Christmas Message 1956

by Sant Kirpal Singh, December 1956

Dear children of Light,

Merry Christmas has come around once more. It is a season of great rejoicing for it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. However, if we are to make the occasion complete, it must be a season of meditation also. We must remember the cause for which Jesus was born and for which he sacrificed his life, and remembering it, we must live by it ourselves for if we love Him, we must follow his commandments.

Let this day be a day of stocktaking. Let us turn within, recognize our weaknesses and try to overcome them. Let us sink down all differences and sit together in all loving devotion for the Master. Let us purge our souls and cleanse our hearts, for unless we are pure (of heart), we cannot see the Kingdom of God, much less enter into it.

If you can love your God with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your soul and love your neighbors as yourselves; if you can forget your prejudices and differences, your hatreds and petty jealousies; if you can love even your enemies as Jesus did, who died uncomplaining on the cross, then all things shall be added unto you and you will achieve spiritual peace here and hereafter.

The love of the Master for you is boundless. The path is difficult, but He is always with you to guide you. Live by what He says, turn within and do daily meditation, and as sure as the sun rises every day, you shall become the seers and the hearers of the Word (or Christ Power).

My hearty love is always with you and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and bright and Happy New Year full of new aspirations and new resolves, on the way to God and His Kingdom.

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