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As long as the mind loves diversity, differences and pairs of opposites, it will not be drawn towards the unity of reality. There is sorrow in multiplicity. It leads to division, separation and estrangement. There is joy, contentment and affinity in unity.
(Dialogs of Kabir 43)

Delusion or Maya is a direct product of ego.

No ego, no delusion! In the ocean of creation there are innumerable drops or particles each one with a sense of separation. Every centre has a sense of separation or ego which has led to delusion. One who sees the ocean in drops and drops in the ocean and does not consider them separate, swims in the ocean of Truth. One who sees the universe in himself and himself in the universe without considering them separate, swims in the ocean of bliss.
(Dialogs of Kabir 99/100)

In a balanced ordinary state there is no sorrow.

When a thing becomes particular from general, sorrow arises. For instance, a man has strength, but he does not attach any importance to it. But when his mind starts playing and he becomes conscious of his strength, then he develops ego. The ego leads to mine and thine, conflict and attachment.

The mind is Maya (delusion).
(Dialogs of Kabir 170)

The mind is the middle link between heaven and earth.

It can go up and become heavenly or go down and become earthly.
(Dialogs of Kabir 220)

The body, mind and intellect are changing all the time.

The mind is a combination of the intellect and the body. When the mind gets old with dampened spirit, doubts and disappointments it seeks a new life with abundant energy and hope. This is the difference between the young and the old. That is why nature removes the old from the scene to a different level of existence.
(Dialogs of Kabir 225 / 227)

All this is ‘Maya’ or illusion.

Shadow is illusion and illusion is shadowy. You cannot catch a shadow. As you run after it, it also runs.

The worship of Truth alone is safe and worthy. The eye can look at other things, but not at itself. Hence the need for the mirror. If a Master is looked upon as a mirror what harm is there?

The beloved appears where there is a lover. If there is no lover in the first place, who can be called a beloved?

The feelings and emotions of the lover are reflected in the face of the beloved. A women’s love is in the heart and the eyes. This is reflected in the man in whom she sees her own beauty and love. Similarly, God’s existence is in the devotee. Unless a son exists, who will call the father a father? Unless there is a disciple, where is the Master? It is the disciple who confers the title of ‘Master’ on his Guru.

Later you will see every face in the Guru’s face.
(Dialogs of Kabir 204/208)

When the mind loses its own identity the result is soul realization.

At that stage the mind is lost forever. Nothing remains at that stage which you can call the mind. Man himself is responsible for his ignorance end carelessness.

A man has both knowledge and ignorance in him.

When he bends towards ignorance, he becomes careless. When he inclines towards knowledge, he is not careless any more. This is a part of human nature.

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