, and one is able to have the radiant form of the Master. When He is taking His Gurmukh back He is having the different expressions of His eyes. The shining of His feet is even like this that you cannot bear the very shining light. Which voice He is sending from that place?

He is calling the souls with the inner language to reach that place. This sound is very fast, like water is falling very fast. After that sound, there is the treasure of our Master. We have nothing to do, He is the only Creator, and when we have face towards Him, we are following in that way, He is giving us that higher sound.

Master told,

“Once you learnt to rise above the body-consciousness,
then you will experience the different types of sounds
which will attract your soul.”

Then Master opens the door for His disciples, for His Bhaktas (devotees). Even the disciples, they cannot sing the virtues of such a competent Guru. His radiant form is very different, unique and very high. For this we need the holy heart, pure heart to attain Him from within and our eye should also be very pure so that we can see His radiant form.

When I went to hospital to see him (Bhaji), then he told these words, “The door of the Eternal Home is open”, and then he told about the different sounds which only come from that place and he explained about the (inner) form of the Master, how He was looking.

One cannot stand before this sound and before His radiant form. He opens the door and tells, “O Bhakti Jano, you have remembered me and for this I came”, and He opens the door. He tells from the inner voice, from inside,

“O Sadhus, I have given you this body so that you can work
in this world for the spirituality.
By living in this world, you leave the mind
and you work for the Master Power.”

He tells this lesson,

“While living in this world, fulfil your worldly duties,
but then you learn daily to rise above
and to meet Him and give your report.”

You can only become a Gurmukh, when you have the wire of the truth with you. We have to develop our inner eye, so that we are able to attain Him from within. It is only our inner eye with which we can see the Master. If once we are developed, we prepare ourselves, He is always in our heart, in our eyes.

The Bhaktas are all the time with Him, they always have His love and His work in their heart and He is also caring for them all the time. He is caring all the time for His devotees, who are developed in the Guru Bhakti, so that nobody should steal it in this world. He is caring till the end, even when the Guru Bhaktas leave their body till the last ceremonies; He is caring so that no manmukhs touch them.

Guru Dev (the radiant form of the Master within) is the truth. He is the true One and His sewa (service) is also true one and He Himself is the truth.

When we learn to live only with the Guru Dev then we get the shower (of His grace) from within all the time. He is the ocean of Truth and He fills His Divine nectar in it. He sees the condition of every heart and according to our condition He is giving the shower of His blessing and due to this we are travelling and we are surviving today.

In the Bhagat Margh, the King of the kings, He is giving the way to our Sahaj Margh. He is the only One who is giving the inner way. He shows us the inner way, so that the soul easy can reach the Home Eternal. He always gives the healing balm, and He is giving the treatment to our wound we have in our heart. He gives the life to our body or to our dead heart and there are no words to explain His real competency.

It is the voice, it is the message from the Master, from the inside and these are His words, that this is the house of truth and He has opened His treasure from the within and His work will go on. This work will never be ended.

This entire message that was given (by the Master Power) to all of you from June till 27th July (during Biji’s stay in the West) I could deliver, and we should have the heart to attain Him, we should be strong enough to attain Him from within. When we will be strong, He will give us His shower.

He is the King and He only came to give us something. When we will have the door open, He will deliver us. It is the story between the Master and us. Whatever Master has given in this lesson or message, I could convey to you. When the work of the Master is complete from one side, He shows the other work to the disciple.

I am very happy to see all brothers and sisters, and that all have spent their time by coming over here, but I will be happier when all will spend their time in the meditation, so that we can really attain the love of the Master from within.

All of us brothers and sisters are celebrating the birthday of our Hazur (Baba Sawan Singh) today, and it is only my prayer that Master should accept us, so that we can complete our journey

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