Christmas Message 1952

Dear Ones,

I send out my heartful love to you this day. I would  have conveyed the same to you in person but due to certain unforeseen circumstances that has not been possible. Though I am not with you in person but I am always with you in spirit.

The highest aim of a man’s life is to know one’s self and to know God, but on the contrary he is attached to “woman and gold” all the time. The latter things were given for use only and he had to make the best use of them. He is enjoying what he should have used only, whereas he simply talks about what he should have enjoyed. That makes him unhappy in the world. He is living, as it were, in a house on fire, viz., a body which is decaying every minute, and he is exulting over it out of ignorance. If he but knows as to how to transcend it practically at will in this lifetime and attune himself to the “All Pervading Spirit” — the Word — through the grace of a Master Who is Word personified, he would be happy here and hereafter.

The Saints say what They see with Their own eyes whereas the priestly classes and orders say what they record (read) in books. The two therefore do not agree. The latter have already been afraid of the former lest they should lose the source of their livelihood. The latter therefore did their best to prevent the spread of the way of the Saints. We should see things with our own eyes what the Saints preach and not to be led astray by mere hearsay.

Every moment of our life is most precious. We should not fritter it away in useless pursuits, but devote it in the search of self and God.

 December 4, 1952


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