Birth Anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh 1959

Dear Ones,

On this day of my physical birthday I wish you all happiness.

Human birth is the highest rung of all creation. It is really a rare blessing which you have got. This has been given to you for attaining Divine Realisation and spiritual Perfection. It is a supreme opportunity for striving and obtaining a sublime experience of All-Consciousness, It is to be utilised for this great purpose.

The various religions and faiths are so many methods evolved for fulfilling this great purpose of human life. This is the one common basis of all religions.

You have been put on the way and given a conscious contact with God Power residing within you. You have to develop it by regular practice from day to day.

To attain this Goal purify your nature by living a good life. Manifest truth, purity, love, selflessness and righteousness in your life and activity. Give up all hatred, eradicate egoism and anger. Eschew violence, pledge yourself to love, sincerity, humility, forgiveness and non-violence. Abandon war. Abandon lust for Power.

Fill thy heart with compassion, mercy and universal love. Let the Law of Love prevail amongst you, which should be radiated to all nations and races. Let true religions of heart be ruling factor of your lives.

Love God, Love all, serve all and have respect for all
as God is immanent in every form.
Preach the Gospel of oneness.
Spread the message of oneness and live a life of oneness.
There will be peace on earth.
This is the Mission of my life and I pray it may be fulfilled.

With fondest love to all,

Kirpal Singh

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