The change of direction

By Sant Kirpal Singh
(from “Teachings of Kirpal Singh” – Vol. II)

People shirk going within. It is difficult, no doubt, but the Path lies within. What is the use of wandering outside?

A travel of one inch within is better than a trip around the globe. The mind, however, does not wish to be impris­oned, although it is to its advantage. In its outward (tendencies) it dissipates itself, and gains in power only when it goes within. On account of bad hab­it, it clings to the external things. The idol worship, whether the idol is of stone or paper, is the invention of mind.

The world is a mere nothing – a place full of illusions and wrong doing – val­ueless, with no virtue, a place where the darkest deeds are carried out. What is there here that can hold any real value for either the soul or the mind?

Make it understand these realities for at present it is strongly attached to all the false­ness of the world and it simply has to turn and face the truth to become at­tached to something higher.

If the soul does not leave the senses, how can it transcend the body?

If it does not transcend the body, how can it realize what it is?

It is a straightforward matter, requiring no special philosophy to under­stand. Where the world’s philosophies end, there religion truly starts.

So long as the heart is the focus, the mind continues generating thoughts – wool-gathering, and the individual is impressionable to circumstances. When the focus of attention has been raised to the eyes, and the mind has entered within, then the mind ceases generating thoughts and is running within in­stead of outside. The individual then is necessarily unaffected by external cir­cumstances or changes.

The mind often exerted his strength, almost wrestler-­like and said, “I will not do this!” But again and again he was tempted and overcome by the senses. We all make strong resolutions, but when it comes to keeping them we fall down.

Swami Ji is quite openly revealing our own condition – these are our very own cries of anguish and the promises we make to change tomorrow – that tomorrow which is in the negative power’s hands, and never comes.

Everyone is in the same boat and crying out the same cry; so look within your­selves and see what you are doing with your precious lives.

Why not start the good work now?

The mind is very wise, it is no insignificant thing. Like a magistrate his thoughts are wise, and he observes that with all his efforts there is still no freedom, only defeat.

Some people are dragged in passion, some are roasted alive in the fire of at­tachment, some are caught in the nets of ego and pride, stiffly and proudly strutting their way through life.

The whole world is in this terrible condition. “I want to leave all enjoyments; just seeing them I am helpless.”

There is so much attraction in the outer enjoyments that the mind ignores its wisdom and is rendered too helpless to fight.

When a cat sees a mouse it can­not resist it.

So what happens?

We say, “Let us enjoy now and face whatever the consequences when they come.”

We are usually aware of our follies to some extent, but too late.

Mind is no small thing, and is not easy to conquer, but we should start by chang­ing its direction. While its face remains turned toward the worldly things, the soul will be worldly, but if it turns around and faces the soul, the soul will be­come spiritual.

We must turn round. When you are fully convinced that the fountainhead of peace and harmony is within and that you have the key and the means to tap within, you should not let the precious moments pass with­out deriving maximum spiritual benefit.

You are simply to decide and then act.

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