You are to see to what you are taking

Excerpts from the books “The Light of Kirpal”, chapter 69 and chapter 49
and “Spiritual Elixir” by Sant Kirpal Singh,

Question: The people who are interested in Your teaching are very often asking why we should not eat eggs, because the eggs these days have no living germs in them and cannot be developed into chickens.

Sant Kirpal Singh: First of all, where is the surety that every egg does not have that element in it? Are they sure? There are so many eggs mixed together. When they sell eggs in the shops, you see, there is no differentiation. You cannot earmark definitely what is infertile or fertile – first thing. The other reason eggs are not to be used is because they flare up passions. Any food which flares up passions is not to be used. They say it is very cold in …  I have been there for three months and never used any eggs. I never felt the necessity for it. If your stomach is all right – eat less than you actually want – no disease will overtake you. So that is the reason for that.

Question: Often times you are invited by non-initiates and they offer you certain foods which we are expected to take; if you do not take the food they will be offended.

Sant Kirpal Singh: If anybody offers you poison, are you going to accept? Politely refuse; especially poison. One man came to me. “There is something in the Bible which says, whatever is offered should be accepted.” He quoted something like that and said, “If anybody will offer me any food, I will accept.” And because of that condition he was not initiated. I did not give him initiation.

If anybody gives you meat and you eat it, then? You are to see to what you are taking. A friend would not like to give you poison if he comes to know that it does not suit you. If a friend offers you something, and he knows fully well that it does not suit you – will he press you to take it? No. Common sense. These are only lame excuses, I would say. Those who reason in this way want some excuse to have that food, that’s all.

So far it has never happened that I was invited anywhere and they pressed me to eat meat. Sometimes even the other people did not have any. If they ate it themselves, they never invited me. But even if they should invite me, if flesh food was there, I would not take it, that’s all. Only take what is necessary. In America we were invited by … to a banquet so sumptuous that even the kings could not offer so many kinds of fishes, so many kinds of meat. Plates were passed out to us. I took one cup of tea! Others who were with me did not partake. They were also passing on the dishes. More than fifty, seventy, eighty kinds of plates were passed on. And … was wise enough, as he also did not take things.

Question: Sometimes you are invited, not by friends, but by colleagues, or by your chief, and if you don’t accept the invitation, you will hurt them.

Sant Kirpal Singh: If they invite me, I will go. I will take only what is required of me. They cannot force the food in your mouth.

Question: We also go sometimes to cocktail parties; it’s very important. We take only ginger ale, or some nuts or something.

Sant Kirpal Singh: Yes, take what suits you. Generally if they know, they don’t prepare dishes you cannot eat. If they’re ignorant, then that’s another reason. Even then you need not show your distaste; take only what you want. These are very little daily dyings, you see. We must use our common sense. As I told you, if somebody gives you poison, would you accept it, even from a friend? So politely send it off, politely refuse. “Well, it does not suit; thank you so much anyhow.” When once they come in contact with you and know, they don’t force. If out of ignorance they prepare something, well, don’t hurt them. Send it off in a polite way.

Question: I like eating very much … (Everyone chuckles but Master stops them saying, “No, no. It is a question for all. Not one – everyone – most of us are doing it.”) … but I don’t want to think so often of eating. However, since I manage a vegetarian kitchen, my profession draws my mind there. Would another job help resolve this?

Sant Kirpal Singh: I think I have told you so many times. Do one thing at a time, wholly and solely. When you are in the kitchen, be there doing your job. Take only food that agrees with you and only as much as you need. Let one half of your stomach be filled with food, one fourth be filled with water, and one fourth left vacant. The best criterion is to leave the table when you’re still hungry. Eat a morsel less than you need. Have control over that part. No need of changing your profession. It will be all right if you behave like that.

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